Gemix 2 Slot Review

Play’n GO are here to grace us once more with a sequel to a fan favourite that takes us on a journey to more worlds than one…

Maybe there’s riches to be found in the brand new Sky NIght’s world? or perhaps your treasure hunting would be better placed in more reminiscent destinations by looking toward the Miner’s, Princess or Wizard’s world for the fortune you desire?

Aspects of the first game shine through into the sequel with recognisable characters, but the crisp graphics and improved potential sheds a whole new light into the weird and wonderful world of Gemix.

The original game was released in 2018, and it swept players away with its magical demeanour and its highly entertaining gameplay. Can Gemix 2 fill the shoes of its predecessor and reignite our love for a game and a place worlds away from our own?

Let’s leave our earthly troubles behind and head to our first destination in the Sky World to find out what Gemix 2 is all about.

Gemix 2 Theme

The Theme and design for Gemix 2 is far superior to the older game, showcasing just how far Play’n GO have come in a relatively short space of time.

Those who are familiar with the older game may fondly recognise the Miner, Princess and Wizard World in Gemix, but you won’t have met the Sky Knight yet.

When you load the game you’ll be introduced to the ethereal and surreal world of the Sky Knight, which showcases an almost heavenly castle in the Sky.

The introduction of this new character gives the game an air of mystery to it. Any good sequel should build upon the foundations of the original game with new features and things to see. This is something neglected all to often by some providers, who may opt for a reskin of the original game with improved graphics.

Play’n GO thankfully recognise this, and has drawn attention and interest in Gemix 2 with something familiar yet brand new.

The sounds and music for the game resonate well with the Knight/Castle theme, with a medieval sort of tone. So far, a great and somewhat grandiose introduction to the Sky Knight.

The visuals and the experience you’ll have in Gemix 2 is ever changing though, with all of the other worlds to experience. This will undoubtedly keep players captivated and entertained as they experience the new and improved world of Gemix 2

The bizarre and unearthly setting in Gemix 2 is sure to leave a good first impression, but can Gemix 2 leave a lasting impression with unearthly gameplay to compliment its dreamlike theme?

Gemix 2: Betting and Symbols

Gemix 2 offers a wide array of betting options for players hoping to experience Gemix in all its majesty.

The lowest option available here is £/€0.10 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin. These options and all of the many others in between will cater to all kinds of different players, so there definitely won’t be any complaints from players in this department!

When it comes to the symbols, the Star is the highest paying and most desirable there is. Following on from this is the Heart, the HalfMoon, and the Flower.

Low paying symbols are the Green, Purple, Turquoise and Blue Gems.

Gemix 2 Pay Table

Gemix 2: The Base Game and Features

Gemix 2 is a 7X7 Cascading Video Slot.

In order to form a win, you’ll need 5 or more symbols within a cluster, which is comprised of 5 or more symbols that connect to each other either horizontally or vertically.

Winning combinations will disappear from the play area once connected, leaving space for new symbols to fall in via a cascade. The Cascade will continue until no more wins can be created.

Cluster Pays games are usually packed with features, and Gemix 2 is no exception to this.

The gameplay shakes up with interesting different features through the exhilerating Crystal Charge Meter.

Crystal Charge

All wins during a single round will contribute towards increasing the Crystal Charge Meter.

Once the first half of this meter is charged with 25 symbols, then a Crystal Charge effect will be activated.

  • Chain Lightning – Two corner symbols shoot electrical arcs. All symbols affected by the arc lightning will be transformed into one of the corner symbols.
  • Light Beam – Rays of light shoot vertically and horizontally from a symbol on the grid. All symbols affected by the ray of light will be transformed into another symbol
  • Crystal Warp – A symbol is selected at random on the grid. All instances of this symbol will then transform or ‘warp’ into another symbol.
  • Nova Blast – A symbol is selected at random on the grid, and an explosion will ensue. Adjacent symbols are removed in a 7 symbol diameter explosion, leaving behind a cluster of core symbols.

