Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune Slot Review 2021

Microgaming Partner and Cossacks: The Wild Hunt Creators Foxium are taking us on an adventure in the deep with Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune!

This studio has certainly impressed us before, but can Triton, son of Poseidon blow us away with his divine might?

We’re excited to find out, so let’s dive in with this Gods of Seas Slot Review together and witness a demigod of the sea in action!

Gods of Seas Triton's Fortune Base Game

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune Theme

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune is based off the mythology of the Greek God Triton. Triton who was born to Poseidon and Amphitrite (the God and Goddess of the sea), lived in a beautiful golden palace at the bottom of the sea. Triton had the torso of a human yet the bottom half of a fish, what we now refer to as a ‘Merman’.

The backdrop in Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune is set underwater, which was to be expected considering the inspiration for the game.

Foxium has done a brilliant job at capturing the seabed in all its natural beauty with vibrant marine life that can be seen on either side of the screen and in the far distance (so far that it may be worth squinting), and what we presume is Atlantis rests peacefully on the seabed.

The music playing throughout is a little too subtle, if you like to have some background noise whilst you’re playing then you may want to crank the volume up a bit. Sound effects are much more promising although they dont seem to be on the same track as the music, almost like they are meant be in two separate slot games. Some players may prefer the subtly as the background music in other slot games can be too overpowering.

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune is definitely not the worst game in terms of design we’ve come across but sadly it’s not the best either. This type of theme has been seen time and time again in the world of slot games, although the theme is a little common Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune is unique in its own way.

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune Betting and Symbols

Gods of Seas: Tirton’s Fortune has a variety of betting options for you to choose from. For those who prefer a lower stake, the minimum bet available is £0.20 per spin. For those we prefer a higher stake, the maximum bet available is £120 per spin, with plenty of other options in between the two.

The highest paying regular symbol in Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune is the Treasure Chest, followed by the Amphoras, the Lyra and the Black Pearl. Lower paying symbols are standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the Scatters and Triton symbols.

Game Provider
Maximum Bet 120
Maximum Win 2,000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 02/11/2021
RTP 96.20%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune Base Game and Features

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune is a 5 reel slot with 20 fixed paylines. To form a win you will need to connect 3 or more of the same symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

The base game in Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune may look a little washed out but dont let that deter you, Foxium has bestowed the Triton’s Fortune Feature upon us and it’s looking pretty god like!

Triton’s Fortune Feature

Above the reels you will come across 10 individual amounts, these and the Triton symbols are all part of the Triton’s Fortune feature.

During the base game in Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune, if you land 6 or more of the Triton symbols on any of the 5 reels you will be awarded a cash prize.

  • 6 Triton Symbols – 2x your bet
  • 7 Triton Symbols – 4x your bet
  • 8 Triton Symbols – 7x your bet
  • 9 Triton Symbols – 14x your bet
  • 10 Triton Symbols – 20x your bet
  • 11 Triton Symbols – 35x your bet
  • 12 Triton Symbols – 60x your bet
  • 13 Triton Symbols – 150x your bet
  • 14 Triton Symbols – 400x your bet
  • 15 Triton Symbols – 2,000x your bet

During any random spin, Triton can come out and forcefully award anywhere between 9 and 15 Triton symbols at any one time!

We’ve seen many a slot with features like this, and it can either be ultra exciting, or ultra boring. To start with, the rewards for a few of the symbols needed for the payout is meagre at best, but it starts to dramatically increase with more and more symbols.

Gods of Seas Triton's Fortune Feature

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune Free Spins

Landing 3 Scatters on any of the reels will award a select amount of Free Spins.

Once activated you will be given two separate wheels to spin, one to determine how many Free Spins you will be awarded and the other to determine how many Triton Favours you will be given.

The Free Spins wheel can award 7, 10, 12 or 15 Free Spins and the Triton’s Favour wheel can award 1-5 favours. The number of favours that are awarded will reduce the amount of Triton symbols needed to win a prize.

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune can be retrigged by landing 3 or more Scatters during Free Spins.

Gods of Seas Triton's Fortune Free Spins

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune Our Verdict

There are a few positive things that can be said about Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune, the overall theme has been captured beautifully and Foxium has done well to pull it off. The vibrant colours that can be seen in both the base game and Free Spins are truly something to behold.

The gameplay itself is not the most entertaining we’ve seen, with the Triton’s Fortune feature being the main focus in the base game. Even with this feature in play, we cant help but feel there is something missing. There are so many slot games available now that are way too complex for certain players, so for those who prefer a slot game thats easier to understand and a lot less cluttered Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune may just be the game for you.

Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune has an above average RTP of 96.20%, which is higher than some games we’ve come across so we cant complain there but the max win capacity of 2,000x leaves us a little watery-eyed. For a medium-high volatility slot, we’d have expected a bit more when it comes to maximum win.

The Free Spins can be ultra exciting at times. If you get a good number on the ‘Triton’s Favour’ wheel prior to Free Spins then you may well be in with a decent chance at one of them upper prizes at a severely reduced rate. However, if the Triton’s Favour Wheel only takes off 1 or 2 from the total needed for the prizes then you may not get that Free Spins dopamine hit that usually comes with the excitement of triggering a bonus.

All in all, Gods of Seas: Triton’s Fortune looks a lot better than it actually is for the most part. It certainly isn’t in the same standing as the likes of some of their other slots, like Cossacks: The Wild Hunt, but it can perform well at times.