Evil Goblins xBomb Slot Review 2021

Evil Goblins xBomb from Nolimit City introduces us to a dark bunch of characters with malicious intent and a taste for human flesh in a slot that further delves into their newest game mechanic xBomb.

Nolimit City has produced some unbelievable quality this year with the likes of East Coast vs West Coast, San Quentin xWays, Fire in the Hole xBomb, xWays Hoarder xSplit, Mental and Das xBoot, and their ‘x’ mechanics has been at the forefront of each of them.

Unbelievable potential and a sometimes comedic style may be a couple of the things associated with Nolimit City slots, but lately we’ve seen the latter change as the provider opts for a darker style instead.

Evil Goblins xBomb and the malevolence that comes with it may be devoid of the light-hearted comedic style that we’ve grown accustomed to, but the unbelievable potential is certainly still here.

Evil Goblins xBomb Base Game

Evil Goblins xBomb Theme

If the name didn’t give it away, then one look at the goblins will surely be more than enough to show you just how wicked these creatures really are. Above the reels the Goblins sit starring at the player in a less than welcoming way with Bombs in hand ready and willing to sow the carnage that they thrive on.

In the background you’ll see tunnels and bags of gold, as well as a skull from a previous explorer who fell victim to these evil creatures.

The music itself is pretty ominous too. It’s almost like marching music. Perhaps it’s an anthem of our impending doom as the goblins rally together to make us their next meal?

Nolimit City slots are always spot on in terms of design. Their talented design team always bring to life whatever it is they’re working on, and absolutely none of their slots feels rushed in this aspect.

Evil Goblins xBomb: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Nolimit City slots are always broad so that everyone may get involved, and Evil Goblins xBomb is no different. The lowest betting option here is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin. There’s lots of different choices in between the two, so there’s something for everyone here.

When it comes to the symbols, the highest paying symbol in Evil Goblins xBomb is the King Goblin symbol with the red border. Following on from his majesty is the Goblins with the Orange, Green, Blue and Purple Borders, and low paying symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack & 10.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 31,969x
Paylines 729+ Ways
Release Date 12/10/2021
RTP 96.14% - 94.28%
Mechanics video slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.2

Evil Goblins xBomb: The Base Game and Features

Evil Goblins is a 5 reel slot with 729 ways to win by default. Forming a win requires you to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

If you’re experienced with Nolimit City slots, then you know that they’re always packed with different features. Evil Goblins xBomb follows the trend set by slots before it with many different features to make Evil Goblins xBomb a mind blowing experience.

As the name suggests, Evil Goblins reintroduces the xBomb feature that was first introduced in Fire in the Hole. Like many of their other ‘x’ Feautres, this has the potential to exponentially improve the gameplay experience


xBomb barrels may land on the reels at any time. These will remove adjacent symbols except Scatter Symbols, Dead Wilds and Resurrection Wilds and increase the ways to win.

Each xBomb symbol adds an extra row to the reel, which a maximum of 7 rows possible. xBomb symbols increases the multiplier by +1 for every bomb, which persists until no more winning combinations are present.


Wild symbols may land on reels 2-6. These substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter Symbol, and they may land on the reels or transform into Wilds via the Goblin Sacriice Feature

Dead Wilds may also land on the reels, but these won’t do anything until a set number of them are present on the reels

Resurrection Wilds

Single Dead Wilds do not do anything, but if you land 3 or more of them then you’ll trigger the Resurrection Wilds Feature.

When this feature triggers, the last landing Wild will benefit from a multiplier

  • 3 Resurrection Wilds: 11x Multiplier
  • 4 Resurrection Wilds: 33x Multiplier
  • 5 Resurrection Wilds: 55x Multiplier

This Feature gives the Base Game huge potential, and that’s not all, because the Goblin Sacrifice Feature works to bring more Wilds to the reels too.

Evil Goblins xBomb Big Win

Goblin Sacrifice

Above reels 2-5, you’ll notice Evil Goblins with menacing smiles and bombs in their hands.

On every new spin, Goblins will pop up on the top of these reels. Matching the Goblin on the top of the reel with a symbol of the same type triggers the Goblin Sacrifice Feature.

Whenever there’s a match, the Goblin will throw a Grenade at his symbol, which then turns the symbol Wild. Once a Goblin throws his grenade, he’ll be immediately replaced by another random Goblin, which introduces the potential to get even more Wilds if a Goblin of the same type exists on the reel below.

If you have 4 of the same Goblin symbol above the reels, then the Evil 4 Feature is triggered.

