Hammerfall Slot Overview

Gain favour with the powerful Knight of legend Hector in an exciting upcoming instalment from Play’n GO, Hammerfall Slot!

Play’n Go are taking us on an adventure into the world of grid slots yet again with their 7×7 cascading game with exciting features like Super Tiles, lightning wilds and the Hammer Meter, which will trigger songs depending on the world Hammerfall has taken you to for some nail biting gameplay.

Compared to other types of slots, Grid Slots are often rich in gameplay with a multitude of different features to keep you entertained, whilst also introducing some fierce potential. As the creator of the legendary Reactoonz, there’s no doubt that Play’n Go are virtuosos in this element.

Fierce and legendary battles await in Hammerfall, have you got what it takes to earn a name for yourself in the history books?

Let’s delve right in to Hammerfall to see what kind of daring and audacious gameplay Play’n Go have dreamed up this time.

Hammerfall Slot Theme

Hammerfall Slot has a somewhat dark and eerie theme to get you in the mood for a serious slot experience.

The blood red sky and dark clouds makes for a dramatic setting, and the castle courtyard is desolate and covered in lava.

The artistic style of Hammerfall conspicuously tense. It definitely mirrors the same serious feeling you get when you play games like Hammer of Vulcan. Maybe Hammerfall isn’t for the faint of heart? There’s no joy through peaceful aesthetics and serene settings to be had here. ‘Glory to the brave’ as Play’n GO themselves say.

Play’n Go have gotten considerably better over the years with their design and artwork. Every Slot seems to stand out, with that much needed wow factor to draw people in.

Those with a soft spot for heavy metal might recognise the name as a popular Swedish Band. Hammerfall Slot is actually based on their music, with their paladin Hector as the mascot.

Let’s have a look at the betting options and the symbols in Hammerfall Slot

Hammerfall Slot: Betting and Symbols

Those who are familiar with Play’n Go will be more than familiar with the extensive number of betting options they usually include in their titles.

The lowest option in Hammerfall Slot is £/€0.10, and the highest option is £/€100. There are tonnes of different options in between the two extremes, so just like in other Play’n Go Slots, you can rest assured that there is an ideal option here for everyone.

In terms of symbols, the highest paying symbol in the game is the Paladin Hector himself, followed by a Shield, his Hammers, and a Moon symbol. Low paying symbols are red, yellow, blue, purple and green gems, and there’s a Wild symbol which will substitute for all regular paying symbols.

Cluster Pay games are usually capable of big pay outs and Hammerfall is no exception.

For a cluster of >15 of the highest paying symbol, you’d net yourself 500x your bet.

Game Provider Play N Go
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 30,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 06/05/2021
RTP 96.20%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 7
Minimum Bet 0.1

Hammerfall Slot: The Base Game and Features

Hammerfall slot is a 7×7 cascading grid game. To achieve a win, you’ll need to connect 5 or more symbols within a cluster.

Winning symbols will disappear, where they’ll be replaced by new symbols that fall in via a cascade, which potentially creates more winning combinations.

A Grid Slot game wouldn’t be a Grid Slot game without a plethora of features, thankfully Hammerfall has just that.

Super Tiles

Super Tiles are spaces on the grid that are randomly selected.

Getting a win over a symbol which has been highlighted as a super tile will create a Lightning Wild.

The Lightning Wild will sit on the grid, helping to create winning combinations. The Lightning Wild may sometimes also have a multiplier up to x3!

Song Features

Winning combinations will charge a Hammer Meter.

If you fill it up with 25 winning symbols, then a song feature will trigger. The you get will depend on the current world the game sets you in, with 3 in total. A song feature will take you to the next world once it concludes.

  • Twilight Princess Song – Ads a Mega 2×2 Wild to the grid
  • Second to None Song – Transforms all high-paying symbol to match another. If there are less than 5 high paying symbols on the grid, then a random low paying symbol is selected
  • Yet I Smile Song – Destroys all Low paying symbols on the grid.

Hammerfall Slot Gameplay

Hammerfall Slot: Hammer High Free Spins

The Free Spins in Hammerfall Slot is achieved when you overcharge the Hammer Meter with a total of 50 symbols.

The Hammer High Free Spins is a round where all 3 song features are awarded in succession to each other.

There are also Destruction Features, which help shake up the gameplay even further.

Non Winning spins have the chance to spawn one of the four destructive features that Hammerfall Slot has to offer!

  • Never Forgive, Never Forget – One symbol is selected, and all instances of it will move to the centre of the grid, destroying anything in their path
  • Bring it! – Any Hector, Sun, Moon or Hammer symbols will transform into matching symbols or be destroyed
  • One Against the World – One symbol is selected, and all adjacent symbols are transformed to match it, or be destroyed.
  • Chain of Command – A Chain of symbols will be selected, and they will be destroyed or transformed into matching symbols

Hammerfall Slot Feature

Where to Play Hammerfall Slot?

Hammerfall Slot will be available to play at most New Casinos from 06.05.2021, including your favourite Casinos like Unibet and Party Casino!

Unibet and Party Casino are both home to Play’n Go, so you’ll undoubtedly find Hammerfall here once it releases.

Hammerfall Slot Review: Our Verdict

Play’n Go are arguably the kings and queens of Cluster Slot style gameplay, having mastered it in games like Reactoonz and Wild Frames.

Hammerfall Slot is yet another solid instalment, and there’s a lot to be excited about.

The song features and how you switch between worlds makes for a different experience, and the overcharge hammer high feature and the destruction features on non winning spins really shakes up the gameplay to make for a potential rich slot.

Hammerfall is a high volatility instalment from Play’n Go, with an 8/10 rating. With this high volatility comes a game that is capable of paying out up to 30,000x, which is a formidable amount that’ll turn any non believers into heavy metal fans.

With an RTP of 96.20%, Hammerfall looks to be within the ideal range when it comes to what is considered a decent RTP Value.

The idea behind Hammerfall and the band its based on makes for a unique experience, and the game will absolutely resonate with fans of the genre or the band themselves.

Overall, Hammerfall might not overtake the legend that is Reactoonz, but to experience the legend of the Paladin Hector is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.