Tombstone RIP Slot Review 2022

Tombstone RIP from Nolimit City introduces us to Nolimit City’s first game of 2022, and perhaps their most brutal yet.

All of us bore witness as Nolimit City simultaneously ascended to greatness and descended into madness in 2021 with titles that had everyone questioning the sanity of the provider…but not their brilliance.

Mental x9999 gave us a frightening insight into the minds of a group of professionals more daring than anyone else, and more willing to touch on the darker side of what people seemingly forget is an adult form of entertainment.

If movies can, and if games can, then why not slots?

Indeed, 2021 birthed a new Nolimit City and an improved Nolimit City in our opinion.

So what do we have now so many years after the tame and unassuming themes of Tombstone and Deadwood?

Well, we can tell you it’s not good news for Skinny Joe, Edda Star and El Gordo. For too long these outlaws have crossed the line, and now the swift hand of justice is here to deliver a slow and agonizing death.

Tombstone RIP looks so brutal, that we’re not even sure that even the most heinous outlaws deserve what’s coming.

Tombstone RIP Base (2)

Bigger and Better than San Quentin?

Tombstone RIP knocks San Quinten off of it’s perch as the most potential rich game in Nolimit City’s catalogue, as well as the most expensive bonus buy.

How could it possibly be capable of MORE than 150,000x? and how much more expensive can Bonus Buys get considering San Quentin cost 2000x?

Let’s head to the gallows and find out together in this Tombstone RIP Slot Review.

Tombstone RIP Warning

Tombstone RIP definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, and the ‘chaos begins before you enter’ according to Nolimit City.

In Tombstone RIP you’ll be presented with a question before you enter the game, and you’ll need to get it right if you’re to gain entry. The questions could range from warning you about the brutal nature of the game to quizzing you on which ammo works best in Tombstone…

One choice, choose wisely or you’re out!

Warning: Some viewers and readers may find Tombstone RIP too graphic and gory. We understand that some has found game images distressing, but we respect Nolimit City’s creative freedom in a sector that is after all, made for adults. If you find any of the images in this game distressing, or any of our opinions about the game offensive, then we suggest that you do not play the game or read the review. 

Tombstone RIP Slot Theme

Many of us were around to witness and enjoy Tombstone for the first time, and to see how Tombstone RIP looks in comparison puts how far Nolimit City has come into perspective.

The original Tombstone was a rather standard Wild West game with eccentric-looking characters and older graphics, but Tombstone RIP is graphically superior by a long shot, and the dark and dreary theme stands out.

It’s incomprehensible to think that both games are related, to be honest. Has Nolimit City brought to life what the Wild West was actually like?

The Wild West genre is something we’ve seen glorified through many other slots as something silly, and even upbeat at times.

The real Wild West wasn’t quite like that. Outlaws were hunted by authorities who were determined to exact justice, and the gallows where they were taken was even considered as a sick form of entertainment to a populace with stronger stomachs than we have now. This outdated form of capital punishment wasn’t just a form of entertainment for sadistic locals though, as it also served as a reminder that law and order would prevail.

Tombstone RIP might not be pretty, but it’s soberingly accurate and yet another from Nolimit City to shock their audience.

The inspiration for Tombstone RIP wasn’t born from nothing though. Tombstone is a real town and Boothill Graveyard is a real place in Arizona USA. Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone was a graveyard used in the 1880’s to bury outlaws and some others, and the name “Boot Hill” refers to men who died with the boots on. Today, Tombstone Arizona and Boothill graveyard is a popular tourist attraction,

All of the action in Tombstone RIP takes place at the gallows. Ironically, you’ll bear witness to the unlucky fate of the condemned when you get lucky in Tombstone RIP with wins.

Skinny Joe, Edda Star and El Gordo hold a special place in our hearts having entertained us for years, but they’re outlaws after all, and it’s time for them to pay.

Tombstone RIP: Enhanced Bet

Nolimit City may be brutal but they’re accommodating with their betting options. The lowest available stake in Tombstone RIP is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest option is £/€50 per spin.

Nolimit City has implemented an interesting little feature into this one called the Enhanced Bet. The Enhanced Bet allows you to ‘chase the gallows’ by increasing the base bet by 10%, which in turn guarantees a less rewarding base game but a better chance at triggering Hang ’em High or Boothill Free Spins.

The chance of landing a bonus is higher because there is a guaranteed Scatter symbol on the second reel with this option enabled. Tombstone RIP is pretty brutal in the Base Game as it is, but the enhanced bet takes it to another level. The choice is yours here.

Tombstone RIP: The Base Game and Features

Tombstone RIP is a 5 reel game with a 2-3-3-3-1 reel configuration.  The last reel has special properties, and limited symbols.

  • All symbols Count as a Double Symbol
  • No Low Value Symbols
  • Wild, xSplit Wild and Boothill Scatter Symbols are present in the Base Game and Hang ’em High Free Spins only
  • During Boothill Free Spins it only holds one of the 5 Cowboy Symbols

To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel, but you’re not guaranteed a payout due the new xRIP feature.

Tombstone RIP Base Game


Any spin that generates a win value that is lower than your Base Bet triggers xRIP, and when xRIP is triggered there is no payout.

That’s right, no payout. You will NEVER win any amount below your Base Bet in Tombstone RIP, which certainly adds to how brutal it is. Little wins serve well in slowly topping up the balance so that you may carry on, but in Tombstone RIP it really is go big or go home.

Tombstone RIP can certainly be a balance ripper, but the potential here is unprecedented.

xNudge Wilds

Tombstone RIP welcomes the return of Nolimit City’s coveted xNudge Wild Feature.

