4 Secret Pyramids Slot Demo Gameplay

4 Secret Pyramids Slot Review

4ThePlayer is taking us on another epic adventure to Egypt where we will be exploring the ancient Pyramids of the Pharoahs in 4 Secret Pyramids!

Brace yourselves for the return of 4ThePlayer’s exciting BONUS↑UP mechanic which proved popular in their previous title, 3 Secret Cities. Get ready to explore 4 ancient locations, each with multiple prize levels including Free Spins, Multipliers and Super Stacked symbols.

You can access twice as many Bonuses with the help of the Extra Bonus bet or win bigger bonuses with the Double Bonus bet, the choice is yours. If you’re unable to pick between the two, then why not activate both to enjoy bigger bonuses more frequently? There’s a certain element of strategy to 4 Secret Pyramids that you don’t often see in slots due to these features. Do you want the bonus early? or do you save the Extra Bonus Bet until you’re deeper within the trail?

Will you get to see all 4 ancient locations and what they have to offer? Let’s play on and find out!

4 Secret Pyramids Base Game

4 Secret Pyramids Base Game and Features

4 Secret Pyramids is a 5 reel slot with 1,024 ways to win. In order to form a winning combination, you will need to connect 3 or more (or 2 or more of the highest paying symbols) from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

The minimum bet available here is £/€0.20 (£/€0.25 Extra and Double Bets) per spin and the maximum bet available is £/€15 (£/€18.75 Extra and Double Bets) per spin.

In terms of symbols, the two highest paying regular symbols in 4 Secret Pyramids is Cleopatra and the Explorer, followed by Anubis, Eye of Horus and the Ankh. Low-paying symbols are standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. There is also a Wild symbol present which substitutes for all symbols except Scatters.

Game Provider
Maximum Bet 15
Maximum Win 55,000x
Paylines 1,024 Ways
Release Date 27/07/2022
RTP 95.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Big Reel Portrait Mode

Although not a feature, 4ThePlayer has included their Big Reel Portrait Mode for players using a Mobile device.

When playing on a Mobile device in portrait, you will be able to choose the layout of the reel set. You can choose to play on the Classic layout with regular reels or Big Reel Portrait Mode.

By activating Big Reels Portrait Mode, the reels are stacked on top of eachother, spinning right to left and paying top to bottom.

BONUS↑UP Feature

4ThePlayers popular BONUS↑UP mechanic is back and for those of you who aren’t familiar with how it works, let us break it down for you.

The BONUS↑UP feature changes location and potential as you play. At the top right of the screen sits a Map which you can access. The map reveals your current position in terms of top prizes that are available in your next Bonus.

The map will also show your progression towards the next location (or in this case Pyramid) and the Free Spins, Multipliers and Wins with the best set up available once you reach those points.

The first Pyramid on the map offers the lowest potential but as you make your way across each new Pyramid, the potential increases. The 4th and final Pyramid has the most potential to offer, with a maximum of 55,000x and 55 Free Spins up for grabs.

Each time 2 Scatter symbols land on reels 1 and 3, the Pick Me feature will come into play. The Pick Me feature will either award a Cash Prize of up to 50x your current bet or progression towards the next Pyramid on the BONUS↑UP trail.

4 Secret Pyramids can bonus at any point regardless of your position on the BONUS↑UP trail. Once the Free Spins round is complete, the BONUS↑UP trail will reset back to the first Pyramid.

Extra and Double Bonus Bets

Another nice addition to 4 Secret Pyramids is the Extra Bonus and Double Bonus bets which can be seen at the bottom right corner of the reel set.

  • Extra Bonus Bet – Increases you chances of triggering the Free Spins round. Activating this Bet will add an additional 25% onto your current bet.
  • Double Bonus Bet – Doubles the number of Free Spins you win or your total win Multiplier during Free Spins. Activating this Bet will also add an additional 25% onto your current bet.

If you’re torn between the two Bets, 4ThePlayer has granted you the option to activate both Bonus Bets at the same time. Doing so will increase your current bet by 50% per spin. Having one or both of these Bets active does not affect RTP.

4 Secret Pyramids BONUS↑UP Trail

4 Secret Pyramids Free Spins

The Free Spins round can be triggered by landing 3 Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. 

Before the Free Spins round can begin, you will be taken to the Pyramid Pick where the set up going into free spins is configured via choices made by yourself.

Starting off on the bottom row, you will will need to select 1 Block from each row which reveals one of the following things.

  • A random amount of Free Spins
  • Multipliers
  • A stacked symbol
  • X (Which ends the Pyramid Pick and starts the Free Spins round)

The top prizes available vary depending on how far you got on the BONUS↑UP trail. Each row you make it to in the Pyramid Pick, the bigger the prizes are. Each row you make it to will reveal an increased amount of Free Spins, bigger and better Multipliers and Stacked symbols. 

Once you stumble across an X block the Pyramid Pick is over and the current Multiplier, Stacked symbol and total amount of Free Spins you obtained during this round will be your set up.

Landing 3 Scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5 during Free Spins, awards an additonal 5-10 Free Spins. Choose a Scatter symbol to determine how many extra Free Spins you will receive.

4 Secret Pyramids Free Spins

4 Secret Pyramids Bonus Buy

Those within bonus buy territory can buy their way into the 4 Secret Pyramids bonus, and there’s lots of choices available.

  • 60x Buy
    • Up to 20 Free Spins
    • Up to x6 Multiplier
    • Up to 20,000x Win
  • 120x Buy
    • Up to 40 Free Spins
    • Up to x6 Multiplier
    • Up to 35,000x win
  • 120x Buy
    • Up to 20 Free Spins
    • Up to x11 Multiplier
    • Up to 35,000x Win
  • 200x Buy
    • Up to 55 Free Spins
    • Up to x15 Multiplier
    • Up to 55,000x Win

When buying the feature, the RTP of 4 Secrey Pyramids is 95.00%

4 Secret Pyramids: Our Verdict

4 Secret Pyramids from 4ThePlayer builds upon what they created in 3 Secret Cities brilliantly.

To the untrained eye, the two of may look negligably different, but 4ThePlayer has taken great care in making 4 Secret Pyramids a more immersive experience than its predecessor. For one, the Extra Bet and Double Bonus Bet introduces an element of strategic play, in a sense. Players aiming for the top will want to keep that extra bonus bet firmly in the ‘off’ position until they progress onto a path that gives them the sort of free spins, multiplier and max win that they’re looking for.

Once this is on, then trigger it and spin away safe in the knowledge that your chance of landing Free Spins is better than before.

4 Secret Pyramids really does feel like a journey, and it’s these kinds of experiences that 4ThePlayer are great at making. It really does feel like a slot that you can come back to again and again with progress saved from a previous round, and it’s one of the more fun ‘grinds’, if you want to label it that way.

In terms of potential, 4 Secret Pyramids outperforms 3 Secret Cities by 5,000x with a new maximum potential of 55,000x. This maximum win is of course reserved for the last Pyramid on the trail, or the most expensive bonus buy, but the potential is great at any point in the game.

Overall, 4ThePlayer has built upon 3 Secret Cities very well, so if you’re a fan of that one then you’ll love this.