Juiced DuoMax Slot Review 2024

Advances in nutritional research have drastically altered our perceptions of the food we consume, shaped our palates, and turned a growing number of us into modern-day juice-heads reliant on devices like NutriBullets to power our everyday diet.

Nowadays, it seems just about anything with a pip or seed can be transformed from a solid into a liquid in the blink of an eye by way of food processor.

If you’re part of this health-conscious brigade on a mission to convert the British public, you may be salivated by what Yggdrasil Gaming partner Bulletproof Games has blended up with Juiced DuoMax – a slot title not aimed at gym junkies, but tailored more towards jet-setters whose idea of entertainment involves some cocktail-slurping during Happy Hour at a pristine, tropical beach location. Thank goodness.

Thirsty to know more? Then order a pina colada and get settled.

Juiced DuoMax Base Game and Features

The juicing goes down over a game board comprised of 5 reels and 3 rows housing a total of 20 paylines. Scoring high on the volatility index, wins of 3 more identical symbols can be scored left-to-right as well as right-to-left – both ways, in other words.

Fruit abounds in Juiced DuoMax, predictably, with low pays served by a blue mangosteen, a brown coconut, a purple passionfruit, a pineapple and a green carambola. An orange kiwano, a green/pink guava, a red garnet apple and a papaya, meanwhile, are employed as the game’s premium symbols; the papaya being the most lucrative doling out 50x the bet wins for combos of 5.

Wilds are included in Juiced DuoMax’s cocktail of features and perform as you expect, by substituting all other regular symbols when they show up.

Every time you assemble a winning payline, the Cascades feature activates, which removes all symbols forming part of a win and allows a new set to tumble in to plug the gaps. This system carries on indefinitely for as long as wins continue to show up.

Game Provider
Maximum Bet 150
Maximum Win 5,899x
Paylines 20 Both Ways
Release Date 09/11/2023
RTP 96.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.20

Juiced DuoMax Free Spins

Who doesn’t love a Happy Hour? Especially when they come bearing benefits beyond their regular intoxicating-inducing properties? Besides triggering a cascade, each win also contributes 1 point to the Happy Hour Meter located to the side of the game grid. Fill this in full with 35 points and say hello to 5 Free Spins to get the Happy Hour party started.

Now, for the duration of the feature, play is split across two separate sets of reels, with the DuoMax feature introducing 2 multipliers starting at 1x to each reel set.

Wins that occur in a left-to-right direction benefit from the multiplier displayed to a grid’s left, and vice versa. Each respective multiplier value also gets a boost whenever there is a win, while wins scored in both directions augment the values of the two. Moreover, Multipliers remain persistent throughout the entirety of the round and do not reset.

Juiced DuoMax Happy Hour Feature

Juiced DuoMax Bonus Buy

Any holidaymaking juice heads who’d rather bring Happy Hour forward to a more convenient hour can do so by consulting the menu of Bonus Buy options presented:

  • 50x your wager = 5 Free Spins
  • 100x your wager = 7 Free Spins
  • 200x your wager = 10 Free Spins
  • 80x your wager = a random amount of 5, 7, or 10 Free Spins.

Juiced DuoMax: Our Verdict

While we wouldn’t go as far as declaring Juiced DuoMax’s centrepiece bonus as Unhappy, it doesn’t exactly promise the sort of hedonistic, after-hours fun often associated with paradisical getaways. More like Content Hour. Or Satisfied Hour. Or something middle-of-the-road to that effect.

Indeed, this is certainly not the most juiced game in existence despite the name, either in terms of features or looks – which are agreeable enough without enticing players to sling a hook and jump on the next flight to Mauritius. Or Ibiza. Or Marbella. Or anywhere hot and sunny for that matter. 

Pity, as DuoMax carries potential, but feels destined to hide in the shadows of its more potent cousin, DoubleMax, which sends multipliers soaring exponentially when wins hit.

Matters are made slightly worse by the so-so 5,899x max payout plugged into Juiced DouMax, plus its Free Spins’ reliance on win direction for the purposes of multiplier increments. The lingering sentiment is that Bulletproof Games has kept the mechanic on a leash with this particular outing.

True, the use of two separate reels remains a novel idea, and there is low-key fun in the offing here for the right package tourist, but for some slightly more upbeat, beach-based action that packs more punch it its fruit punch, Sam on the Beach from ELK Studios and NetEnt’s Beach Invadors might both prove a tastier concoction.