Cyber Vault Slot Review 2024

Step into the shoes of a wannabe robber inside Four Leaf Gaming’s feature-rich online slot, Cyber Vault, where impressive win potential lies in wait for cracking the game’s storage device.

The nascent provider has been on the up and up since partnering with big brother Relax Gaming last year, rolling off a string of impressive productions, and Cyber Vault looks to be another captivating release.

So, up for some vault hacking? Then put on your best balaclava and check out our detailed Cyber Vault slot review.

Cyber Vault Base Game

Cyber Vault Base Game

Cyber Vault Gameplay & Design

Raven is the star of the show in Cyber Vault – a maestro hacker operating in a dark and mysterious underworld. Visually, the Cyber Vault slot brims with sharp, vivid graphics where the action is hosted inside – you guessed it – a locked vault with 5 reels and 5 rows in size accommodating 3,125 pay lines in total.

Bets ranging from 10p to £20 may be taken in Cyber Vault, and these are easily configurable via Relax Gaming’s intuitive interface.

Cyber Vault Slot Symbols and Their Values

Cyber Vault operates on the fringes of convention, reflective of Four Leaf Gaming’s novel approach to casino game design.

Metallic classic playing card suits – spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds – step in for the slot’s low-paying symbols, and these are complemented by a blue battery, yellow flashlight, red vault, green charge, and purple safe.

Expect to reel in a reward equal to 5 times the bet at most for scoring a pay line way containing 5 matching high pays. Cyber Vault also makes use of a Wild symbol which does its usual thing by replacing all regular symbols to help fudge wins together.

Cyber Vault Paylines – How to Get Them

Featuring a total of 3,125 pay lines, payouts are earned for landing a minimum of 3 identical symbols across any of the pay lines in play beginning at reel number 1.

Cyber Vault Pay Lines

Cyber Vault Pay Lines

Cyber Vault RTP & Volatility – Hot or Not?

The Cyber Vault slot online comes with an advertised RTP of 96% – bang on industry and representing fair value for players willing to give it a try.

Volatility, too, sits squarely in the mid-range – meaning moderate wins arrive with a fair degree of frequency on average, punctuated by the occasional high score.

Cyber Vault – Max Win

There’s a max win worth an impressive 22,760 times the bet up for grabs in the Cyber Vault online slot – a sizable amount that is sure to draw the attention of slot fans everywhere.

Cyber Vault Special Features

Four Leaf Gaming has quickly garnered a reputation for overflowing their games with a menagerie of features, and we’re pleased to report that Cyber Vault is no exception.

Powerup Reel

Let’s begin with the Powerup Reel, which relies on Battery symbols to be collected upon hitting. Once 3 have been collected, the Powerup Reel comes into play, and the Battery meter resets. One of two things is possible for every Powerup activation:

  • Move – this advances players through the Uplink Trail
  • Collect – players are rewarded the prize corresponding to their current position on the Uplink Trail

You’ll notice an Uplink Trail framing the game’s playing border. Here, there are cash rewards worth a maximum 5,000x your bet, Free Spins, or the Super Spinner bonus at stake.

Your current Uplink Trail position is saved when moving between bet amounts and in between regular spins. As mentioned, one of two things occurs when players navigate the Uplink Trail, outlined above.

Super Spinner

Next up, the Cyber Vault slot is armed with a Super Spinner feature which hands out a cash prize worth between 40x and 250x your wager, or an amount of 5-25 Free Spins when triggered via the Uplink Trail.

Bonus Buy

If you’re located outside the UK and eager to dive into the bonus action, consider doubling your stake to activate Nitro Spins, which can also be brought into play by parting with 4 coins.

This guarantees Batteries to drop more frequently, with Super Spinners also activating with greater frequency. In addition, you have the option to enter Free Spins instantly for the price of 84x your bet or 700 coins, which sees coins collected whenever they are overlaid on other symbols during the feature.

Cyber Vault Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

The Cyber Vault slot’s Free Spins round is initiated through the Uplink Trail and initially awards 4 Hacks. Only cash values, which remain fixed in place, or batteries, may land.

The Powerup Reel can be activated by landing 3 Batteries throughout the round, which brings the number of hacks back to 4. Free Spins conclude once 4 back-to-back hacks have been used up without managing to trigger the Powerup feature.

Here are the Powerups available during Free Spins:

  • Prize: A prize between 10 and 5,000x is added to the grid.
  • Upgrader: Increases all prizes by a factor of 1x.
  • Power Upgrader: All prizes are increased by the value shown on every spin. The Multiplier is increased with each subsequent collection.  
  • Multiplier: A random prize sees its value multiplied by 2x.
  • Power Multiplier: A random prize is multiplied by the value shown on every spin. The Multiplier is increased with each subsequent collection. 
  • Replicator:  Takes a random prize and replicates it in a vacant cell.
  • Top Replicator: Clones the top prize on offer to an empty position.
  • Battery Overcharge: Awards 3 extra spins with the PowerUp in action on each spin. Scatters collected throughout the spins are retained once the Overcharge feature ends.
  • Extra Hack: Adds one extra hack to bring your tally to 5. Once the Extra Hack is collected, it turns into a 25x position.
  • Power Battery: Adds a persistent battery to the PowerUp Reel Meter. Like the Extra Hack, it becomes a 25x square upon collection
Cyber Vault Free Spins

Cyber Vault Free Spins

What are the Odds of triggering the Bonus in Cyber Vault?

You can expect the Powerup feature to trigger often, but in our experience, much of the time was spent moving back and forth around the trail with little to show for our efforts, which proved frustrating and a rather fruitless exercise.

Base game hit frequency came out at around 20% –  1 in 5 spins in other words, which isn’t terrible, nor overly generous. Overall, there is a reasonable balance struck here between base game hits and triggering the Powerup Reel.

Pros & Cons of Cyber Vault

Here is a list of Pros & Cons that you should take into consideration when choosing to play Cyber Vault.


  • Feature-rich slot.
  • High max win of 22,760x.
  • Eye-catching, futuristic design.


  • Difficult to land prizes on the Uplink Trail.
  • Gameplay can be slightly confusing without a read of the rules.
  • VR nature of the game is not always for everyone.

Slots Similar to Cyber Vault

The following online slots share differing similarities to the Cyber Vault online slot both in terms of theme and the Monopoly-style board game-based gameplay:


Players drawn by unconventional online slot game mechanics are sure to be allured by Cyber Vault’s compelling proposition. The game boasts a multitude of features in line with the studio’s previous releases, with the action coming thick and fast from one minute to the next.

Max win is also on the high side, clocking in at 22,760x the bet, and while this isn’t exactly the first VR  / Monopoly-style / heist game to appear, Four Leaf Gaming has done plenty to inject fresh vigor into the category with an offering that is thrilling and immersive.

Feature-rich in trademark studio fashion, we also appreciate the various ways it’s possible to purchase the bonus features – either via a stake equivalent or via coins – meaning plenty of options for players in relevant jurisdictions.

A minor gripe would be over the Uplink Trail, which tends to move players back and forth unrelentingly without earning a prize – leading to pangs of exasperation when constantly missing out on something juicy. But all in all, for an immersive, VR-style experience offering a wealth of extras, Cyber Vault is well worth checking out.