Outlaw Big Time Gaming Slot Review 2022

Saddle up for perhaps the most chaotic Wild West slot to date with Big Time Gaming‘s new and impressive Outlaw.

The likes of Danger, Lil Devil and Wild Flower have infamy beyond comprehension due to their unbelievable potential and diverse bonus rounds; and the recognisable music from Electric Six and The Cult certainly helped their appeal too.

Once more, The Cult fans everywhere can rejoice for another slot inspired by their hit song Outlaw, and players everywhere can rejoice for a slot with that touch of Big Time Gaming magic that makes them so popular.

This time, Big Time Gaming has gone the extra mile to embue their game with that special touch, because Outlaw doesn’t just belong to the Lil Devil Family, but to the Megaways family too. The amalgamation of the two styles of games sounds exciting to even think about, but will it work?

As ferocious as Outlaw looks, it has big shoes to fill considering the popularity of Lil Devil.

Let’s take a look. Get ready to saddle up as an outlaw or side with the sheriff in an anticipated sequel to some of the greatest slots out there.

Outlaw Base

Outlaw Slot – The Base Game and Features

One of the biggest changes here is that Outlaw is a Megaways slot, but not in the conventional sense.

When you think of Megaways you may think of sliding reels and cascading symbols, but Big Time Gaming has taken a different approach with Outlaw.

There are 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win, but winning symbols do not cascade to make room for new symbols to fall into place. This might sound inferior to your normal Megaways Slot, but rest assured, Outlaw is capable of carnage and the trade off is definitely worth it.

One of said features is the Wild Sheriff and Wild Outlaw Wilds.

Outlaw Base Game

Game Provider Big Time Gaming
Maximum Bet
Maximum Win 64,400x
Paylines Up to 117,649 Ways
Release Date 16/11/2022
RTP 96.10%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.2

Wild Sheriff and Wild Outlaw

The Wild Sheriff and Wild Outlaw are similar to the Wild Features seen in previous games.

The Full Wild Reel Outlaw is a regular stacked Wild, but the Full Wild Reel Sheriff is a 7x Multiplier Wild.

Outlaw Slot – Free Spins

For Free Spins, you’ll need at least 3 Scatter Symbols.

If one of the scatter is a Mega Scatter then you’ll get the enhanced version of Free Spins instead.

As in previous games, there are two choices to make in regards to what bonus you want.

Fallen Angel Free Spins

Fallen Angel Free Spins is a lot like the Be My Angel Free Spins from Lil Devil and The Most Beautiful Thing Free Spins from Wild Flower.

7 Free Spins are awarded, and a low paying symbol is chosen as the Sticky Wild symbol for reels 2 – 5. The chosen low paying symbol will turn Wild and turn sticky for the duration of the bonus round.

If you get a full reel of Sticky Wilds, then 3 extra spins are awarded.

Outlaw Slot Fallen Angel Free Spins

Fallen Angel Free Spins (Enhanced)

The Enhanced Version of Free Spins will still choose a low paying symbol as the Sticky Wild, but you’ll get an extra sticky wild as well.

The Enhanced version of Free Spins will choose one of the higher paying symbols to act as a second sticky Wild for Reels 2-5.

This is a big improvement on how Lil Devil did things. In Lil Devil, the chosen symbol could be a high paying symbol right off the bat. This led to some disappointing moments when the bonus ended with barely a Sticky Wild in sight.

It’s an improvement on the Heartstopper variant of Be My Angel too. In the Heartstopper bonus round you’d get a random symbol, and a second symbol which was always the highest paying symbo.

So far, it’s looking pretty positive for improvements, but what about the other bonus round?

Dizzy in the Head Free Spins

Any guesses on what the Dizzy in the Head Bonus round might be like? If you guessed a multiplier ladder, you’d be correct.

8 Free Spins are given here, and the Laddy Wild appears on each and every spin. The maximum multiplier in the standard mode is x77, and retriggers are available for landing 3, 4 or 5 scatters for 4, 6 or 7 more Free Spins respectively.

Outlaw Slot Dizzy in the Head Free Spins

Dizzy in the Head Free Spins (Enhanced)

The enhanced version of Dizzy in the Head takes the bonus to new levels with multipliers that can reach up to x777!

These bonus rounds look improved from previous games too. The multiplier ladder wasn’t guaranteed in games like Lil Devil or Wild Flower, but here you’ll see one on every spin.

Outlaw Win Exchange

This isn’t exactly new, but it’s an appreciated feature that we’ve seen before.

The win exchange feature lets you gamble a win for a chance to win the bonus in exchange for your win.

If you win between 25x – 99x, you’ll have the option to exchhange the win for a chance at 7 or 8 Free Spins.

If you win 100x or more, then you can exchange the win for 10 Free Spins.

The chance of winning is shown on the wheel with a winning green segment, and there’s even a chance at Enhanced Free Spins too.

Outlaw Slot Win Exchange

Outlaw Slot Bonus Buy

UK players won’t benefit, but if you’re within Bonus Buy territory then you can buy your way into the action straight away.

  • Regular Free Spins – 70x the bet
  • Enhanced Free Spins – 300x the bet

Outlaw Big Time Gaming Slot – Our Verdict

Outlaw is the exciting addition that we thought it would be.

The design quality and graphics here are sublime, and the vast improvements from the Danger and Lil Devil days really show here. Hopefully BTG can look back on on their progress with pride on where they’ve been and where they are now, and that extends to gameplay as well as design.

The Megaways mechanic is a perfect addition to the game; in fact, it kind of left us wondering why they didn’t combine the two types of games sooner. It makes both bonus rounds much more exciting than they previously were…if you have good Megaways that is.

We’ve all had a bad experience with a Megaways slot at one time or another when the ways to win just aren’t in your favour, and the inclusion of Megaways here won’t mean it’s always better than how it worked before.

You’ve got to take the bad with the good. Outlaw has the potential to give you much more than Lil Devil and Wild Flower, but also much less.

For us, it’s definitely a pro, and we’re a fan of the way in which BTG has handled the minor changes too. Outlaw follows in Wild Flowers footsteps in the Fallen Angel bonus with a guaranteed low paying symbol, and the Dizzy in the Head Free Spins shows you a multiplier ladder on every spin.

You’d think given the changes that Outlaw is the most capable game yet, but it’s actually nowhere near as capable as Wild Flower.

Wild Flower boasted a win cap of 114,100x, but Outlaw has a 64,400x cap. Maybe Wild Flower was a little too volatile? We’re not sure on the reasoning behind it, but 64,400x is certainly not small, so we’re not marking BTG down on this.

Overall, we love Outlaw, and we think fans of the series so far will love outlaw as well. It’s got everything that was great about the older games, plus a few extras too.