Punk Toilet Slot Review 2022

Nolimit City are back with another release in which anarchy is rife in Punk Toilet!

We’re all very much aware of the hit release that was Punk Rocker, which revived the rebellious demeanour of 1970’s London, and we were all for it. Punk Rocker made us want to rock a Mohawk, cause mayhem and show the finger to the first authoritative figure we saw.

Indeed, Punk Rocker and its profanities were what made it so special, and now we’re here once more with its sequel, almost exactly 2 years after the release of the original.

Nolimit City has taken a bit of a turn since the days of Punk Rocker though. Punk Rocker’s neighbouring releases were slots like Barbarian Fury and Bonus Bunnies, which were obviously very tame in comparison to some of the releases of late.

Will this change in direction reflect in Punk Toilet? If so, we’re in for something very different, yet similar.

Let’s stick it to the man together in this Punk Toilet Slot Review, and perhaps when you’re done reading you’ll throw a brick through somebody’s window for good measure? (Don’t)

Punk Toilet Base

Punk Toilet Slot Theme

Punk Toilet takes us into an even grittier place than Punk Rocker did…the interior of a public toilet.

The walls of Punk Toilet are strewn with graffiti, and the building itself looks like it’s in disrepair. It all looks very…British. Us Brits are very proud of our pubs. They’re the heart and soul of our country, and we hold our locals dear in our hearts. How many of us can claim that the toilet is something to be proud of though? None of us, we bet.

The establishment in Punk Toilet is an absolute sh*thole, and the glory hole in the glory door looks like its festering with unimaginably horrific surprises, but just this once you’ll want to throw all caution to the wind and leap forth into the glory door, for this is where all the ‘magic’ happens.

Your local may or may not look as shambolic as this one does, but it’s certainly not as potent with potential. In your local, you’d be lucky to find 50p sticking out of the broken machine that dispenses rubbers and ‘blue zeus’ pills. At a push, the most you can hope for is that some poor drunken soul threw a pound coin into the urinal like it was some sort of tragic wishing well in the hopes of pulling the fat bird at the bar.

Despite its intentionally grubby aesthetic, we can promise you that much more is up for grabs in Punk Toilet, and overall, we think Nolimit City has done a stellar job with their design efforts in this one.

Punk Toilet: Betting and Symbols

Punk Toilet has the usual number of diverse betting options for players. The lowest option here is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest is £/100 per spin. There are lots of options in between the two as well, so there really is an ideal option for all.

Nolimit City has once again immortalised some important historical figures in Punk Toilet, and the highest paying ones are Stephen Hawking, or ‘Haw-King’ as he’s referred to, and Winstone Churchill, or ‘Winnie’ for short. You’ll find others there as well, like the infamous Albert Einstein…and a Monkey, who is actually a better symbol than Albert Einstein.

Low paying symbols are your typical Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some special symbols in there too.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 33,333x
Paylines 81+ Ways
Release Date 08/02/2022
RTP 96.04% / 94.13%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Punk Toilet: The Base Game and Features

If we know Nolimit City, there’s sure to be some features here that baffle some people.

To start off simple, Punk Toilet is a 5 reel slot with 81+ ways to win. To form a win, you’ll need to connect at least 3 of any symbol from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel. Rewards for merely connecting a line of symbols all the way across the reels are low, but then again they always are with Nolimit City titles.

This is because of the bountiful features that it has. Nolimit City hasn’t made a simple slot in what seems like years, but they’re always complicated in the good sense. Who wants a big payout for a few measly symbols when you could have absolutely madness thanks to things like their coveted xWays Feature?

Punk Toilet Base Game


Nolimit City’s ‘x’ features are infamous and for good reason.

In this particular game, we welcome back the inclusion of the xWays symbol, which has the potential to significantly increase the potential.

The xWays symbol may land on any of the middle 3 reels, and when it does it will reveal a random regular or wild symbol.

If there is more than one xWays symbols on screen at the same time, then all will reveal the exact same symbol. The size of the xWays symbol varies from 2-6 symbols, and it’s affected by other lost features like xSplit, Mega Split and characters from the Glory Door.

The xWays symbol essentially increases the ways to win from the standard 81 ways to something higher because of the higher number of symbols it brings, which is great news if you’re after higher payouts.


Beneath reels 2, 3 and 4 are locked Urinal spaces.

If you land 1 or 2 scatter symbols, then the Urinal spaces for that respective reel will open up. The Urinal cell reveals an oversized version of any character symbol, except for the Haw-King Symbol.

This feature also causes Scatter symbols to fall down and become Wild Beer symbols in the character below hand.

Glory Door

Now for the one you’ve been waiting for…The Glory Door!

The Glory Door exists on reel 5 only, and when a loo symbol appears above it, it will open to reveal one of the following 2 outcomes

Haw-King Symbol

This turns all other characters on the reels into a Haw-King Symbol. This feature has tremendous potential, and it’s great to see something so amazing in the Base Game.