An xNudge wild is a fully stacked symbol which will always nudge to become fully visible. Each Nudge increases the win multiplier by 1. If several xNudge Wilds are present on the reels at the same time, then their multiplier adds together for a total multiplier.

The xNudge Wilds appear on the middle three reels only.

Wild and Splitting Wilds

You’ll encounter regular wild symbols throughout your journey through the harsh Wild West, which can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 & 5. Another symbol which you’ll encounter will be Reel Split Wilds, which is quite nicely represented by an animation of a thieving dirtbag being relieved of his fingers via an axe.

Reel Split WIlds can only land on the middle 3 reels, and after it lands it will split itself and all other symbols on the same reel, which doubles the symbols on that reel.

xSplit Wilds

xSplit Wilds is another famous ‘x’ mechanic to make its return.

xSplit Wilds appear only on the last reel, and it counts as 2 symbols high. When it lands, it cuts symbols to the left in 4 different paths.

  • All 4 Symbols in the top row.
  • All 4 Symbols in the bottom row.
  • All 3 Symbols in the middle row on the 3 middle Reels, and the top symbol on the first reel. 
  • All 3 Symbols in the middle row on the middle 3 reels, and the bottom symbol on the first reel.

The path taken is decided by a random draw, which is even. If the symbol on the path has been split once by a reel split, both of the 2 new symbols will split, resulting in 4 symbols instead.

If an xSplit Wild Splits an xNudge Wild, it will double the xNudge Wild Multiplier.

Tombstone RIP Free Spins

Tombstone RIP has two Free Spins mode, one regular, and one super.

The first is Hang ’em High Free Spins, which requires 3 Hang ’em High Scatter symbols which appear on the middle three reels only. To get Boothill Free Spins, you’ll need 3 Hang ’em High Scatter symbols and a special Boothil Scatter Symbol on the 5th reel.

Hang ’em High Free Spins

In Hang ’em High Free Spins, you’ll be awarded 8 spins.

The win multiplier in this mode is increased by Wilds, and the multiplier you gain will persist throughout the feature.

  • Regular Wilds – x1
  • Reel Split Wilds – x2
  • xSplit Wilds – x2
  • xNudge Wilds – x1-x3 (Depending on where it lands)

Hang ’em High Free Spins may be upgraded to the super bonus by landing a Boothill Scatter on reel 5, and 2 additional spins will be awarded also

Tombstone RIP Hang Em High Free Spins

Boothill Free Spins

In Boothill Free Spins, the Win Multiplier behaves exactly as it does during Hang ’em High Free Spins, but there’s a fair few added extras.

The last reel may hold only cowboy symbols, and it’ll turn all symbols of the same type anywhere else on the reels Wild.

The cherry on the cake is the random multiplier that the Cowboy symbols get. On each spin a multiplier is randomly chosen for a symbol, this multiplier can range from x5-x999.

One could only imagine the absolute mayhem that would ensue if you landed an x999 Symbol and connected.

Tombstone RIP Boothill Free Spins

Tombstone RIP Bonus Buy

Nolimit City has once again included a Bonus Buy option for non-UK players, and we now have a new winner on the most expensive Bonus Buy ever, a title previously held by San Quentin.

Hang ’em High Free Spins will set you back a mere 70x, which is reasonable enough, but the Boothill Free Spins costs 3000x

An unfathomable amount, but the potential is pretty unfathomable too.

The RTP for Hang ’em High Free Spins when bought is 96.47%, and the RTP for Boothill Free Spins when bought is 97.03%.

Tombstone RIP Bonus Buy

Tombstone RIP: El Gordo’s Revenge

El Gordo’s Revenge is a screen that unfortunately, few of us will ever see.

It’s not a feature, but it’s one of those added extras awarded as a trophy of sorts to those lucky enough to have achieved the maximum win cap.

Speaking of which, the maximum win here is a whopping 300,000x, which is the highest we’ve seen to date from Nolimit City.

Tombstone RIP El Gordo's Revenge

Tombstone RIP: Our Verdict

Tombstone RIP is an absolutely brutal money making and money taking machine. At times you’ll sit there spinning while getting absolutely ruined by the xRIP feature, and you’ll probably double check that there’s not a noose around your neck for having the audacity to even try Tombstone RIP.

That being said, it’s unbelievably brilliant. Don’t get us wrong, many readers and players everywhere will try Tombstone RIP and leave having felt the heavy hand of the law with empty pockets and broken dreams, but to truly appreciate this slot you have to step back and think about what i can do, rather than what it didn’t do.

Tombstone RIP itself tests you before entering the game, and the warnings are both eerie and enlightening. You shouldn’t go into Tombstone RIP expecting frequent wins, because it really can take you to the gallows. It’s certainly not for everyone, that’s for sure. Tombstone RIP should appeal very much to those looking for an EXTREMELY volatile experience with the potential to pay absolutely huge, and if you’re one of those people then where better to look than Tombstone RIP?

What? You’re gonna play a Jackpot Slot instead? Because that’s what you’d need to do if you want payouts anywhere near what Tombstone RIP is capable of, and your chances here are significantly better, despite how brutal it can be.

The RTP in Tombstone RIP looks reasonable and average at 96.08% standard or 96.28% with the enhanced bet, but the maximum win potential is anything but average. The bonus buy for Tombstone RIP isn’t more expensive than San Quentin for no reason, after all. The win potential is double that of San Quentin, which suddenly looks tame in comparison.

Overall, Tombstone RIP is unthinkable, unbelievable and seemingly unbeatable. However, if history teaches us anything, it’s that a lucky few will taste a rare victory by achieving one of Nolimit City’s maximum wins. Will it be you?