Let’s go back in time to Ancient Greece and take up position atop the first-place podium in Just for the Win’s Olympic inspired New Slot, Immortal Glory Slot. In this review, you’ll find out all about the slot and where to play it!
The Olympic games is an ancient tradition that has persisted through time and is still alive and well today, and this time we’ll see it manifested within the world of slots as we go back to the glory days.

Just For The Win are a partner of Microgaming and a software development company established in 2016 who aim to create stand-out games that shape the games that players choose online.

Their passion for playing, building and designing these games drive their content, and they’re hoping to become an industry leader while keeping these core values close at heart.

Will Immortal Glory be a reflection of this developers’ vision? Will you be a champion? Time to stop moaning it in and get in shape for the Olympics.

Immortal Glory Slot – The Road to Glory

As mentioned, Immortal Glory slot is an Olympic based game set in Ancient Greece. Back in the day, there were no bronze, silver or gold medals to be had, because the games were held in honour of Zeus, the King of Gods.

The visuals for the game show a colosseum filled to the brim with spectators, all awaiting an actioned packed show. The music is dramatic, which is accompanied by the roar of the crowd.

All of this makes for a very dramatic setting, which is no doubt how the Olympics themselves would have been.

Immortal Glory Betting and Symbols

Immortal Glory slot is available to all no matter the wallet with bets as low as 0.10. Of course, for those who like to crank up the risk factor a notch, there is also an extensive number of higher bets available, the maximum being £25 per spin.

The top symbols in the game comprise of various Olympians, and all of them are stacked symbols. Our top symbols is a determined red Olympian, followed by the Blue and the Green. Low paying symbols are…

The Olympic Wreath, a Shotput, Discus and Boots. There are also Wilds in the game which are also stacked and pays the same as the top symbol.

Game Provider
Maximum Bet 25
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines 40
Release Date 14/07/2020
RTP 96.19
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

The Base Game of Immortal Glory

Immortal Glory slot is a 5-Reel Slot with 40 set pay lines, all of which are active at all times no matter the stake. Wins occur when 3 or more symbols match consecutively from left to right along any of the set 40 pay lines.

There aren’t tonnes going on here, but due to the presence of stacked top symbols and wilds, there is definitely some potential for some big base hits.

Immortal Glory Slot Gameplay

Free Spins at Immortal Glory?

Free Spins are awarded when a partial or full Wild Stack is in view on reel one and any other reel. You will be awarded 5 Free Spins.

During Free Spins, all Wild Stack symbols will become nudging Wilds, which means that a Wild that lands partially on the Reel will nudge until it is a full Wild Stack.

As all of the top-paying symbols are also stacked, it really ups the potential on what sort of wins can materialise.

Glory Spin

Glory Spin is obtained after the 5th spin of Free Spins is complete and there is at least one partially visible Nudging Wild Stack in view. Like the Free Spins, partially visible Nudging Wild Stacks on the reel will nudge to fill the entirety of the reel.

In the Glory Spin, the reels that do not have a Nudging Wild Stack will spin once more. In this mode, wins that occur on the glory spin will have a random multiplier, which could be 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x.

Immortal Glory Slot Free Spins


One of the other very attractive features about Immortal Glory slot is the fact it has a Jackpot game Feature. It can be obtained by landing 3 Jackpot symbols, which can appear on reels 1, 3 and 5.

  • Bronze Pot – 20x
  • Silver Pot – 100x
  • Gold pot – 10,000x

Our Verdict

Immortal Glory is a simple, yet fun-filled slot, and not a lot of bad things can be said about it.

Immortal Glory has an enticing theme, and it’s one of which that not a lot of other games have tried to convey and it’s nice to see something fresh.

The Base Game may not have tonnes going on until you hit the bonus, but it’s not too bad due to the presence of those stacked symbols.

Immortal Glory is available to play at most of the top online casinos UK. We’ve listed a few of our favourites anyway for your convenience.

Immortal Glory also has an exciting Jackpot feature, which of course very rarely triggers, but just knowing it’s there and something could happen ups the excitement a lot more, not to mention that the top prize is huge.

The Slot RTP is 96.19%, but the game is highly volatile, which will please those looking for bigger, rather than more frequent wins, but might not be for those looking for more frequent wins with a hit rate of only 21.6%

Overall, I think Just For The Win have done something that they should be proud of with this game. The potential is definitely there and you’ll enjoy some of the great features it has to offer.