DJ Psycho (DJ P5ychØ) Slot Review 2024

DJ Psycho from Nolimit City introduces us to a DJ that has attained such notoriety that he’s considered a myth, or at the very least a hallucinogenic figure made manifest…

Is his existence simply a fable? Who knows, but we know one thing, there’s a party tonight and there’s no better place to be. The dance floor that was The Rave was just the beginning; now, it’s time for the turntables to take centre stage.

Mesmerizing visuals and thrilling beats are all but guaranteed, but will DJ Psycho send you into a trance that you can’t forget with gameplay that ignites the night?


DJ Psycho Base Game

DJ Psycho Base Game and Features

DJ Psycho is a 4×4 Video slot with a Cluster Pays mechanic. Winning combinations are formed when 3 or more of the same symbols land adjacent to each other, either Horizontally or Vertically.

The minimum bet available here is £.€0.20 per spin and the maximum bet available is £.€100 per spin, with plenty of other options in between the two. This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.05% and a max win cap of 25,420x.

In terms of symbols, the highest-paying regular symbol here is Pink Crown, followed by the Yellow Face, Green Leaf, Purple Skull, and Blue Alien. Low-paying symbols fall to Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Blue Squares.

Each time a winning cluster is formed, all winning symbols will be removed from the grid, and new symbols will drop down from above via a Cascade.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 25,420x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 22/08/2023
RTP 96.05%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 4x4
Minimum Bet 0.20

Boosted xBet

Before you can begin spinning, you will be given the option to activate the Boosted xBet feature. Choosing to activate this feature will cost an additional 235% of your bet.

Once active, you are 3 times more likely to trigger Geez Spins, and over 7 times more likely to trigger Pyscho Spins. (RTP 96.01%)

Crossed Symbols

During gameplay, symbols can be transformed by one of the following features, receiving a second value. If a newly transformed symbol is transformed again, it will automatically become a Wild symbol.

  • xKnob – The xKnob symbol transforms into a Wild symbol, adding a random value (minimum of +1) to the overall Multiplier.
  • Break – The Break symbol gives itself and neighboring symbols (left, right, up, and down) an additional symbol value. Medium-paying symbols transform into additional medium-paying symbols known as Crossed symbols.
  • Bite – The Bite symbol grants itself and diagonal neighboring symbols an additional symbol value. Medium-paying symbols transform into additional medium-paying symbols, as do Low-paying symbols.
  • Drop – The Drop symbol will only activate if there are 2 pieces of this symbol on the reel area. If 1 Drop symbol is present, it is classed as a Dead symbol. When 2 Drop symbols land, the shortest path between them is chosen and all symbols in the path will transform into a second symbol.
  • xBPM – The xBPM symbol transforms into a Wild symbol when it lands, multiplying the symbol size by 2 for each symbol on that row only.

Beat Bar

A special Beat Bar located to the right of the grid tracks the progress of Multipliers for all individually coloured symbols. Each time a coloured symbol forms a winning cluster, +1 Bar is added to that specific colour.

When no more winning clusters have formed, the Beat Bar will reset between each new base game spin. Each of the 5 colour sections on the Beat Bar is chosen as Free Spins triggers. The Beat Bar becomes sticky during Cascades, Geez Spins, and Psycho Spins (until a new Bet is made).

Geez Spins

During the base game, if a chosen colour or colours reach a x3 Multiplier, the Geez Spins Bonus round is triggered, awarding 5 Free Spins. That specific colour or colours need to have Free Spins active on the Beat Bar if they are to trigger Free Spins.

During Geez Spins, reaching a x3 Multiplier on any other coloured symbol on the Beat Bar will award an additional +2 Free Spins.

Psycho Spins

During Geez Spins, reaching a x5 Multiplier for all coloured symbols will automatically trigger the Psycho Spins Bonus round. If a x5 Multiplier is achieved for all coloured symbols in the base game, the Psycho Spins round will trigger, awarding 17 Free Spins.

During Psycho Spins, the Multiplier becomes sticky and any win will guarantee a Feature symbol in the next Cascade.


When the max win cap of 25,420x is reached, the game round will end and the total max win amount is awarded.

DJ Psycho - Psycho Spins

DJ Psycho Bonus Buy

Those outside the UK will benefit from a Bonus Buy option. Nolimit City has granted players access to 4 Bonus Buy options as follows.

  • 7 Geez Spins – 50x your bet.
  • 15 Psycho Spins – 420x your bet.
  • Lucky Draw – 77x your bet.
  • Lucky Draw 2 – 209x your bet.

DJ Psycho: Our Verdict

DJ Psycho is another thrilling party from the ladies and gentlemen at Nolimit City, but every high has a comedown, and we can’t help but think that DJ Psycho might not resonate as well as other recent standout titles.

Nolimit City always steps outside of the conventional norm, but DJ Psycho can take some getting used to, even if you are the most seasoned player. DJ Psycho is actually a cluster pays slot, but with a relatively small grid size, it can feel rather restricted when compared to others in the Cluster Pays genre. Of course, when an aspect of their game seemingly falls short then you better believe that they have the answers. DJ Psycho has a multitude of features to amplify those wins if the conditions are right, yet we found ourselves rather restless in the Base Game as we waited for the ‘beat to drop’, so to speak.

When the bonus does hit, the dance floor can erupt with wins and beats that are only possible when DJ Psycho is at the turntables. The maximum win of DJ Psycho is 25,420x, which makes it much more attractive than many other slots out there, and with such a good track record of putting their money where their mouth is, you better believe that someone’s getting max win fairly soon after release.

Overall, DJ Psycho isn’t quite a favourite of ours, but it isn’t without appeal. It has great potential and it’s quite innovative, but we feel like it may be to out there for some.