Nightfall Slot Review 2022

Nightfall from Push Gaming is the latest from an impressive developer to catch our eye, and this time we’re ’embracing the darkness’ in a slot with a very gothic demeanour.

Push Gaming boast this one as a darker themed game which takes players on a nocturnal adventured with ‘stony eyed’ characters, church bells and hot fireballs.

Nightfall slot base

Our first impressions of Nightfall left us unsurprisngly impressied with that classic Push Gaming stamp of quality in terms of graphics, and sounds.

In the background you’ll see a gothic landscape with a eerie mist and a spooky atmosphere, and the complimentary but intense rock soundtrack really ties it all together. It’s somewhat of a sublime concoction for those with an affinity for darker themes and a love for rock music, but those who prefer to look on the brighter side might find it a tad depressing.

Nightfall is, in many ways, a better candidate for a halloween release than Fat Drac was. Regardless, we’re game for a Push Gaming release at any time. We dare say that they could release a Christmas slot in July and we’d fanboy just as hard as we always do.

We’ll try not to look at Nightfalls dreary persona through rose tinted glasses, and although we’re pretty sure it’ll be a good one just because it’s Push Gaming, we’d better give it a fair review to make sure.

Nightfall Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Push Gaming Slots are always very accomodating with options for every type of player, and Nightfall is no exception.

The lowest betting option in Nightfall is £/€0.10 per spin, and the highest option is £/€100 per spin. There’s lots of options in between the two, so there really is something to suit everyone here.

In terms of symbols, the highest paying symbol in Nightfall is the Gorgon/Gargoyle woman symbol, followed by the Ram, The Owl and the really scary looking…Duck? We’re not sure, but it’s a high paying symbol so we’ll take whatever it is.

There’s also a Wild Symbol which is named the Fire Orb Symbol. This symbol is a Wild and a Scatter symbol in one, and it substitutes for all other symbols except for the Fireball symbol and the Multiplier Fireball Symbols.

Game Provider Push Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 31/03/2022
RTP 96.36% - 95.38% - 94.23%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

Nightfall: The Base Game and Features

Push Gaming generally aren’t ones to create your run of the mill, standard slot, so there’s definitely a few bells and whistles in here to experience.

To start off symbol, Nightfall is a 5 reel slot with 20 set pay lines. To form a win, you’ll want at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

Winning symbols will cascade, which leaves room for new symbols to take their place, which may create further wins.

The pay outs for symbols are rather impressive. A full line of the Wild or 4 high paying symbols pays 1000x, 100x, 75x and 50x respectively, and there’s a lot more to get excited about too, like the Instant Prizes.

Nightfall Slot Base Game

Instant Prize Slabs

Atop the reels sits Instant Prize Slabs, which varies in length and value. The slab may cover between 1 and 5 reels, and the values can range from 2x to 5000x.

The Instant Prize Slabs requires 3 Fireball hits form the Fireball symbol to clear the slab and unlock the prize within.

When the slab is cleared, it is removed and another slab will fall in to fill its space. In the Base Game, the slabs change on every spin, but in Free Spins, the slabs remain for the duration of the feature until cleared, at which point a new one takes its place.

Fireball Multiplier Symbol

If a Fireball Multiplier lands then it will fire its multiplier value up to the slab atop the reel and multiply it according to its value.

After it multiplies, it transforms into a Fireball Symbol and fires to take a life off of the slab above.

The possible Fireball Multipliers are 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x and 50x

Nightfall Free Spins

At least 3 Scatter Symbols are needed to trigger Free Spins, and 6 spins are awarded. If more than 3 Scatters land, then an additional 1 spin is awarded for each extra symbol.

In Free Spins, Instant Prize Slabs remain throughout the feature, and any damage made to the slab because of Fireballs remain until the feature concludes, or the slab is cleared.

in Free Spins, Fire Orb symbols collect, and when 3 are collected 2 additional Free Spins are awarded. Fire Orb symbosl do not need to land on the same spin, as they’re stored for the duration of the feature or until 3 in total has landed.

Nightfall Free Spins also eliminates all regular symbols. In this mode, only non winning dud symbols, Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, and Fireball and Fireball Multiplier symbols.

Nightfall Slot Free Spins

Nightfall Bonus Buy

Push Gaming seem to be well and truly on the Bonus Buy train, so those outside of the UK can make use of this feature here.

The Nightfall Free Spins can be bought for 113.5x, and the RTP is 96.17%

Nightfall: Our Verdict

Nightfall is another impressive slot from the ladies and gentlemen over at Push Gaming, but we don’t think it’s one of their greatest. It probably wasn’t meant to be a chart topping slot, but regarldess it’s still well worth a spin if you’re a fan of what they’ve made so far.

Win potential is very high, but significantly lower than other Push Gaming slots at 20,000x. Some of its brother and sisters are capable of 50,000x, so if you’re an ambitious gambler after the maximum prize, then other Push Gaming slots might tickle your fancy more.

Despite its lesser appeal when compared to others in the catalogue, Nightfall does grab your attention with some innovative approaches to gameplay by integrating their beloved Instant Prize feature in a different manner to how they’ve done it previously.

Overall, Nightfall is impressive in just about every aspect from graphics to gameplay and potential, but in comparison to other hit Push Gaming titles it might feel a little bit dull.