Cash Truck 3 Turbo Slot Review 2024

Cash Truck 3 Turbo is the third instalment of Quickspin’s popular Cash Truck series, set sometime in the Second Great War. The gist of the game remains the same, another truck stuffed full of Gold and a group of thieves hell-bent on stealing it all.

In Cash Truck 3 Turbo, we’re introduced to a new character known as the evil Dr. Kriegsmann and his group of bandits, tackling giant robots and dueling with Maximillian ‘Max’ Turbo in an attempt to steal tons of Gold bullion.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo looks to be an absolute dead ringer of the previous Cash Truck titles, however, Quickspin has thrown in 3 additional Turbo features and an improved max win cap of 40,000x!

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Base Game

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Base Game

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Gameplay and Design

Cash Truck 3 Turbo looks to be a carbon copy of the previous titles in terms of design, yet there are noticeable differences in theme and a couple of tweaks to gameplay. The background is nothing short of an apocalyptic nightmare and puts us slap-bang in the middle of Dr. Kriegsmann and Maximillian Turbo’s fight for the truckload of Gold.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo is a 7×5 Video Slot, playable from £.€0.20 per spin, up to a maximum bet limit of £.€100 per spin. Click through the multiple betting options until you find one that is suitable for you.

Game Provider Quickspin
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 40,000x
Paylines Up to 16,807 Ways
Release Date 09/04/2024
RTP 96.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 7x5
Minimum Bet 0.20

Cash Truck 3 Turbo – Slot Symbols and Their Values

Cash Truck 3 has several High-paying symbols that cater to the theme., with the highest-paying symbol worth 5x your bet for a full 5-line win.

Low-paying symbols fall to Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts, with each symbol worth 0.15x, 0.2x, and 0.25x for 3, 4, and 5-line wins. Wilds are also present, substituting for all other symbols except Scatters.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo – Paylines and How to Get Them

Wins occur when 3 or more identical symbols land from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, with up to 16,807 ways to win. When a win line is created, all winning symbols are removed, and new symbols are dropped into view from above via a Tumbling Reels feature.

Expanding Play Area

Each tumble sequence that creates additional wins will expand the play area, opening up 3 randomly selected locked positions to reveal the symbol underneath it. Each game round begins with a play area of 7×5, however, each reel has the top 3 symbol positions locked.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo RTP & Volatility – Hot or Not?

Cash Truck 3 Turbo has a theoretical RTP of 96.00%. This figure is above average on the RTP scale, however, there are also lower alternatives available; 94.00% and 92.00%. Please be sure to check the RTP levels of your chosen casino before you commit to the game.

In terms of Volatility, Cash Truck 3 Turbo is considered a highly volatile slot (5/5). This means that wins will occur more frequently over a longer time frame, yet this poses a greater risk short term.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo – Max Win

Quickspin has always been generous when it comes to the max wins of their Cash Truck series. The original Cash Truck conjured up a max win of 25,000x, topped by the second Cash Truck release with a 35,000x max win cap. However, Cash Truck 3 Turbo tops both of these, with an impressive max win cap of 40,000x up for grabs.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Gamble Feature

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Gamble Feature

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Special Features

In this section of the review, we will be taking a look at the Big Wild and Second Chance features, along with the Bonus Buy option.

Big Wild

When all locked positions are unlocked, a 3×3 Big Wild symbol will be placed in the centre of the play area. All wins that occur from this will be evaluated and paid out.

Second Chance

When 2 Scatters are fully in view during a game round, the entire play area is cleared, minus the 2 Scatters. The tumbling feature will activate, dropping in new symbols and potentially a 3rd Scatter needed to trigger the Truck Raider Bonus.

Bonus Buy

Those within Bonus Buy territory will have access to 2 Bonus Buy options.

  • 3+ Scatter trigger – 75x your bet.
  • 5 Scatter trigger – 375x your bet.
Cash Truck 3 Turbo Big Wild

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Big Wild

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

Cash Truck 3 Turbo features a Truck Raider Bonus, triggered when 3 or more Scatters land in view during the base game. Additional Scatters after the 3rd will award an extra Expander symbol per scatter.

The round begins with 3 refilling spins that reset each time a new symbol lands anywhere on the grid. During this round, a number of Cash and Special symbols can land, locking into position for the duration of the round, unless removed by another feature.

  • Cash symbols – Appears with a random bet Multiplier value.
  • Grabber – Adds the values of all other symbols in the play area to its own value.
  • Turbo Grabber – Works in the same way as the Grabber, only it activates when any other symbol lands thereafter.
  • Doubler – Doubles its own value each time Spins are reset to 3.
  • Zapper – Doubles the value of all symbols connected to it orthogonally
  • Turbo Zapper – Works in the same way as the Zapper, only it activates when any other symbol lands thereafter.
  • Booster – Adds its value to all other symbols on the unlocked play area.
  • Turbo Booster – Works in the same way as the Booster, only it activates when any other symbol lands thereafter.
  • Upgrader – Upgrades all orthogonally adjacent symbols, including Cash symbols. Cash symbols can be upgraded to Grabbers or Boosters, and Grabber, Booster, and Zappers can be upgraded to their Turbo versions.
  • Expander – Unlocks 3 randomly selected positions from the locked play area.

Gamble Feature

Before the Truck Raider Bonus begins, you will have the option to Gamble it for a chance to start with additional Expander symbols. The gamble feature is only available to players with less than 3 Expander symbols. If the gamble is lost, you will return to the base game empty-handed.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Truck Raider Bonus

Cash Truck 3 Turbo Truck Raider Bonus

Pros and Cons of Cash Truck 3 Turbo


  • Impressive max win cap of 40,000x.
  • Additional special symbols in the Truck Raider Bonus, including the Big Wild feature.
  • Interesting choice of theme, quality graphics, and animations.


  • Cash Truck 3 Turbo features a Hold & Win Bonus rather than a Free Spins round.
  • It can be difficult to land or unlock additional special symbols in the Truck Raider Bonus.

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Cash Truck 3 Turbo is a definite improvement on its predecessors as it should be, and the fresh but slightly unsettling dystopian design makes it intriguing by looks alone.

Cash Truck’s appeal has always been in its madness and it’s explosive ability to deliver substantial wins in a dramatic way, and Cash Truck 3 turbo not only retains the significant touch of madness, but amplifies it. At times, it can feel a little too mad with lacklustre wins, but that’s an inevitability of its high volatility and 40,000x win potential. They can’t all be big, but it certainly has the potential to be significantly bigger than both it’s predecessors and other slots.