DJ Cat Slot Review 2024

Electrify your senses, light up the dancefloor, and boogie to the latest tunes in DJ Cat, courtesy of Push Gaming!

Line up Record symbols to feel the beat and build big prizes, while VIP symbols spin the decks and feed the Multiplier Meter for groovy wins.

DJ Cat is the second instalment of Push  Gaming’s ‘DJ’ series, which retains the easy-to-understand ‘win what you see’ mechanic, sprinkled with even bigger Multipliers!

DJ Cat - Base Game

DJ Cat – Base Game

DJ Cat Gameplay & Design

Get ready to jam with the coolest cat in town in Push Gaming’s electrifying new release, DJ Cat! Bright lights, banging tunes, and big wins are all part of the experience, but will the unique gameplay keep the atmosphere alive?

DJ Cat is a 4-reel, 5-row Video Slot, playable from £.€0.10 per spin, up to a max bet of £.€100 per spin. Simply toggle through the multiple betting options until you find one that works for you.

Game Provider Push Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines Win What You See
Release Date 16/04/2024
RTP 96.32%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 5x4
Minimum Bet 0.10

DJ Cat – Slot Symbols & Win What You See Mechanic

DJ Cat has 10 Record symbols with values between 9 and 0, VIP, Arrow, and Dud symbols available throughout gameplay. Rather than pay lines or ways to win, DJ Cat offers a ‘win what you see’ mechanic.

Landing a Record symbol upon an active row automatically awards the value assigned to it. If 2+ Record symbols land adjacent to each other from left to right, the winning total will be awarded as a 2 or more-digit figure. However, if a Dud symbol falls between the two values, it will act as a blocker that separates the two values.

  • If a 5, Dud, Dud, and 0 symbol land on the same active row, you will be awarded 10% of your base bet multiplied by 5.
  • If a combination of 5, 0, Dud, and Dud hits on the same active row, the 5 and 0 are combined and you are awarded 10% of your base bet multiplied by 50.
  • If all 4 active reel positions are filled with Record symbols (minus Duds), the values are accumulated and you are awarded 10% of your base bet multiplied by the 4-figure value.

DJ Cat RTP, Volatility, & Max Win – Hot or Not?

DJ Cat has a theoretical RTP of 96.32% and a High Volatility rating. Push Gaming also includes lower RTP levels of 95.20% and 94.03%. Be sure to check which RTP level is available at your chosen Casino before you commit.

The high volatility rating means that bigger wins can be expected, however, the risk of hitting smaller wins is far greater in the short term. In addition, DJ Cat offers a max win cap of 10,000x your bet.

DJ Cat Special Features

In this section of the review, we will be focusing on Row Activation, Multiplier Meters, Special symbols, and the Push-Up feature.

In addition to Record symbols and Duds, VIP and Arrow symbols can land in view. When a VIP symbol lands on an active reel, it is collected and stored on the Multiplier Meter for that row, as are Double VIP symbols. When an Arrow symbol lands on an active reel, the next row above it will be unlocked.

Row Activation

Once an Arrow symbol unlocks a new row, any Arrow symbols on the newly activated row will also unlock the next row(s) above it, triggering a Respin. Once all rows are unlocked, it is not possible to land Arrows on the topmost or activated rows.

Multiplier Meter

Once a VIP or Double VIP symbol lands on an active row, it is collected on the Multiplier Meter for that row, triggering a Respin. During Respins, all positions containing Dud symbols are respun while Record symbols hold in place.

Once all Respins are complete, all active rows are evaluated for wins, returning the reel set to 1 active row upon completion. The total number of VIP symbols that can land is equal to the inactive positions for that row’s Multiplier Meter.

To be awarded a Win Multiplier, a VIP symbol must be collected in the associated Multiplier Meter, up to a max Multiplier of x100 for the top row. However, landing a Double VIP symbol will bump the Multiplier Meter to x3. At the start of a new spin, the Multiplier Meters become inactive.

DJ Cat - VIP Respins

DJ Cat – VIP Respins

Push-Up Feature

Before or after any game round, you can choose to activate 1 of 4 Push-Up options from the following.

  • 2 Active Rows – 2.5x your bet.
  • 3 Active Rows – 5x your bet.
  • 4 Active Rows – 7.5x your bet.
  • 5 Active Rows – 10x your bet.

Pros and Cons of DJ Cat


  • Unique gameplay that differentiates from a regular slot.
  • Exciting ‘Win What You See’ mechanic.
  • Above average RTP and impressive max win capabilities.
  • Hypnotic theme and design.


  • Besides a few positive changes to gameplay, there isn’t much difference between DJ Fox and DJ Cat.
  • No Free Spins or Bonus rounds.

Similar Slots to DJ Cat


DJ Cat and DJ Fox are similar in both name and nature. Both are good games, but neither are conventional takes on what you’d traditionally call a slot nor are they centred around or inspired by some of Push Gaming’s more popular titles. It’s quite niche, as was Generous Jack which laid the blueprints for future releases like this one.

We’re not sure if we like the FOMO you get when you haven’t got the maximum rows active, and when the maximum rows are active then it becomes fairly expensive to spin, even on the lowest stake. Intricate and subtle tweaks have been made to make DJ Cat technically different to those before it, but its core elements remain the same.

During our testing of DJ Cat, we had periods of both excitement and disappointment. Getting to the upper rows makes it a nail-biting experience, but trying to reach them can feel like a gauntlet.

Overall, we think DJ Cat and those like it are games to be tried if you fancy something different. They’re not top-shelf, but the 10,000x win potential make it attractive enough for big win hunters to give it a shot.