After the effect of the features, the Crystal Charge meter will charge up again if more wins occur, which creates the possibility of more wins and more features to further the potential.

If you collect 50 winning symbols, then you’ll Super Charge the Crystal charge instead.

The Super Charge activates all four crystal charge effects simultaneously and gives you a x2 Multiplier. This feature can be retriggered by getting an additional 50 symbols, which causes the multiplier to increment by x2 up to a maximum of x20!

The Super Charge features and the possibility of triggering all of the features together with a x20 Multiplier makes Gemix 2 ultra exciting on its own. But there’s plenty more fun to be had yet with the World Features that you’ll experience as you travel between realms.

Gemix 2 Gameplay

Gemix 2: World Wilds Feature

In Gemix 2 there are 4 Worlds and 2 patters in each that you must complete to move between them

The world pattern will be displayed at the bottom right of the reels. To unlock this pattern you’ll need to form winning combinations on positions that correspond to the world pattern.

Each time you move between a world you’ll be meeting by someone called G-nome, the absolutely not shady travelling merchant.

The fun irony here being that G-nome is the most shady character you’ll likely ever meet, but despite his suspicious and disreputable appearance, he’ll be key in helping you activate the features.

Beneath his coat is 2 pockets. Choosing the correct one will help you the World Bonus. The World bonus offers a cash value.

Each of the worlds has a guardian, which acts as a unique Wild.  The guardian of the world is the first to appear, and these Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols to help you make winning combinations for the Crystal Charge meter. Wilds will turn into Miner Wilds if Crystal Charge is triggered during the round.

  • Sky Knights World – Up to 2 2×2 Mega Wilds can appear on the grid. Each of these behave as if they are single symbols with a +x1 Multiplier. If 2 Mega Wilds are part of the same combination, then both will substitute for a single symbol and only one multiplier is applied to the win.
  • Miner’s World – Wild Symbols drop down from the top of the screen, landing in different positions on the grid. Up to 10 Wild Symbols can appear
  • Princess’ World – One of the edge symbols are picked as a starting point, which will then turn Wild. This Wild will then spread to other positions until it reaches another edge position.
  • Wizard’s World – up to 5 Sticky Wilds will appear in random positions on the grid. The Sticky Wilds do not drop down when symbols below it are removed from play, and they’re also not removed when part of a winning combinations. These will stay until no more winning combinations are possible or until the Crystal Charge feature is triggered.

Where to Play Gemix 2?

Gemix 2 is out now available on many new casinos such as Skol Casino.

Skol is home to many different Play’n GO titles, including the original Gemix if you fancy a trip down memory lane before you experience the new and exciting world of Gemix 2.

Gemix 2 Slot Review: Our Verdict

Gemix 2 is a fantastic tribute to the original game with a vast variety of different features and immense playability.

The world of Gemix 2 and the charm of the characters within it really grab your attention, and the gameplay itself has a lot of depth in the sense that there are multiple different worlds to explore.

Every now and then everyone enjoys a fiery and serious looking slot that has volatility and massive wins written all over it, but it’s nice to take things a little less seriously with a light-hearted fantasy setting, and Gemix 2 pulls it off brilliantly.

Despite it’s carefree and somewhat silly attitude, you shouldn’t mistake Gemix 2 for a game that is lacking in the potential department.

Gemix 2 has had it’s win capabilities seriously magnified, with wins of up to 7,500x available. This is another important aspect that Play’n Go has studiously recognised as an important aspect of an attractive sequel.

Other statistics like RTP look great too, with a respectable RTP figure of 96.26%, which is a fair margin above what players consider to be a decent average.

One thing that may not sit well is that Gemix could be considered a bit of a ‘grind game’ as moving up the levels requires you to complete 2 patterns each on every world.

If there’s something that Play’n GO regularly excel at, its their cluster pays games. Reactoonz has secured a place in the hall of fame and in the hearts of many, and while Reactoonz 2 received a mixed reception, Gemix 2 will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms as a worthy successor to a trusty original.