The Rave Slot Demo Gameplay

The Rave Slot Review 2022

The Rave from Nolimit City is here and it’s time to ‘rave to the grave’ in a nightclub so lit that you’ll be trippin’.

Our friend Joe Labrador, a.k.a P5ychØ Manhunt, has done his time in San Quentin correctional facility and now he’s on a righteous and tracendent journey to host the wildest rave ever to grace the planet, but beware, because it’s been said that attendees never return.

Perhaps The Rave is a prequel to San Quentin, and the reason why P5ychØ Manhunt was incarcerated. Perhaps his beats are so sick that they had to lock him up and throw away the key for wielding music in a way that no mere mortal should.

Crazy Joe’s rap sheet shows his crimes as murder, kidnapping and arson, but perhaps they were referring to murder on the dance floor, making tunes so captivating that he basically kidnapped the audience and tunes so fire that they considered it arson.

We’re not sure, but we’re sure about how excited we are to experience this rave for ourselves. Meet us at The Rave.

The Rave Slot – The Base Game and Features

The Rave is a 5 reel slot with 243+ ways to win by default.

To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

If you’re not a Nolimit City aficionado, then you’d probably look at the paytable unimpressed with the winning values, but get those glow sticks ready and believe in this DJ because The Rave, like every other Nolimit City Slot, has some tricks up its sleeve.

The Rave Slot Base

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 41,500x
Paylines TBC
Release Date 12/07/2022
RTP 96.05
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Rave Enhancer Cells

In the Base Game, scatter symbols may land on any reel.

Landing two scatter symbols activates the symbols, transforming them into Enhancer Cells

The Enhancer Cells will turn into one of the follow symbols


Reveals 2-6 symbols of the same kind, expanding the reel height and increasing the ways to win. the xWays symbol may reveal any paying symbol, and if more than one xWays symbol lands then they’ll reveal the same symbol

xSplit Wild

Splits each symbol on the reel, doubling those symbols. The xSplit Wild splits itself into Wilds


The Enhancer Cell may turn into a regular Wild Symbol

Character Symbol

The Enhancer Cell may transform into any high paying character symbol


As in recent slots, Nolimit City has decided once again to include their xBet feature.

This costs an extra 20% on top of your regular stake, but you’re guaranteed a Scatter symbol on the second reel on every spin.

The theoretical RTP for The Rave with xBet on is 96.24%

Double xWays Wild

When two xWays symbol land on the same reel, an xWays Wild will be created across the entire reel. This Expanded Wild holds 6-11 Wild Symbols.

If you’re lucky enough to get a full screen of xWays Wild symbols, then ‘Busted’ will trigger, which is the maximum win.

The Rave – Free Spins

In true Nolimit City fashion, there’s more than one Free Spins round to look forward to in The Rave.

The first and most common Free Spins mode is Murder on the Dance Floor, and the ‘Super Bonus’ is God is a DJ.

Murder on the Dancefloor Free Spins

Three Scatter symbols triggers Murder on the Dancefloor and activates three Enhancer Cells. If you land four Scatter symbols, then four Enhancer Cells are activated.

The Enhancer Cells are active for every single spin during the bonus.

Symbol multipliers on reels 2, 3 and 4 is activated whenever a character symbol lands in Enhancer Cells, and if an xSplit symbol lands on reels 2, 3 or 4, then it cinreases the symbol multiplier of that reel with +2x.

Murder on the Dancefloor and God is a DJ has features unique to the bonus round. These are called Mashup!, Crossfader & Sidechain

Murder on the Dancefloor Free Spins

Mashup!, Crossfader & Sidechain

Mashup!, Crossfader & Sidechain may activate randomly during Murder on the Dancefloor. On the God is a DJ super bonus, then one of these features are guaranteed on every spin.


Turns all character symbols into the highest paying symbol


Turns all low paying symbols into Wilds from randomly chosen reels. (Reels 2-4)


2-5 Linked Reels

God is a DJ Free Spins

Landing five scatter symbols triggers God is a DJ.

In this mode, Five Enhancer Cells drop in the middle of the bottom row where they’ll remain throughout the bonus.

As mentioned, Mashup!, Crossfader & Sidechain is guaranteed on every single spin, and the extra Enhancer Cells together with this exponentially increases the potential.

God is a DJ Free Spins


If you’re one of the lucky few to witness the Busted screen, then you’ll have bore witness to P5ychØ Manhunt’s incarceration, but more importantly than that, you’ve hit the maximum win.

The Maximum win in The Rave is 41,500x your bet.

The Rave – Bonus Buy

If you’re in a jurisdiction that allows it, then you can activate a Bonus Buy feature for The Rave.

  • 3 Scatters – Murder on the Dancefloor – 7 Spins – 68x
  • 4 Scatters – Murder on the Dancefloor – 8 Spins – 140x
  • 5 Scatters – God is a DJ – 10 Spins – 522x
  • Lucky Draw202x
    • 20% Chance Murder on the Dancefloor (7 Spins)
    • 60% Chance Murder on the Dancefloor (8 Spins)
    • 20% Chance God is a DJ (10 Spins)

The Theoretical RTP changes depending on which option you choose

  • 3 Scatter Murder on the Dancefloor – 96.20%
  • 4 Scatter Murder on the Dancefloor – 96.27%
  • 5 Scatter God is a DJ – 96.37%
  • Lucky Draw – 96.33%

Welcome To Heaven The Rave

The Rave – Our Verdict

The Rave is another masterpiece from Nolimit City, and it’s an outstanding feat in more ways than one.

When Nolimit City first conceptualised The Rave, they knew they had to deliver in the audio and visual department as much as they did in the gameplay department, and they’ve succeeded brilliantly.

The Rave is a delight to the senses, with music that will have you raving until the break of dawn and visuals that’ll have you questioning the fabric of reality. One could only ponder at the sort of trance you’d be in if you attended P5ychØ Manhunt’s ultimate party, but the characters within the game look as if they’re surviving on nothing but pure ecstasy

We could sit here for ages and attribute The Rave’s success to design alone, but unsurprisingly, there’s a lot to look forward to here in terms of gameplay too. Mashup!, Crossfader and Sidechain features makes The Rave Free Spins mode exciting beyond belief, and the Double xWays Wild is another small but substantial confirmation of Nolimit City’s ongoing innovative mindset.

If you were looking for potential, then look no further, because The Rave has plenty in the way of that. It’s not quite as potent as the likes of San Quentin, Tombstone RIP and even a few others, but you can’t complaint when the potential here still outperforms a lot of other games out there.

Overall, you may not return from The Rave, but you certainly don’t want to miss it.