Xterminate Slot Review 2024

Prepare for a highly volatile gaming experience in Thunderkick’s latest and greatest, Xterminate!

Xterminate has a rocking theme and soundtrack, equipped with High Volatility levels…so high in fact, that it even comes with its very own volatility warning when you load up the game. We know we’re in for quite a ride when you receive a message to say that this game is ‘not for the faint of heart’.

Thunderkick is putting us through our paces with Bomb symbols, Charged Wilds, and an Xterminate Multiplier feature. It’s fair to say that Thunderkick is not going to go easy on us this time around, as they have done in so many of their previous titles.

Hold onto your hats…this review is about to get bumpy!

Xterminate Base Game

Xterminate Base Game

Xterminate Gameplay & Design

Xterminate grabs your attention with its anarchistic portrayal of the future. Video game aficionados will find it relatable to CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

Xterminate is a 6×5 Video Slot, playable from £.€0.10 per spin, up to a maximum bet limit of £.€100 per spin. Simply toggle through all the available bets until you find one that is suitable for you.

Xterminate Slot Symbols and Their Values

Xterminate has 4 nicely designed High-paying symbols available, with the highest-paying symbol able to deliver wins of 7x your bet for 12+ winning symbols.

Low-paying symbols are standard A, K, Q, J, and 10. Each of the lowest-paying symbols delivers the same payout of 1x, 2x, and 3x for 8, 10, and 12+ symbol wins respectively.

Xterminate – Paylines and How to Get Them

Wins are created when 8 or more matching symbols land anywhere across the game grid, regardless of their position. Xterminate does not have paylines, but rather a Scatter Pays mechanic.

Xterminate RTP & Volatility – Hot or Not?

Xterminate has a theoretical RTP of 94.12% which is considered below average on the RTP scale. Low RTP levels are becoming the ‘norm’ in the UK market. If this figure is not something you would typically go for, then why not check out Higher RTP Slots.

Volatility-wise, Xterminate is considered a highly volatile slot. This means that more frequent wins may occur over a longer time frame, yet the risk is greater short term. Xterminate is also fitted with a max win cap of 25,000x.

Xterminate High Volatility

Xterminate High Volatility

Xterminate Special Features

In this section of the review, we will be exploring all the special features available. These include; Xterminate Multiplier Feature, Bombs, and Charged Wild symbols. We will also be covering the Bet Plus and Avalanche features in this area of the review.

Xterminate Multiplier Feature

All wins that occur will be presented as multiples of your current bet, which are then added to the Xterminate Multiplier above the main reel set.

Each win will be multiplied by the current Xterminate Multiplier and then added back to the total Xterminate Multiplier. At the end of an Avalanche sequence, the Xterminate Multiplier is paid out.

Bomb Symbols

When a Bomb symbol presents itself on the reels without a winning combination, it will explode but also protects all instances of the most common symbol in view, including Charged Wilds and other Bomb symbols.

If multiple symbols are just as common on the reels, the highest-paying symbol according to the paytable will be held. All other symbols will be removed, triggering the Avalanche feature.

Charged Wild Symbols

Charged Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except Bombs, and hold a number of random Lives, ranging from 1 to 3. Regardless of the number of winning combinations the Charged Wild is part of, only 1 Life is depleted. When all Lives are consumed, the Charged Wild is removed, however, they are protected when a Bomb symbol explodes.

Avalanche Feature

Each time a win occurs, all winning symbols will be removed from the main reel set, triggering the Avalanche feature. Once active, an avalanche of new symbols will drop in from above in order to fill the empty positions left behind by winning symbols.

Bet Plus

Before or after any game round, you will be able to activate 1 of 3 Bet Plus options.

  • Win Boost – The odds of winning are 2 times higher per spin for 2x your bet.
  • Win Boost Plus – The odds of winning are 5 times higher per spin for 5x your bet.
  • Guaranteed Win – Each spin guarantees at least one winning combination for 10x your bet.
Xterminate Charged Wild Feature

Xterminate Charged Wild Feature

Pros & Cons of Xterminate

Below, we’ve compiled a short list of Pros and Cons that you may find beneficial when choosing to play Xterminate.


  • The Bet Plus feature is a great addition and helps increase your odds of winning per spin, including a Guaranteed Win option.
  • Creative theme and design with high-quality graphics.
  • Promising max win potential of 25,000x.


  • Xterminate does not feature any type of Free Spins round.
  • Low RTP of 94.12%.


Xterminate feels like quite a bold venture from Thunderkick. It’s quite different, but lacking in crucial areas that might have made it great. The lack of Free Spins feels like a missed opportunity, and as a staple in slot games, this alone could put people off the game. Another layer of excitement with a dedicated Free Spins round could have given Xterminate the push it needed to go from good to great, and the lower RTP might be another reason for players to bypass it.

Despite this, we feel like Xterminate should be given a chance. Thunderkick put ample effort into making Xterminate interesting with a futuristic dystopian theme, and the features that it does have can be quite exciting when it ramps up. Multipliers, Bombs, Charged Wilds and an Avalanche to keep things moving make it pretty exciting fairly quickly if fortune favours you, and the 25.000x max win cap would suggest that it’s quite the capable game indeed. Whether this is a theoretical ceiling or a realistic one remains to be seen, but we do not doubt that Xterminate has the makings of a game that can and will perform.

The Bet Plus Feature can make the game feel very different with a few options to increase the chances of winning or guarantee it, but this will likely be missing for UK players.

In conclusion, Xterminate falls short in some traditional aspects, but it isn’t without its appeal.