Evil 4

When the Evil 4 Feature is triggered, the matching Goblin takes the throne on reel 1 where they’ll hold a multiplier of x4 or higher. This means that the number of symbols on that reel are counted as 4 of the same type instead of 1.

The multiplier increases by 1 every time a new matching Goblin appears on the top reel.

So far, Evil Goblins xBomb looks like yet another extremely promising slot from Nolimit City, and we haven’t even touched on Free Spins yet

Evil Goblins xBomb: Free Spins

Scatter symbols may land on reels 2-5, and how many you land will determine what Free Spins mode you’ll get.

  • 3 or 4 Scatters – 8 or 9 Fresh Meat Free Spins
  • 3 Scattesr + Evil 4 – Goblins – Goblins Feast Feature

Each of the features also has an ‘Explosive bonus mode‘. To trigger this you need 2 xBomb symbols during the trigger of any of the bonuses. Triggering the explosive version brings with it big improvements because you get a guaranteed xBomb on every spin.

Fresh Meat Spins

Fresh Meat Free Spins has guaranteed Dead Wilds on each spin, and a significantly higher chance to trigger the Goblin sacrifice and xBomb Features.

If you get this bonus, you may even upgrade to the next highest bonus if you trigger the Evil 4 Feature. Any multipliers collected so far persists into Goblins Feast Spins.

Upgrading with 5 or more spins left will correspond the multiplier to the number of remaining spins. As an example, if you trigger with 6 Fresh Meat Spins to go, then you’ll progress with a minimum x6 multiplier.

Evil Goblins xBomb Fresh Meat Free Spins

Goblins Feast Spins

In Goblins Feast Spins you’re awarded 4 Spins with the Evil 4 Multiplier activated.

Whenever a matching goblin appears above on the top reel, the multiplier will increase by one and that goblin will stay in position for the remainder of the round, and the spins reset to 4. Spins may be reset up to 4 times.

New matching Goblins turns into skeletons and stick for the remainder of the feature, but still turn any matching symbols on the reel Wild.

Evil Goblins xBomb Goblin Feast Free Spins

All Hail the King

This isn’t quite a feature, and barely anyone will see this screen.

This screen is triggered when you get the absolute maximum win of 31,969x. It’s just really a fun little way of presenting the player with the top prize.

All Hail the King Screen

Evil Goblins xBomb: Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK may make use of a Bonus Buy Feature to jump straight into the action. The cost will vary depending on which option you choose, as will the RTP.

  • Fresh Meat Spins – 60x (96.28% RTP)
  • Explosive Fresh Meat Spins – 150x (96.56% RTP)
  • Goblin Feast Spins – 300x (96.73% RTP)
  • Explosive Goblin Feast Spins – 666x (96.81% RTP)
  • Lucky Draw – 181x (96.47% RTP)
    • 4/10 Chance to trigger Fresh Meat Spins
    • 4/10 Chance to trigger Explosive Fresh Meat Spins
    • 1/10 Chance to trigger Goblin Feast Spins
    • 1/10 Chance to trigger Explosive Goblin Feast Spins

Players may also pay 32x for 3 spins with 2 xBombs on each spin. This may well be a very cheap option to try and get one of the Explosive Free Spins for a very discount rate.

Evil Goblins xBomb: Our Verdict

There’s just something magical about each and every Nolimit City release. Each one promises high potential, high action and a variety of different features, and Evil Goblins xBomb is certainly no exception.

At first, Evil Goblins xBomb is absolutely mind-boggling. The xBomb Feature, Resurrection Wilds, Goblin Sacrifice and Evil 4 Features brings this slot to life with significant potential before you even hit Free Spins, and the integration of all of the features makes the bonus rounds extremely exciting.

The real goal here is to get one of the explosive Free Spins rounds where you’ll get a guaranteed xBomb on every single new spin. These dramatically improve potential by giving you more multipliers and a potentially huge number of ways to win.

What strikes us yet again is how great Nolimit City are at adapting their x Features for the game in question. We’ve all seen the likes of xNudge, xWays, xBomb and more used in many of their games, but they always feel new each time. Fire in the Hole xBomb first introduced the xBomb Feature, but it truly shines here in Evil Goblins.

Potential yet again looks good, as is usually the case with Nolimit City Slots. Evil Goblins xBomb may not have the payout potential of the likes of San Quentin, but it can still pay up to 31,969x. Some providers state these wins as a theoretical maximum, but history tells us that we’ll be seeing some lucky player hit this maximum win very soon.

Overall, if you’re a Nolimit City enthusiast like we are, then there’s no doubt that you’ll love their latest slot, which may even be one of their greatest.