Generous Jack Slot Review 2024

Get ready to win what you see in Push Gaming’s latest additon to their portfolio, Generous Jack!

Push Gaming has certainly branched out a little lately with a few instalments that deviate from the norm. Their recent release Space Stacks which well…wasn’t a slot at all. If you’ve followed Push Gaming since the beginning then you’ll know that this isn’t their normal order of business, yet it shocked us with how well they can adapt to new and innovative ways to play.

Space Stacks may not have been a slot, but it was at least in someway relatable to some live casino game show games. Generous Jack on the other hand…We’re not sure what it is. Screenshots of it doesn’t give it away either; if anything it breeds more confusion about what Generous Jack might be about.

The only thing we know so far is that his name is Jack, and he’s generous, which is good for us and you.

Without further ado, let’s check out Generous Jack to see what we can make of it.

Generous Jack Base Game

Generous Jack Base Game and Features

Generous Jack has a slightly different layout to your average slot game. Rather than reels, Generous Jack has 4 rows with 3, 4, 5 and 6 symbol positions.

In terms of symbols, Generous Jack has 10 Poker Chip symbols each with Bet Multipliers of 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x, 5x, 4x, 3x, 2x, 1x and 0x attached to them. There is also a Dud symbol available which represents a non-winning blank symbol.

Landing a numbered Poker Chip on any active reel will award the Bet Multiplier attached to it. In addition to this, landing numbered Poker Chips next to each other from left to right will award the win as a 2 or more digit prize. If a Dud symbol is in between the two, it will become a single-digit prize.

The minimum bet available here is £/€0.01 per spin and the maximum bet available is £/€100 per spin, with an ample selection of betting options in between the two. Generous Jack has a theoretical RTP of 96.23% and a max win cap of 10,000x.

Not only does Generous Jack look different, but it also plays different. First order of business is deciding how many active rows you would like to play with. The default setting is 1 active row, but you can choose to activate 2, 3 or all 4 for 5x, 20x or 50x your current bet respectively.

Row Activation

Another symbol to look out for is the Golden Jack symbol. Whenever a Jack symbol lands on an active reel, it will be collected and stored in the Free Spins Meter on the left of the screen, removing itself from the reel and activating the next row.

Once a new row becomes active, any Generous Jack symbols that land on the newly activated row will be collected and stored in the Free Spins Meter and a Respin is awarded. Please note that any Generous Jack symbols present on the new row will not activate another.

During Respins, all positions filled with Dud symbols will begin to respin and all numbered Poker Chip positions will lock. At the end of Respins, all active rows are evaluated for wins.

At the start of each new Respin, all rows except the first are inactive.

Generous Jack Free Spins

In order to trigger Free Spins, a section of the Free Spins Meter needs to be filled. Free Spins are triggered by collecting Generous Jack symbols consecutively, starting with a minimum of 3 to award 3 Free Spins, up to a maximum of 10.

Once triggered, all active rows in the base game will remain active for the duration of Free Spins. During Free Spins, Generous Jack symbols are unavailable, leaving only numbered Poker Chips and Dud symbols in play.

Generous Jack Free Spins

Generous Jack Bonus Buy

For those of you who are outside the UK, you will benefit from a Bonus Buy option.

Push Gaming has granted players access to the Free Spins round for a total cost of 150x your current bet. (RTP 96.55%).

Once active, you will be awarded with either 3, 5, 7 or 10 Free Spins at random.

Generous Jack: Our Verdict

Generous Jack was certainly a change of pace, and we think Push Gaming has made something simple, yet innovative here.

The maximum potential looks rather appealing at 10,000x your bet, but you might have to forget about your normal stake if you’re to play generous Jack at its best. It can be played with 3 active spaces by default with no extra cost, but the 3 or 4 rows are worth it. The problem is, the cost per spin rises exponentially when you activate these modes, so you might have to drop the bet right down to find a comfortable option.

Push Gaming has addressed the expense of Generous Jack with a wide array of betting options that aren’t usually seen in conventional slots. There’s even an option for £/€0.01 per spin, but this becomes £/€0.50 per spin when you activate the maximum number of rows.

It’s hard to get used to, but it quickly grows on you as you play. The ‘Win What You See’ Feature is so simple yet it can quickly rack up some monster wins if the numbered chips align in the correct places, and Free Spins seems to trigger fairly frequently. Free Spins doesn’t completely change the game, yet it opens up all of the rows if you didn’t have them active already, and it’s pretty worth it just for a few spins without paying a somewhat costly bet per spin.

Overall, Generous Jack surprised us in a good way, and it was refreshing to see something new. It’s a lot of waiting if you go for the standard one row, but it can certainly be worth it if you decide to push the boat out with 3 or 4 active rows.