Aztec Gold Mines Slot Review 2022

Insect repellent at the ready, iSoftBet is taking us deep into the Jungle to get our hands on glorious Win Multipliers, in their newest ‘Mines’ title, Aztec Gold Mines!

Aztec Gold Mines is the second edition to join iSoftBet’s clever ‘Mines’ series, an easy yet frustrating Pick & Click game where the goal is to find Golden Squares in order to increase your Multiplier, all while tip-toeing around the grid as to not detonate the Montezuma Mines, which will revoke your hard-earned Prizes and end the round. The more successful picks you make, the higher the Win Multiplier will climb, but Gold Squares become evene harder to find, with Montezuma Mines more likely to appear.

Gold Digger was the first to receive the ‘Mines’ upgrade, with a lot of players having mixed emotions. If you’ve not had the pleasure of playing Gold Digger Mines, you may want to brace yourself for Tilt Mode seeing as gameplay is similar to that of Minesweeper, a rather old and dated desktop computer game, only this time the stakes are a lot higher as you play with your hard-earned cash.

Choosing another of their popular titles to upgrade, Aztec Gold Mines delivers a thrilling, fast-paced gaming experience, where players can control Volatility, Bet Size and the number of Montezuma Mines on the grid. iSoftBet has stuck with the much-loved design and theme of the original Aztec Gold, while delivering a whole new style of gameplay to our screens. Each round offers even more excitement and the option to Cash Out at any stage.

Like the first ‘Mines’ title, Aztec Gold Mines looks to be another fun and exciting addition to the ‘Mines’ family.

Aztec Gold Mines Base Game

Aztec Gold Mines Betting Options and Montezuma Mines

Aztec Gold Mines is very different in all aspects when compared to other slots. In fact, Aztec Gold Mines isn’t even a slot, strictly speaking.

When choosing a Bet, Aztec Gold Mines is really nice and simple. On the left side of the grid are 2 Options, the top one is Bet selection and the other is to choose how many Montezuma Mines you would like active. When selecting the number of Montezuma Mines you’d like, your total Bet does not fluctuate, but the potential payout will.

There is a small variety of betting options available in Aztec Gold Mines, the minimum bet sits at £/€1 per game and the maximum bet available is £/€300 per game. Montezuma Mines start at 1 and go all the way up to 15, if you so choose it.

Aztec Gold Mines Features

Aztec Gold Mines is played on a 5×5 Grid which consists of 25 Squares in total.

Behind each Blank Square is either a Gold Win Multiplier symbol or a Montezuma Mine. Uncovering a Gold Win Multiplier symbol will increase your current winnings, but if you reveal a Montezuma Mine then your winnings are lost and the round will end.

Each time you reveal a Gold Win Multiplier symbol, you will be given the choice to either keep picking or Cash out. If you choose to Cash out, the current Gold Win Multipliers will be added together and awarded. Please note, Aztec Gold Mines offers no kind of safety net, so if you reveal a Montezuma Mine, you’re out and the prize is gone!

Dpending on how many Montezuma Mines you opt for, will determine how many Picks you will get. The more Montezuma Mines you choose, the less Picks you will recieve, but the Prizes are a lot higher. The less Montezuma Mines you choose, the more Picks you will recieve, Simple as that. Again, the remaining number of Picks means nothing if you choose to Cash Out, which you can do whenever you like.

Aztec Gold Mines Maximum Win

Aztec Gold Mines shows you the maximum possible win that you can reach with your current Bet/Mines set up.

If the maximum win is reached, there will be no more Picks available and you will automatically Cash Out. If you choose the maximum number of Montezuma Mines and the maximum Bet of £/€300, you’re looking at an impressive maximum payout of £/€61,200!

Aztec Gold Mines Pick & Click

Aztec Gold Mines: Our Verdict

Aztec Gold Mines isn’t technically a slot, and neither was its predecessor, Gold Digger Mines.

Yet, we find we can’t resist a new iSoftBet release even if it’s not technically a slot, and it’s safe to say that we have a soft spot for the Aztec Gold Series given the many good times and big wins on previous Aztec Gold slots.

Aztec Gold Mines is basically a variant of Gold Digger Mines for those that prefer an Aztec theme to a mining one. There’s really no difference apart from that, but they’re both quite enjoyable…and risky.

You can select your bet and the number of mines that you’d like active on the grid, and the potential prize will reflect your selection. Play it safe for small, incremental profit? or risk it all for huge wins?

Aztec Gold Mines and Gold Digger Mines are basically Minesweeper without the help, and the pain is so much more sharp when you hit one of the bombs that ends the round.

If you’ve got the mettle, then there’s lots of excitement to be had at Aztec Gold Mines, but err on the side of caution and consider a little cashout before the Aztec God takes it all away!