Imagine for a moment a screen full of Haw-King symbols! The payouts would be astronomical.

Special Symbol and a Character Symbol

A special symbol will be revealed at the top position of the glory door, and the rest in the bottom positions. A 2 high sitting version of a character symbol is revealed, and the sitting character symbol will double the sizes of its same kind on reels 1 to 4

Special symbols may be revealed too. These are as follows:

  • Wild – A regular Wild Symbol
  • xSplit – Splits all regular paying symbols to its left on a horizontal line on reels 1 to 4, and acts as a 2 high Wild symbol. Always splits xWays symbol if it’s present on the reels.
  • Mega Split – Splits all regular paying symbols to double size on reels 1 to 4 and acts as a 2 high Wild Symbol.

The special features here really brings the significant potential to the game. It’s sort of reminiscent in a way to how xWays Hoarders xSplit could perform with the splitting symbols on the last reel and the xWays symbol together.

Punk Toilet Free Spins

Punk Toilet has 2 types of Free Spins modes, P!$$ Spins, and $h!t Spins…nice.

$h!t Spins is definitely the one you want as it’s a super bonus, but let’s check them both out.

P!$$ Spins

Landing 3 Scatter symbols awards you with 6 P!$$ Spins, and Scatter symbols can land on reels 2, 3 and 4 only.

During P!$$ Spins, the Urinal cells underneath the reels will always be open and they’ll always reveal an oversized character symbol.

If you land a Scatter symbol in P!$$ Spins, then you’ll be awarded 1 additional spin, as well as an upgrade to the Urinal Cell Multiplier on its respective reel by 1. The multiplier does not reset at any point during P!$$ Spins.

The multiplier on the Urinal Cell is multiplied by the oversized character symbol’s multiplier.

In most Nolimit City Games, there is a way for you to progress into the Super Bonus from the regular bonus, and the same is true of Punk Toilet. Land a Loo symbol during P!$$ Spins to trigger the Glory Door positions, which awards 2 additional spins and upgrades you to $h!t Spins.

Punk Toilet P!$$ Spins

$h!t Spins

To land yourself $h!t Spins, you’ll need 3 Scatter Symbols and 1 loo symbol, which awards 8 $h!t Spins.

$h!t Spins is very much like P!$$ Spins, except the Glory Door is always open.

This significantly upgrades the potential because of the Special symbols that it brings with it.

Punk Toilet $H!t Spins

Punk Toilet: Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK can get instant access to the bonus rounds via a Bonus Buy option.

There are 3 options to choose from here:

  • P!$$ Spins – 67x
  • $h!t Spins – 345x
  • Lucky Draw – 50/50 Chance of getting P!$$ Spins or $h!t Spins – 206x

The RTP will vary, depending on which option you choose

  • Regular Game RTP – 96.09%
  • P!$$ Spins Bonus Buy – 96.38%
  • $h!t Spins Bonus Buy – 96.76%
  • Lucky Draw Bonus Buy – 96.71%

The Big Black Hole

If you’re one of the very few people who will inevitably ‘complete’ Punk Toilet, then you’ll be among a lucky few to see the ‘Big Black Hole’ screen.

This isn’t a feature, but it’s one of those funny screens Nolimit City implements into the game for those who are lucky enough to get the maximum win, which is a whopping 33,333x by the way.

Punk Toilet: Our Verdict

At this point, we may as well give Nolimit City slots an automatic high rating by default and leave it at that, but we love reviewing their slots, and that’s because they’re an absolute pleasure to play.

Punk Toilet may remind an older generation of rockers about what it meant to be alive in a time where anarchy was hip and cool, and it may remind the English in general about our humour which some would say, is as dirty as a toilet.

We’re proud of that though, some of our more elegant friends abroad might say that we’re unsavoury characters for our filthy sense of humour, and to that we say B*llocks! We like our pubs adorned with intelligible and vulgar graffiti, and if there isn’t P!$$ all over the floor then are you even in London?

Punk Toilet has us holding our hands to our chest with our backs straight as we patriotically and drunkenly sway to whatever football influenced national anthem that we like at the moment, and it’s not just us that’ll find it an appealing game. Everyone with a soft spot for Nolimit City slots will love what they’ve done here, and Punk Rocker fans will be especially delighted.

The win potential here is classically massive with 33,333x up for grabs for anyone ‘punk’ enough to pull it off, and while it may not be the level of unprecedented volatility that we saw from San Quentin or Tombstone RIP, it’s certainly nothing to scoff at. Punk Toilet has a lot to offer, no matter if you’re in the Base Game, P!$$ Spins, or $h!t Spins, making it a great all-rounder game for those who like a lot of action, all of the time.

It’s quite funny too. Some may find it a little bit controversial with the way that they’ve absolutely remodelled historical (and dead) figures as anarchists, and to those offended, we say B*llocks once more. Nolimit City isn’t ones to pander to the high and impossible ethical standards of society, and Punk Toilet isn’t as a result, and we love it.