A colourful and cartoon styled slot from Elk, that’s Micro Knights Slot. Is a 7×7 grid game with 49 symbols based on the theme of Medieval times of Knights and Dragons. Using a cluster type system similar to the popular Reactoonz comes a fun and light theme with very much a cartoon style to everything. At the bottom of the grid is a dragon house with a cartoon dragon sitting on top waiting for people or items to scorch.

Theme – Micro Knights Slot

Setup as a light entertainment slot with bright and fun characters this slot runs on the ever-popular theme similar to Reactoonz. The characters make interesting faces and sound once activated and the only grumble with the graphics is the layout. The queue at the bottom could have been put elsewhere as the grid is smaller than most people will like. It has the familiar ELK feel to the presentation and layout with lots of features to try and entertain you with.

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 2500x
Paylines Grid/Cluster pays
Release Date 25/02/2020
RTP 96
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 7x7 grid
Minimum Bet 0.2

Features of Micro Knights Slot

It follows a cluster pay system of five or more symbols all connected, the symbols must be connected horizontally or vertically only.

The Queue system is the path that leads to the dragons’ hut/castle/house and this queue is only active when the charging knight randomly moves across a row of symbols. These symbols are placed on the path with the last symbol hit going first and then the rest in the reverse order. Each symbol is added together so multiples of that symbol will add up. Then the first symbol in the row will add that many of the first symbol in the queue to every cluster of that symbol.

Every time you collect 5 or more symbols they will be removed, and these will be added to the bell total. The reels will cascade, and new connections can be made every time, if during this time you collect enough to ring the bell it will store a feature. These bell features are (in order):

  1. Inferno: removes all low-value symbols
  2. Extra Wilds: randomly places 3-15 wilds on the grid
  3. Super-Size: drops a large (upto 4×4) symbol randomly onto the grid
  4. Charge: Knight will move 2-5 rows of symbols to the queue
  5. Epic Charge: Knight will move all the symbols into the queue
  6. Boosted Queue: All the symbols in the queue will be used to make winning combinations

The bell will keep going while you get wins after a non-winning cascade the spin will end.

Free Spins are activated by 3 or more crowns which give you 5 Free Spins. The different between base game and free spins mode is the progress in the bell bar won’t reset if you lose so you can progress up the features a lot quicker.

At the top the blue knight can at random increase the symbol count in the queue by one which can hit more often.

Micro Knights Slot Big Win?

This game main potential is within the free spins as this is the most likely way to go up the bell ringing levels. It is hard to ring the bell to level 5 and the final one level 6 that you know the biggest wins come from here. The base game is not very volatile until you get a mega streak and ring the bell a lot in a row.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is another fun game from ELK, I do think the graphic issue of layout as mention can make this an irritating game at times and I don’t use a mobile device which would make it worse. The game itself is fun and this alone will keep you playing this slot a lot unless you just play for pure volatility.

It has some new fresh ideas on the grid theme cluster pays which is good and this keeps the slot fresh from the others. Overall a fun slot to play but not on the essential list of best slot reviews for 2020.