Zombie aPopalypse Slot Demo Gameplay

Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop Slot Review 2022

Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop from Avatar UX introduces us to a dystopian world and a struggle for survival for the few left to combat the undead plague.

The first thing you’ll notice about Zombie aPOPalypse is what a fantastic job they’ve done in creating an immersive, artistically sound apocalyptic world. We’d go as far as to say that Zombie aPOPalypse is obest-lookingst looking Zombie slots we’ve seen.

A Zombie apocalypse is always an interesting discussion point. What would you do, should you find yourself in the midst of a world-ending catastrophe? What weapons would you use? and where would you go to ride it out?

We’d head to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for it to all blow over, but for the sake of this review we guess we’ll venture out into the chaos.

Zombie aPOPalypse is an exciting differentiation from previous Avatar UX slots as the first game since Lilleths Inferno to not include PopWins, having opted for their new MultiPop mechanic instead.

This is an interesting move from the studio, though as the name suggests, Zombie aPOPalypse won’t be completely removed from the teachings that were the multitude of PopWins slots.

Without further ado and with Zombieland rules in mind, let’s double tap some zombies.

Zombie aPOPalypse Base

Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop-  The Base Game and Features

Zombie aPOPalypse is a 5 reel slot with up to 6250 ways to win.

When you first look at Zombie aPOPalypse you’d think that it’s another PopWins slot, but a makepins makes it clear that it’s not. It shares common traits in that it pays from left to right and right to left, but from there onwards, things start to become different.

It’s worth noting that there’s an ante bet feature for players to activate, should they choose to do so. This increases the stake by 25x, but doubles the chance of landing Free Spins.

Game Provider AvatarUX
Maximum Bet 50
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines 2,048 - 6,250
Release Date 14/11/2022
RTP 96%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Zombie aPOPalypse – MultiPop

The MultiPop Feature is brand new and here for its glorious, gory debut.

When a symbol is part of a winning combination, the symbol is replaced by another symbol, and the cell has a +1x multiplier attached to it. The multiplier is locked to the cell and not the symbol itself, so the multiplier can continue to grow if the cell partakes in another winning combination.

In the Base Game, each Cell can reach a multiplier of 5x.

The ways may not grow like they would have if this was a PopWins slot, but it’s effective and immensely exciting. If fortune favours you, then you might end up with continuous wins with multipliers to enhance them.

Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop – Infectious Multipliers

In true Zombie apocalypse style, Zombie aPOPalypse has something infectious to up the ante.

When a cell reaches its maximum 5x Multiplier in the Base Game, 4-12 cells get upgraded with additional +1x Cell Multipliers. The game will prioritise cells that do not currently have a multiplier.

This feature can be a recipe for disaster for the hapless and helpless citizens of this Zombie-infested city, but it’s great for players.

With the right momentum, this feature can help to exponentially enhance the winning potential of Zombie aPOPalypse in the Base Game.

Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop – Free Spins

Landing 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols during the Base Game triggers the Free Spins mode.

  • 3 Scatters – 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatters – 12 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatters – 15 Free Spins

In Free Spins, the grid is increased to 5×5, and filling the reels with cell multipliers awards +2 Spins. The most significant difference in Free Spins apart from the increased grid size is the maximum cell multiplier.

In Free Spins, the highest total Cell multiplier is 10x.

Zombie aPOPalypse Free Spins

Gamble Wheel

You knew it was coming, we knew it was coming. The dreaded Gamble Wheel has reared its head once more.

Before you play Free Spins, you’ll be able to gamble to increase the number of Free Spins.

The starting number of Free Spins is 10, so you can gamble up to 12, and then up to 15 if you’re feeling lucky. Losing the gamble takes you back to the base game though, so proceed with caution.

There’s a special golden field on the Gamble Wheel that awards 16 Free Spins on the first gamble, and 20 on the next gamble. Again, losing will take you back to the Base Game, so choose wisely!

Avatar UX has actually included some win probabilities within their game information so you can see exactly what your chances are

Gamble 1:

  • Win Probability: 0.514
  • Gold Probability: 0.011

Gamble 2:

  • Win Probability – 0.433
  • Gold Probability 0.011

Zombie aPOPalypse Gamble

Zombie aPOPalypse Bonus Buy

If you’re within a jurisdiction that allows bonus buys then you’ll be able to jump straight into the carnage.

  • 100x – 10 Free Spins and 6250 Ways
  • 500x – Bonus Buy Max. 15 Free Spins and 6250 Ways

You can gamble from within the bonus buy, if you wish to.

Zombie aPopalypse Bonus Buy

Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop- Our Verdict

We’re immensely impressed with Zombie aPOPalypse at just about every level.

The visuals are amazing, and the build quality is absolutely top-notch. When you first load up Zombie aPOPalypse, you’ll feel as if you’re playing something that has been carefully nurtured. It’s like Zombie aPOPalypse was someone’s pride and joy, and in our opinion it’s paid off, because Zombie aPOPalypse is top quality stuff.

In terms of gameplay, Zombie aPOPalypse is exciting and new, yet familiar at the same time. The name was a dead giveaway, so we knew Zombie aPOPalypse wouldn’t be too far removed from its PopWins brothers and sisters. The inspiration for Zombie aPOPalypse is very clear indeed, yet we must commend Avatar UX for stepping outside of the PopWins comfort bubble slightly in Zombie aPOPalypse.

After musing over it for a while, we think we prefer the MultiPop mechanic. PopWins and the growing ways that came with it was very exciting, but sometimes multipliers just can’t be beaten, and the way they’ve been used in Zombie aPOPalypse is very effective indeed.

When it comes to potential, Zombie aPOPalypse is capable of up to 20,000x. This is lower than some of the previous PopWins values, but like we’ve said before, we’re not entirely sure if we believe in some of them.  20,000x is very respectable, and from what we’ve seen from Zombie aPOPalypse, we wouldn’t be surprised if somebody hit it.

All in all, Zombie aPOPalypse is a daring statement from Avatar UX, and an exciting slot to behold.