Anvil & Ore Slot Review 2024

Games Global partner Alchemy Gaming is taking us below ground in their latest release, Anvil & Ore!

The legends behind the hugely popular and successful XUP feature have returned, focusing all their attention on the Upsizer and Echo Roll features this time around.

Africa XUP, Chronicles of Olympus XUP, and Aquanauts are just a few of Alchemy Gaming’s releases that deliver in both gameplay and statistics, but will Anvil & Ore follow suit? Let’s play on find out!

Anvil & Ore Base Game

Anvil & Ore Base Game and Features

Anvil & Ore is a 5-reel Video Slot with 3,125 ways to win. Forming a winning combination requires at least 3 of the same symbols to land from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.

The minimum bet available here is £.€0.30 per spin and the maximum bet available is £.€42 per spin, with plenty of other options in between the two. Bets can be changed via a Quickbet or Advanced option. Anvil & Ore has a theoretical RTP of 96.26% and a max win cap of 5,000x.

In terms of symbols, the highest-paying regular symbol here is the Character, followed by the Chest, Gems, Shield, and Hammer. Low-paying symbols are standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. Wilds substitute for all other symbols except Scatters.

Each time a winning combination forms, all winning symbols are removed from the reels, and new symbols drop down from above via a Cascade, with the possibility of forming more winning combinations.

Game Provider Alchemy Gaming
Maximum Bet 42
Maximum Win 5,000x
Paylines 3,125 Ways
Release Date 24/08/2023
RTP 96.26%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.30

Echo Roll Feature

During both the base game and Free Spins round, the Echo Roll feature can trigger at random. Once active, the Echo Roll feature will award an additional symbol win after all other wins are removed from the reels.

The Echo Roll will automatically fill all empty symbol positions with a randomly chosen High or Low-paying symbol, triggering a guaranteed win.

Upsizer levels 5-8 will award one guaranteed Echo Roll feature trigger during Free Spins, and Upsizer level 9 will award 2 Echo Roll feature triggers during Free Spins.

Upsizer Coins

During any spin in the base game, Silver Upsizer Coins can land attached to any High or Low-paying symbols from the paytable at random.

All Upsizer Coins that land will be collected and stored in the Upsizer Trail outside the reel set. Each Upsizer Coin amounts to 1 tally on the Upsizer Trail.

The total number of collected Upsizer Coins is shown as a number proportional to the number of Coins needed to unlock the next available Upsizer Level.

Upsizer Max Coins

During the base game, when the Free Spins round is triggered, +1 Upsizer Max Coin is awarded and collected on a special Meter.

Once 5 Upsizer Max Coins have been collected, the Free Spins round will automatically trigger and played out on the highest Upsizer Level after all wins have been paid. At the end of the Free Spins round, all 5 Upsizer Max Coins will be automatically reset.

Anvil & Ore Upsizer Wheel

Anvil & Ore Free Spins

Landing 3 or more Scatters across the reels during the base game triggers the Free Spins round at the current Upsizer Level. Each additional Scatter symbol after the 3rd will award +50 Upsizer Coins.

During Free Spins, a global win Multiplier is active, increasing by +x1 after each win. The Free Spins Multiplier is persistent and does not reset between each Free Spin.

Landing a Scatter symbol during this time will award an additional +1 Free Spin per Scatter.

Upsizer Wheel

At the end of the Free Spins round, a special Upsizer Wheel will present itself. You will get to spin the wheel one time to be awarded a random number of Upsizer Coins, between 10 and 150.

Upsizer Feature

The Upsizer feature grants players within Bonus Buy territory to purchase additional Free Spins Modifiers before the Free Spins round begins. Anyone playing within the UK will not be eligible for this feature as it is classed as a Bonus Buy option.

Collecting a number of Upsizer Coins in the base game will progressively unlock greater Free Spins Modifiers. There are a total of 9 Free Spins Modifiers available to unlock on the Upsizer Trail.

Each Upsizer Level awards the following Free Spins Modifiers.

  • Level 1 – Awards 6 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 10x.
  • Level 2 – Awards 7 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 10x.
  • Level 3 – Awards 8 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 10x.
  • Level 4 – Awards 8 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 20x.
  • Level 5 – Awards 8 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 20x, with 1 guaranteed Echo Roll win.
  • Level 6 – Awards 9 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 20x, with 1 guaranteed Echo Roll win.
  • Level 7 – Awards 10 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 20x, with 1 guaranteed Echo Roll win.
  • Level 8 – Awards 11 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 20x, with 1 guaranteed Echo Roll win.
  • Level 9 – Awards 12 Free Spins and a maximum win Multiplier cap of 50x, with 2 guaranteed Echo Roll wins.

Once you reach Level 9, additional Upsizer Coins can be collected.

Anvil & Ore Free Spins

Anvil & Ore Bonus Buy

Those outside the UK will benefit from a Bonus Buy option. Alchemy Gaming has granted players access to 2 Bonus Buy options, as follows.

  • Random Upsizer – An Upsizer level equal to or greater than the current Upsizer Level will be randomly awarded for a total cost of 90x your bet.
  • Upsizer Max – Triggers the Free Spins round on the highest Upsizer Level (Level 9) for a total cost of 149.65x your bet. When purchasing the Upsizer Max option, any collected Upsizer Coins will be deducted.

Anvil & Ore: Our Verdict

Anvil & Ore is an attractive slot that delivers quality graphics, sound effects, and entertaining gameplay. Since Africa XUP and Chronicles of Olympus XUP, our expectations are naturally quite high when it comes to a new Alchemy release, but did Anvil & Ore hit the spot?

When you first load up Anvil & Ore, you’re not disappointed. Anvil & Ore is very appealing on the eye, and it’s certainly a lot darker than the XUP titles which some may prefer.

The Echo Roll feature gives players a second chance at winning something relatively decent in the base game, but it’s during Free Spins that the Echo Roll feature offers the most potential, especially if the global Win Multiplier is through the roof.

The Upsizer feature further complements the Free Spins round, but players outside the UK will not benefit from this feature as it is classed as a Bonus Buy option. For those that have access to the Upsizer feature, it’s a great way to boost the performance of Free Spins, but it comes at quite a cost.

Another blow is the max win capabilities for Anvil & Ore. On its best day, Anvil & Ore can produce max wins of up to 5,000x, which is pretty disappointing when compared to Africa XUP and Chronicles of Olympus XUP.

All in all, Anvil & Ore isn’t quite an Alchemy Gaming masterpiece, but it’s a great choice for players who can’t get enough of Alchemy Gaming’s popular features and mechanics.