Ahoy! and get ready to set sail in new Push Gaming Slot Booty Bay Slot.
Push Gaming have been an unstoppable force in the iGaming industry of late with red-hot releases like Jammin’ Jars 2, Dinopolis and Land of Zenith. These releases brought back old favourites in an impressive fashion, and introduced new ones with brilliant ideas and unfathomable potential.

This time, we’re embracing the Pirate Life as we explore the tropical coves in search of hidden plunder. Can Booty Bay showcase Push Gaming’s impressive innovative talents as we uncover long lost riches? Grab your cutlass, pegleg and blunderbuss and ditch the car for a Galleon as we sail together into this new and exciting instalment.

Booty Bay Gameplay

Booty Bay Slot Theme

Push Gaming have done a great job of capturing the essence of a Pirate Slot in Booty Bay. Around the reels you’ll see treasure chests and shipwrecks, and the music is an upbeat tune accompanied by the sound of seagulls to enrich the experience further.

Graphics are something that Push Gaming have regularly exceeded on, and Booty Bay Slot is no different. For some though, the Pirate theme sits among a group of ideas that seems to be heavily overdone, so some may feel numb to the idea of yet another Pirate Instalment. Can the gameplay reel in those disenchanted by a generic marauder slot? Let’s find out.

Booty Bay Slot: Betting and Symbols

You’ll find the usual broad variety of betting options in Booty Bay Slot. The lowest option here is £/€0.10 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin. There are a lot of other options in between the highest and lowest, so players can rest easy knowing that Booty Bay is viable to all.

When it comes to the symbols, the highest paying symbol in the game is the Pirate Captain with a golden border. Following on from him is the Purple Pirate, and the Green Pirate. Medium paying symbols is the tankard, compass and spyglass, and the low paying symbols are the gold, silver and bronze doubloons. There’s also a Wild symbol, which is represented by the Golden Chest.

Game Provider Push Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 15/07/2021
RTP 96.41%
Mechanics Cluster Pays
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Booty Bay Slot: The Base Game and Features

Booty Bay is a 5×5 cluster pays slot. To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 6 of any symbol horizontally or vertically.

Unfortunately, there’s no cascading symbols in Booty Bay Slot, so winning symbols will not disappear which would usually leave space for new symbols to fall in for more wins. Booty Bay Slot may not have cascading symbols, but it does have a number of different features to make it more than exciting enough.

Booty Wild Symbol

The Booty Wild symbol is a chest that substitutes for all paying symbols.

The Booty Wild Symbol will get a multiplier increase every time it moves within the hotzone. Multiple Booty Wild Symbols may be in play at one time, and this is where Booty Bay Slot gets a kind of Jammin’ Jars feel to it. If multiple multipliers connect to multiple wins, then the initial win will be multiplied by the smallest multiplier first, and then the bigger one. This can result in some amazing hits if you manage to keep connecting, and the relatively small play area makes it very possible.

Booty Bay Slot Booty Wild Feature


In the middle of the reels, you’ll notice a glowing 3×3 section. This is called the Hotzone, and it will be fundamental in how Booty Wilds behave.

The Hotzone triggers unlimited respins when at least one Wild is inside the Hotzone. Between respins, the Booty Wild symbol will move to a random adjacent position. If the Wild is still inside the Hotzone after moving, then it will gain a +1 multiplier and a respin will ensue.

Locking Wilds Feature

The Locking Wild Feature may trigger on any spin, and it serves to lock Wilds within the Hotzone. These Wilds are locked in place for 3 respins, but Wilds outside of the Hotzone will remain unlocked and continue to move to adjacent positions. Locked Wilds will increase their multiplier by +1 after every respin.

This feature is great in ensuring the continuation of respins, giving you the chance to get even more hits. This feature is especially good if you have more than one Wild within the Hotzone.

Swirling Rapids Feature

The Swirling Rapids Feature serves to build upon the Booty Wild Symbols once more with the ability to pull Wilds in.

When the Swirling Rapids Symbol lands anywhere on the reels, then a respin will ensure regardless of whether there are Wilds in play or not. If there are Wilds present, then all of them will be moved to random positions within the Hotzone, and all of their multipliers will increase by +1.

Treasure Map Feature

The Treasure Map Feature may trigger on any spin by landing the Treasure Map Symbol anywhere on the reels.

When this happens, you’ll be shown 6 prizes represented as coins. Hidden behind the coins are instant prizes that range between 1x and 5,000x, or a Wild, the Swirling Rapid Feature or the Locking Wild Feature.

You’ll undoubtedly want the 5,000x here to solidify your status as the best pirate that ever lived, but if you don’t then you may still find excitement from other instant win values or one of the features of this slot.

Booty Bay Slot Treasure Map

Triple Wild Lock Feature

Last but not least comes the Triple Wild Lock Feature.

This feature is triggered by having 3 Booty Wild Symbols in play at the same time. When this feature triggers, all Wilds within the Hotzone will be locked in place for 3 Respins. Booty Wilds outside of the Hotzone will once again remain unlocked, and Locked Wilds will benefit from a multiplier increase of +1 for every respin.

After 3 respins, Locked Wilds become unlocked and they’ll start to move once more. The feature will conclude when no Wilds remain within the Hotzone.

The Triple Wild Lock Feature is Booty Bay’s version of Free Spins, and it’s immensely exciting when the multipliers start to rack up. Again, the relatively small size of the grid becomes your ally here as it means that you’re a lot more likely to connect them wins than you are in a slot like Jammin’ Jars.

Booty Bay Slot Gameplay 2

Booty Bay Slot: Our Verdict

If one thing is evident about Push Gaming Slots, its that their slots seem to have a lot in common in terms of the features they use. This isn’t a bad thing at all, Jammin’ Jars 2 recently showcased how Push Gaming took aspects of Jammin’ Jars, Razor Shark and Wild Swarm, bringing them together for an unforgettable experience.

Booty Bay Slot isn’t quite as game changing as Jammin’ Jars 2 was, but it does use aspects of the critically acclaimed series in the form of the jumping multiplier wilds, which can only be a good thing. Pretty much all of the features within this slot is centered around the Booty Wilds, and the Locking Wilds and Swirling Rapids really compliments them beautifully.

We’ll be honest and say that first impressions wasn’t amazing. The small grid size and the need for 6 symbols was somewhat baffling, but when you start to understand the Booty Wilds you’ll come to appreciate the size of the grid a lot.

Booty Bay looks solid statistically, with a nice 96.41% RTP rating and a maximum win amount of 20,000x. A fun fact to note about Push Gaming Slots is how they do not actually cap the maximum win potential for their slots…For the most part anyway. The likes of Jammin’ Jars did have maximum wins, but most of their games use what they call highest observed and maximum theoretical win.

We’ve seen an example of how their slots can exceed their stated maximum in slots like Razor Shark, when a lucky player broke all expectations and hit 85,000x despite a maximum observed win of 50,000x.

With truly unlimited win potential, you can’t help but feel like each and every instalment from Push Gaming is truly exciting, and we think that Booty Bay takes a rightful place among their catalogue as a very impressive slot.