Itero Echospins Slot Gameplay

Itero Echospins Slot Review 2022

Here we find ourselves once more to bear witness to another addition to the ever-expanding Hacksaw Gaming catalogue with Itero Echospins, a Roman-inspired title with clues about its gameplay within its name…

We’re no experts in Latin etymology, but iterō by definition means to do a second time, repeat or renew.

Itero and Hacksaw’s new Echospins feature presents us with a rare opportunity to go back to relive wins again and again, but will the past play out exactly as it did before? or do Hacksaw Gaming has some surprises in store to make events of the past even better in the present?

Itero Echospins at a glance looks typical of Hacksaw Gaming’s tendency to adopt a darker tone.

Hacksaw Gaming are seasoned in creating a mien that takes players by surprise, in a way. If you’ve ever loaded a Hacksaw slot only to sit there for a moment to appreciate the art style and contemplate the inspiration or meaning behind it then you wouldn’t be the first.

Hacksaw all but abandoned this dark demeanour for a while while they churned out slots with a lighter tone, but we believe that Hacksaw Gaming shines brightest with their darkest titles.

You can tell that there’s something very pensive about slots like Itero Echospins.

There’s almost something philosophical about the inspiration behind it, its meaning and even its name. Even creepy in a way, the big win screen and the close up of the marble sculpture sort of reminded us of the infamous (and horrific) weeping angels from Dr Who.

Anyway…We’ve pondered for much too long about Itero and the idea behind it, so let’s get right into playing it to see what it’s all about.

Itero Echospins Gameplay

Itero Echospins Slot: The Base Game and Features

Itero Echospins is a 5 reel slot with 20 fixed pay lines. The lowest bet option is £/€0.10 per spin, and the highest bet option is £/€100 per spin.

High paying symbols in Itero Echospins are marble statues of Roman figures. You can distinguish the highest to lowest paying by the colour in the background, (Red, Orange, Teal, Green, Blue) and lower-paying symbols are simply Ace, King, Queen, Jack & 10. There’s also a Wild symbol which substitutes for all except the Hand of Jupiter and Bonus Scatter.

To form a win in Itero, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right along any of the 20 fixed pay lines. Rewards for full lines on their own aren’t exactly substantial, with 10x your bet up for grabs for a line of the highest paying symbol, but there are a few features in play which can exponentially improve the payouts, like the Echospins feature.

Itero Echospins Feature

The Echospins feature is a respin feature where each spin is an exact copy of the original triggering spin…almost anyway.

Multipliers are also in play in Itero, but they’ll only apply when present alongside the Hand of Jupiter symbol.

When the Hand of Jupiter lands together with at least one winning pay line, then it reveals between 1-8 echo spins before repeating the initial winning spin that number of times. Each respin repeats all of the wins and the multipliers from the spin before, stacking multipliers progressively in the total multiplier value on top of the reels before applying it to all winning pay lines on the spin.

The multipliers that land can either be additive or multiplicative.

  • Additive Multipliers: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x
  • Multiplicative Multipliers: x2, x3

The Echospins feature can be absolutely enormous in the right situation, but it’s even better in Free Spins.

Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 05/05/2022
RTP 96.18% | 94.24% | 92.32% | 88.33%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

Itero Echospins: Free Spins

In classic Hacksaw fashion, there are two bonus rounds in Itero, Wrath of Jupiter, and Gift from the Gods.

The Free Spins feature that you get will depend on how many scatter symbols you land, with 3 scatters triggering Wrath of Jupiter and 5 triggering Gift from the Gods.

Itero Wrath of Jupiter Bonus Game

10 Free Spins are awarded in Wrath of Jupiter.

In this bonus, there’s a higher chance of landing the Hand of Jupiter to trigger the Echospins feature, and there’s a greater number of multipliers and higher multipliers.

Itero Gift from the Gods Bonus Game

10 Free Spins are awarded in Gift from the Gods.

In this bonus, all landed multipliers are saved in the total multiplier count atop the reels. During the Echospins bonus, the multiplier is not progressively increased. Instead, the total of the multiplier collected up until Echospins is triggered by a Hand of Jupiter is used for each spin.

Once the Echospins feature concludes then the bonus resumes with a reset multiplier that must be built again.

Itero Echospins slot free spins

Itero Echospins Bonus Buy

Surprised to see a Bonus Buy option in a Hacksaw Gaming slot? Of course you’re not, and neither are we.

This won’t be available to UK players, but those outside of the UK has two options:

  • Wrath of Jupiter Bonus: 129x (High Volatility)
  • Gift from the Gods Bonus: 200x (Very High Volatility)

The RTP when buying the Wrath of Jupiter bonus is 96.2%.

The RTP when buying the Gift from the Gods bonus is 96.25%.

Itero Slot Bonus Buy

Itero Echospins Slot: Our Verdict

Itero Echospins is a pleasure to play and further proof if it was needed that Hacksaw Gaming should stick to this kind of aesthetic.

We love this kind of design. We think it’s a cut above the likes of generic-looking titles like Hop’n’Pop and Harvest Wilds, both of which failed to grip your attention because of their similarity to other slots out there in the ethos.

You could equally argue that Itero Echospins isn’t entirely imaginative either.  There’s certainly been a fair number of Roman slots out there before, but are any as introspective as Itero Echospins?

There’s a subtle hint of sophistication in Itero Echspins in the way that Hacksaw Gaming has designed it. Its very name is synonymous with the gameplay and it’s indicative of a provider that meticulously designs their slots to inspire thought about the meaning behind them. Hacksaw Gaming was a dark horse as a small provider with slots that sent statements that were almost confrontational to bigger providers who didn’t see them coming.

Now you could make the case for Hacksaw as a big provider in their own right. Many hang upon their next word desperate for a taste of what’s next, and we’re probably among them as big fans of Hacksaw Slots ourselves.

Itero Echospins reminded us in a way of 4ThePlayer’s concept of time in 10x Rewind, though although the concept is similar, the execution is very different. Itero Echospins showed its mettle in both the Base Game and Free Spins with ample potential at every point in the game, though it’s worth mentioning that the maximum potential here is 10,000x, like many of their slots.

We’d love to see Hacksaw Gaming break down barriers with a big release that far exceeds the potential of any of their other games, but time will tell if that comes to fruition.

Overall, Itero can be appreciated, admired and enjoyed by slots enthusiasts like us who enjoy pondering about its inner meaning, or casual players who just want to witness its potential.

It’s a mere matter of time until we see Itero show off with big wins, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it.