Bounty Pop Slot Overview

AvatarUX have returned with the fourth game in the PopWins series, this time in the form of Bounty Pop Slot, which has ditched the classic fruity theme in favour of a spooky pirate one.

You’re going to have to scrub the deck and walk the plank for some big wins this time around, but the new energetic theme and high potential makes it all worthwhile!

It’s exciting to see what Bounty Pop Slot can do compared to the other captivating games, and if you’re a fan of the older instalments, then you’ll definitely want to give this a try as there will undoubtedly be a lot of the same features we know and love.

Avatar UK is a Hong Kong based team, who have partnered with Yggdrasil Gaming as part of their YGS masters program, with the aim to get some high-quality and engaging games into a growing European Market.

So far, they’ve definitely shown what they can do with the older games, but how does Bounty Pop compare? 

Pirate Pops

The theme for Bounty Pop Slot will be a new yet familiar sight to many who are acquainted with the series. The reel configuration is something you’ll definitely recognise, but the visuals and sound brings a new experience as you join the hardy motley crew. 

The sound paints a serious picture as violins and battle music echo out across the sea, and the valiant and defiant crew are present as symbols in the game, which really breathes life into the pirate theme. 

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting one compared to CherryPop Slot, which decided to go for a completely different theme with it’s classic fruity/Vegas style. 

Betting and Symbols

Betting options are extensive enough. The lowest available option here is £/€0.20, and the highest is £/€20. If you prefer something in the middle of the two, there’s plenty of options to choose from. 

Like the games that came before it, Bounty Pop Slot breaks it’s symbols up into Super High, High and Low paying symbols.

A fierce looking crew of Pirates will account for all of the high paying symbols in the game, whereas the low paying symbols take a more traditional approach with A, K, Q & J symbols. 

Game Provider AvatarUX
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 55,000x
Paylines 243 - 59,049
Release Date 30/11/2020
RTP 96.00%
Mechanics PopWins
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Base Game and Features

Bounty Pop Slot utilizes the popular Ways to Win mechanic. On any given spin, the game will start off with 486 Ways to win, and wins can occur both from right to left, and left to right. 

Connecting 3 or more matching symbols will be needed to form a win, and once you win you’ll see the PopWins feature come into play. 

Bounty Pop Slot Gameplay


With Pop Wins, each winning symbol will ‘pop’, where it will then be replaced by 2 more symbols which will increase the reel height.

The process will repeat itself as long as more winning combinations occur, so the reels can be expanded up to 6 symbols tall in the base game, and 9 in Free Spins, which means the game can reach up to 59,049 ways to win. 

Higher rows brings with it more ways to win, which can result in both more frequent and bigger hits. It’s a feature that’s proven to be extremely popular with players. 

In Older games, you’d have needed all reels in the base game to reach their maximum height in order to trigger the Free Spins, but in Bounty Pop things work a little bit differently. Reaching maximum height in Bounty Pop Slot will instead trigger the Mystery Wheel Multiplier Feature. 

Mystery Wheel Multiplier

Once all reels in the Base Game are at their maximum height, the Mystery Wheel multiplier will trigger. 

The Wheel consists of an inner and outer wheel, and the multiplier value that they hold will depend on where you are in the game, with only one wheel available in the Base Game, and the rest only accessible in Free Spins.

  • Base Wheel (Reels 6 high in the base game) – Outer ring will have x2, x3 and x5 multipliers, while the inner ring holds x3, x5 and x10
  • Bronze Wheel (Reels 7 high) – Outer ring will have x2, x3 and x5 multipliers, while the inner ring holds x3, x5 and x10
  • Silver Wheel (Reels 8 high) – Outer ring will have x2, x5 and x7 multipliers, while the inner ring holds x3, x5, x7 and x10
  • Golden Wheel (Reels 9 high) Outer ring will have x3, x5, x7 and x10 multipliers, while the inner ring holds x3, x4, x7, x10 and x100

Every wheel will have an arrow on it, which if landed, will grant access to the inner wheel. 

Free Spins 

Free Spins are triggered by landing 3 or more Scatters in the Base Game, with 3, 4 or 5 scatters awarding 6, 9 and 12 spins respectively. 

Free Spins are the only place where you’ll be able to benefit from those aforementioned Bronze Silver and Golden wheels.

The wheel will trigger at the end of the free round if you reach the height required, and it will multiply your total win by the amount that you land on the wheel. 

Free Spins Gamble

Free Spins can be gambled if you land 3 or 4 scatters, giving you the chance to get more spins. There’s a 50/50 chance to get to the next level, but landing on the X will take you back to the Base Game with nothing. 

Watch One Of Our Big Win Videos On Bounty Pop Slot Here

Bonus Buy

Bounty Pop Slot is a Bonus Buy Slot, Players outside of the UK will have the option to buy the Bonus for 100x your bet, guaranteeing at least 3 scatters. Free Spins may be gambled as normal if you land 3 or 4 Scatters. 

Our Verdict

Avatar UX has taken something familiar and made something new out of it, keeping a formula that has proven to be popular, but altered it to give players a new experience. 

It’s a close call with Cherry Pop, which naturally uses a lot of the same mechanics, just in a different way.

The maximum win potential does however seem to be decreasing rather than increasing as these games get released, with Pop Rocks having a max win that was rather considerably bigger.

Whichever PopWins game you choose, you’ll definitely be in for a treat, and Bounty Pop Slot is just as viable as the others, and it comes complete with a Pirate theme for those who fancy a voyage on the seven seas.

Bounty Pop Slot is availble to play on selected Online Casinos now!