Avalon Gold Slot Review 2022

The Gold Series from ELK Studios is back with the new instalment to the hugely popular series with stories of the mythical island of Avalon in Avalon Gold.

The intrepid and curious explorer Kane tried the quiet life once when he went on a vacation to Katmandu Gold, but curiosity got the better of him, and off on another adventure he went. Kane enjoying retirement wouldn’t exactly make for a great slot, so for our benefit he’s out into the world again to uncover more mysteries, and hopefully treasures.

The Gold Series is one of the longest running in the world of slots since its debut with Ecuador Gold in 2019, and the series is still popular today. We’ve been on many an adventure with Kane, and at this point his CV is looking rather impressive with trips to lands long forgotten.

Will Avalon Gold be another proud statement piece from ELK Studios? or is Kane a little old in the tooth for exploring now?

We’ll wager that Kane and the Gold Series still has a lot of life in it, so without further ado lets dive into ELK’s impressive and immersive world once more for another rodeo with our favourite pioneer.

Avalon Gold Base

Avalon Gold – The Base Game and Features

Avalon Gold is a 6 reel slot with dropping symbols and up to 8 rows. At its maximum, Avalon Gold presents players with up 262,144 ways to win.

This is obviously identical to games before it, and we think its one of the reasons why the Gold Series is so popular. The Megaways mechanic was at the height of its popularity when the Gold Series began, and up to 117,649 ways was, and still is, a big selling point.

Avalon Gold and the rest of the Gold Series takes it a step further with over double what a Megaways slot can offer in terms of winning ways. It also starts with more ways too with 4,096 as default.

The ways are often limited in the Base Game, but overall, the Gold Series and its capabilities really are attractive.

They’re often riddled with features too, and Avalon Gold is no exception with its own catalogue of exciting features.

Avalanche Feature

Like in previous games, the Avalanche feature serves to remove symbols that were a part of a winning combination. An Avalanche leaves space for new winning symbols to fall into place, and new rows are added as well.

An additional row is added for each Avalanche up to a maximum of 8 rows. The Avalanche Feature continues as long new winning combinations appear.

Big Symbols

All low, mid, high and Mystery Box Symbols exist in four sizes:

  • Standard 1×1
  • Super 2×2
  • Mega 3×3
  • Epic 4×4

All big symbols are counted as the number of 1×1 symbol spaces that it covers. For example, a 2×2 block is counted as 4 standard 1×1 Symbols.

If there are empty spaces below the big symbol, then empty spaces are filled with 1×1 sized symbols of the same type.

Wilds & Expanding Wilds

Avalon Gold features normal Wild Symbols, but there are also Expanding Wilds too.

The Expanding Wild Symbol expands upwards when the symbols before it are part of a winning combination. The Expanding Wild will fill all vacant symbols up to the current maximum number of rows, and it will persist unless it is the only symbol on its reel that contributes to a winning combination.

Avalon Gold Expanding Wild

Mystery Boxes

The Mystery Boxes are symbols that effectively act as blockers when the volume of them is low, but if you get 5 or more, then the Mystery Boxes activate.

The Mystery Boxes reveal a payout symbol, a Wild or trigger the Avalon Features.

If the Mystery Box reveals a symbol or a Wild that leads to a win, a new chain of avalanches will begin. All Mystery Boxes return to their normal state as blocking symbols, but they’ll activate again when there are no more winning combinations.

Avalon Gold Mystery Boxes

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘What are Avalon Features?’

Here’s what to expect from these exciting collection of features.

Coin Win

This is essentially an instant win coin similar to those seen in Push Gaming titles. The value of the Coin Win symbol is multiplied by the current bet


The Multiplier feature multiplies all revealed coin values.

+1 Swiper

The +1 Swiper Swipes in a 1 in front of the value on the previously revealed coin value.


Collects all coin values from the already revealed Mystery Boxes


The Redrop Feature awards a new symbol box, guaranteeing the reactivation of the Mystery Boxes currently in view.

Avalon Gold Free Spins

Avalon Gold Free Spins is triggered by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere in view.

  • 3 Scatters – 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatters – 15 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatters – 20 Free Spins
  • 6 Scatters – 25 Free Spins

The bonus in Avalon Gold works in the same way as games before it, with a safety level that advances one row for every new drop that results in a win. Each new spin will then start at the current active safety level, and at its maximum each spin will begin with 262,144 ways to win.

The real potential of Avalon Gold becomes apparent at maximum ways. Mystery Boxes and all of the other features really shine when you lock in the 262,144 ways!

Avalon Gold Free Spins

Avalon Gold – X-iter Features

The X-iter Feature is essentially a choice of bonus buy options, so they won’t be available to UK players.

  • 1 Big Symbol – 1 drop with a guaranteed Big Symbol at the cost of 5x the bet
  • 1 Expanding Wild – 1 drop with a guaranteed Expanding Wild at the cost of 10x the bet
  • Mystery Boxes – 1 drop with 5 guaranteed Mystery Boxes at the cost of 50x the bet
  • Bonus – Guarantees entry into the bonus game at the cost of 100x the bet
  • Super Bonus – Guarantees a game round with entry to a Super Bonus Game with Persistent Mystery Boxes through the game. Costs 500x the bet.

Avalon Gold Slot – Our Verdict

Avalon Gold is another classic Gold Series slot. We’ve been critical of slots that use the same formula for their slots over and over again, but with the Gold Series it just feels right. It doesn’t feel old or worn out, and it doesn’t feel monotamous, repetitive or boring. In the early days, we were admittedly indifferent to the Gold Series at first, but it’s grown on us because of its astounding potential and versatility. Even the story has grown on us, and we’re always keen to find out where Kane is next.

Each Gold Series slot seems to use a baseline formula, but ELK are very proficient in building upon it for a new experience each and every time.

In this instalment, the biggest change is the Mystery Box and Avalon Features. Through extensive testing ourselves, we came to the conclusion that this highly exciting feature was one of the best yet from ELK, and while we still have a huge soft spot for the Ghost Box from Pacific Gold, we think Avalon Gold might be a new favourite for many.

It’s much more diverse with coin values, redrops, multipliers and more, so we wouldn’t be surprised if many favour Avalon Gold as their next go-to Gold Slot. The winning potential here looks even better than previous games too with a maximum win that can reach 25,000x the bet.

We’ll say this though – ELK Studios needs to push for f features that can be accessed by players anywhere, bonus buy territory or not. They’ve remedied this in a few games with slots that can give players a super bonus naturally, but a few like this one seem to lock them behind a bonus buy. If you’re a UK player, then Pacific Gold might still be the answer with a Ghost Box that can trigger Super Free Spins naturally if you’re lucky.

The RTP is a bit lower here too. 95% used to be the standard, and even that looked a little low sometimes when compared to other providers. Hopefully it’s just a one off, and to be honest the average player may not even notice the subtle difference.

Overall, Avalon Gold is another well-rounded slot from ELK Studios, and it’s another proud addition to the Gold games that continue to captivate us.