Helios’ Fury Slot Review 2021

In Helios’s fury from Relax Gaming we’ll bear witness to a fiery attack in yet another anticipated title from the provider.

This time, Helios has awoken and he’s less than impressed about the attack on Rhodes. Join the fight in Helios’ Fury and save the city!

Helios is called the Sun God in Greek religion, and sometimes even a titan. It’s said that his chariot travelled from easy to west across the sky daily, and he’s also dubbed to be powerful and fiery.

By the sounds of it, if there’s a town that you don’t want to attack, it’s surely the one where Helios resides? Someone obviously didn’t get the memo, but it’s happened now so we may as well witness the carnage unfold!

We’ve got great seats to watch Helios kick off, so join us in this Helios’ Fury Slot Review to witness the drama for yourselves

Helios Fury Base Game

Helios’ Fury Theme

The opening cinematic for Helios’ Fury really showcases this slot. A fleet of warships arrive at Rhodes as they begin their attack, but they’re met by Helios, who really doesn’t appreciate the assault.

The following screen and gameplay paints a more peaceful picture of Rhodes with a picturesque Greek City and a proud Helios standing prominently above it all. Appreciate the scenery while it lasts, because during Free Spins you’ll witness a city aflame as Helios stands to defend it.

Relax Gaming’s design team seemingly have many talents. A mere look at their portfolio shows an expansive array of themes, and each are illustrated very professionally.

Helios’ Fury Betting and Symbols

Helios’ Fury has a variety of Betting options for players to choose from. For those who prefer a lower stake, the minimum bet available is £0.10 per spin. For players who prefer a higher stake, the maximum bet available is £20 per spin. The highest betting option may not compare to super high stakes we’ve seen in other slot games, but for most players this option will be more than sufficient.

The highest paying symbol in Helios’ Fury falls to the Roman Helmet, followed by the Horn, the Sword and the Shield. Lower paying symbols are Stars, Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols when evalutaing wins.

Game Provider Relax Gaming
Maximum Bet 20
Maximum Win 50,000x
Paylines 99 - 259 Connected Ways
Release Date 06/10/2021
RTP 96.27% (97.00% Bonus Buy)
Mechanics Connected Ways
Volatility Low
Reels 05-Nov
Minimum Bet 0.1

Helios’ Fury Base Game and Features

Helios’ Fury is a 5 reel slot with 99 – 259 connected ways to win. To form a win you will need to connect 3 or more symbols (or 2 of the top symbol) from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

Helios’ Fury certainly looks the part but is less than thrilling in the base game which comes across as a little simple, that is until you feast your eyes upon the Wild Re-Spin Feature in all its glory!

Wild Re-Spin Feature

Wild symbols that land and form a win will move one reel towards the right and grants you a Re-Spin.

Re-Spins will continue as long as a win is formed by a wild symbol, or until a win has been formed with a wild on reel 5.

If a win is formed with a wild on reel 5 this automatically triggers Free Spins.

Helios Fury Wilds

Helios’ Fury Free Spins

Helios’ Fury gives players a chance to earn some Free Spins and to do this a win needs to be formed with a wild on reel 5, this will then award 6 Fury Free Spins with a starting Wild placed in the middle of reel 1 and expanding reel areas by 2 additional rows.

Any Wilds that land during Free Spins awards an additional 1 spin and are subsequently held on the reels for the remainder of the feature. If a win is formed using a wild, all wilds involved will move one space to the right until they reach the Hot Spot situated on the last reel of each row.

Once a wild reaches the Hot Spot, an additional 1 spin is awarded and the Hot Spot moves one space to the left, until the row contains only wild symbols.

Once all Free Spins are complete, normal gameplay will resume.

Helios Fury Free Spins

Helios’ Fury Bonus Buy

If you are eager to get to battle, those outside of the UK can benefit from a Bonus Buy option. This is available for 90x your bet.

The RTP when buying Free Spins differs slightly from that of the main game as it increases from 96.27% to 97.00%.

Helios’ Fury Our Verdict

There are very few providers who can make players extremely excited with each and every release, but Relax Gaming is certainly one of them.

This year alone we’ve seen the likes of Volatile Vikings, Dead Man’s Trail, Money Cart 2, Chip Spin and more, and Helios’ Fury can proudly join the ranks as another of their excellent titles.

Some may need to warm to Helios’ Fury a little before becoming captivated by his strong character, but with a win potential of 50,000x to sway you it won’t take long to become a big fan.

Helio’s Fury is a strange slot in a sense though. You do have to build quite a bit of momentum within the Bonus before you really start to see Helios’ Fury in full swing. Without lots of Wild Warships, the bonus can be meagre at best, and the further right they travel the harder it is to connect with them to make them move more.

If the stars align though, things can definitely go big and the war in Rhodes can be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Overall, Helios’ Fury is yet another from Relax Gaming that you definitely shouldn’t underestimate