Chronicles of Olympus X UP Slot Review 2021

The X UP mechanic takes its ascension all the way to the heavens in Chronicles of Olympus X UP from Alchemy Gaming!

The earthly plains of Africa in Alchemy Gaming’s first installment in the series was Africa X UP, and it showed us just how exciting this simple yet effective feature could be. Alchemy Gaming now look to put a divine spin on their popular new feature, and with it comes bigger multipliers and heightened potential. Chronicles of Olympus X UP also features a brand new feature called Upsizer, which offers exciting opportunities to better your set up in Free Spins.

Hades, Hera, Hestia,  Poseidon, Zeus and Kronos await in a godly land adorned with marble and gold, but let us mere mortals be the judges of the gods for once in this Chronicles of Olympus X UP Review.

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Base Game

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Theme

The title of this one leaves little to the imagination on where Chronicles of Olympus X UP is set, and we must say, Alchemy Gaming has done a beautiful job at bringing the essence of Mount Olympus to life.

In the background you’ll see clouds that only slightly shroud the marvel that is Olypmus, which stands proudly and prominently in marbel and gold. A godly soundtrack accompanies a godly theme, and overall you definitely feel as if Alchemy Gaming put a lot of thought into the design for this one.

We can’t truthully say that the Africa and Olympus theme isn’t one that is regularly utilised within the slot world, so it’s not exactly innovative, but they’ve done well to make it interesting.

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Betting and Symbols

Chronicles of Olympus X UP has a large variety of betting options for players, with a lowest option of £/€0.30 per spin and a highest option of £/€100 per spin, with plenty of other betting options in between the two.

The highest paying regular symbol in the game is Zeus, followed by Hestia, Hera, Poseidon and Hades. Low paying symbols are Ace, King Queen, Jack and 10.

The most important symbol in Chronicles of Olympus X UP is the Kronos Wild symbol, which substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter Symbol.

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Base Game and Features

Chronicles of Olympus is a 5 reel slot with up to 243 ways to win. To form a win you will need to connect 3 or more symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

The base game in Chronicles of Olympus X UP may come across as a little simple, that is until we unleash the exciting X UP feature in all its god-like glory!

X UP Feature

Situated on the left side of the screen you will see a list of X UP amounts, these are part of the X UP Feature.

We know a Bonus tease can leave you rather tilted, in this case you wont be too disheartened as landing 2 Scatters will award an X UP token. Collecting X UP tokens will increase your Free Spins Multiplier.

The X UP Multiplier trail awards a maximum of 50x Free Spins Multiplier, once the maximum 50x Multiplier is reached in the base game, Free Spins will automatically be awarded.

X UP tokens that have already been collected will be stored per bet amount.

The X UP feature certainly gives us something to aim for in the base game, making the prospect of hitting the maximum win of 50,000x all that more promising! What are you waiting for? The power of the Gods are with you!

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Free Spins

You will be happy to know that Chronicles of Olympus X UP gives players the opportunity to win some Free Spins. Triggering Free Spins requires you to land 3 X UP Scatters on reels 2, 3 and 4, awarding you 8 Free Spins.

Landing 2 X UP Scatters on reels 2 and 4 will award an additional 2 Free Spins, X UP tokens collected during Free Spins has the potential to increase your Free Spins Multiplier.

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Free Spins

Upsizer Feature

Once Free Spins are triggered you have the power to choose if you want to activate a higher Free Spins Multiplier, but it comes at a cost!

Collected X UP tokens reduce the cost of all available Free Spins Multipliers. This is a great feature to implement. Nobody wants to build all the way up to a 10x multiplier only to pay the same to upsize to the 50x multiplier as somebody who’s collected no tokens at all.

It does well to alleviate some of the frustrations that were felt in Africa X UP too. Unsurprisngly, some want the maximum level, but triggering the bonus before resets you back to a 1x multiplier. At least with the upsizer feature players can choose to buy in at the higher level that they were aiming for.

Sadly, this falls under Bonus Buy territory, so it won’t be a feature that UK players will see.

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Bonus Buy

For those outside the UK the Gods have granted you the option to Bonus Buy. This is available for 100x your bet.

The Bonus Buy awards 8 Free Spins and a random multiplier of 5x – 50x.

The Bonus Buy in Chronicles of Olympus X UP works a bit differently to the one seen in Africa X UP. In Africa X UP, you could buy in at any level, but here, it’s random. Some may well prefer it the way it was before, but there are pros to this way too. Here you get the chance to buy your way into the bonus with a chance at getting the max multiplier for a mere 100x your bet.

For comparison, the highest multiplier in Africa X UP was lower, but it still cost 300x to buy.

Chronicles of Olympus X UP Our Verdict

Africa X UP enjoyed ample success owing to its immense potential and entertaining gameplay, and it’s evident to see that Alchemy Gaming looked to take it up a notch with Chronicles of Olympus X UP.

The essence of the first in the series is alive and well in the sequel, but there’s been some fine tuning to make it even better in a number of ways. The most important difference between Chronicles of Olympus X Up and its sister slot is the increased multiplier meter which doubles the maximum seen previously.

With this new and improved multiplier obviously comes new and improved potential too. Chronicles of Olympus X UP’s win capabilities sit at 50,000x, and Africa X UP was capable of 30,000x. In a new world of iGaming where higher volatility and bigger max wins seem to be the most important thing, players will undoubtedly receive this heightened potential well.

The Upsizer Feature and the Bonus Buy really do stand out as significant changes too, but there will probably be split opinions on what is better. Africa X UP let you buy in at any level without the need to land the bonus ‘naturally’ first, but Chronicles of Olympus XUP leaves that job to the Upsizer Feature. Of course, if you do want to buy the bonus you can, but it’s all left up to fate on which multiplier you get. It’ll definitely be worth it if you pay 100x for a 50x multiplier.

Overall, it’s clear to see that Alchemy Gaming are ones to watch, and we can’t wait to see where they take their X UP feature next.