You can’t change the past, but you can experience it again in 10x Rewind from 4ThePlayer!
4ThePlayer stand out as a studio that strives to produce anything but a normal slot. They could easily fall into the alluring grip of the Megaways Mechanic, or the tried and true ‘Book of’ style gameplay. Instead, they put their heads together for something that surprises everybody, every time.

10x Rewind is a particularly surprising innovation from the studio, which is due to release on the Yggdrasil YGS Masters platform. In this one, you can go back in time and experience your previous wins again in Free Spins, and with multipliers to improve them.

So let’s head forward with this 10x Rewind Slot Review and back in time to see what surprises the past holds!

10x Rewind Base

10X Rewind Slot Theme

We’re all very aware of some of the most popular slot themes out there, so when you’re dealing with time travel why not utilise them all?

In the background of 10x Rewind you’ll be taking on a psychedelic trip through the ages as you travel through space and time, and you’ll encounter many different themes through the symbols as you do.

Ancient Greece, The Wild West, Dinosaurs, Rome, Knights, Space, Vikings and Dinosaurs all await you in 10x Rewind! It’s a cool idea to tie the theme to all of the most popular slot themes around, and it would only really be time travel that would make it make sense. The music for 10x Rewind is a little more futuristic than a lot of the classic themes, with an upbeat tune to keep you hyped as you travel back and forward through time.

10x Rewind also welcomes the return of 4ThePlayer’s Big Reel Portrait mode.

When playing on a mobile device, the player has the option of playing with classic small reels, or Big Reel Portrait mode. Big Reel Portrait mode enlarges the reels, and stacks them on top of each other. There’s no difference in terms of how the game plays, but reels will spin from right to left and pay top to bottom instead of left to right. This might be a little disorientating at first, but it certainly helps to fill out the screen

10x Rewind: The Base Game and Features

10x Rewind is a 6 reel slot with 4,096 Ways. It is playable from as little as £/€0.10 per spin, and bets can increase up to £/€20 per spin.

The highest paying symbol in this slot is the Astronaught symbol, followed by the Wild West, Knights and Gladiator Symbols. Low paying symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 9 and & 10, and even these low paying symbols have a reference to a place in time adding to the time travel immersion. The Wild symbol in 10x Rewind is the Time Traveller, she will substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter.

To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 symbols from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

10x Rewind is very cabapble of some nice Base Wins owing to its 4,096 pay ways, and as the name suggests…you might be able to revisit these same wins later on.

10x Rewind is the first of its kind to play with time, and you’ll see how it all comes together in the Free Spins round.

10x Rewind Base Game

Rewind Time Win Spins

To trigger the Free Spins in 10x Rewind you’ll need 3 Scatters.

Before the round starts, you’ll asked to be picked one of the triggering scatters to win 5, 7 or 10 spins.

In Rewind Time Spins, your previous spins are played out in reverse order, and only winning spins count as one of your remaining spins.

If one or more scatter landed on the reels on any of your previous wins, then they’ll now do something that they did not do in the Base Game

  • Increases Win Multiplier
  • Cash Prize
  • Additional Spins

Previous stake may affect your bonus, even if you triggered the bonus on a higher or lower stake. This is where 10x Rewind gets a little strange, and where changing your bet may work for you, or against you.

10x rewind will take you back to your previous wins on the stake you were on when you hit them. You can’t change the past so they say, so bear this in mind when playing 10x Rewind. This feature may also trigger early into your game session, which means that 10x Rewind doesn’t have any previous wins to call upon. Where previous spins do not exist, random spins will be generated instead.

There’s a strange element of knowing what’s coming in 10x Rewind, which is something you can’t say about a lot of other slots. If you can recall any previous wins, then you may well revisit them with the added benefit of a multiplier. The ideal situation in 10x Rewind is to hit a big Base Game win before you enter the Free Spins so that you may go back in time and hit it again.

10x Rewind: Our Verdict

4ThePlayer are very very good at creating a brand new experience with concepts that haven’t been seen before, and 10x Rewind is no different.

There are a couple of things to look out for here, such as changing the stake, and of course there could be elements of disappointment if you trigger the Free Spins knowing that there wasn’t any significant wins in your past to call upon.

The real excitement of 10x Rewind becomes apparent when you have had some Big Base Game wins, or if you trigger it early and it randomises the previous spins for you. Scatters that previously did nothing now hold a surprise in the form of cash prizes, multipliers and more spins, which means that previous wins become even better when you revisit them

Wins of up to 20,000x are possible in 10x Rewind, and the RTP of 96.47% gives it decent potential as a game for wagering. If you could go back in time, then going back in time to roll in a 20,000x win might quite rightly be at the top of your list. Intriuging features like this makes 4ThePlayer stand out as a provider who often goes further than any other to make something unique, and it’s definitely something players appreciate.

This won’t be the game for everyone though, the element of surprise and the big dopamine rush that comes with it makes slots with random spins very alluring to just about any gambler. In 10x Rewind, you have some kind of idea of what to expect if you were paying astute attention to the spins before it, and to some that may prove a dealbreaker.