Rock Bottom Slot Review 2024

Rock Bottom from Nolimit City follows the story of someone at the lowest point of their life, Rock Bottom. Can you get lower than Rock Bottom? Apparently so, or at least Nolimit City thinks so.

In this dark and dreary story we’ll witness as things go from bad to worse as one unfortunate soul deals with Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance; all while using tried and true coping mechanisms to deal with it…Whiskey and substances.

The character in this story truly is on a downward trajectory to ruin, and the fabric of reality is wearing thin as insanity sets in.

In a way, Rock Bottom reminds us of the 2019 Thriller Joker. The forever alone failed comedian sought connection as he walked the streets, but he found despair, nihilism and isolation instead.

We all know how that story ended. Will the character in this story catch a break? or has destiny dealt his unfortunate hand?

His downfall might be your making, so buckle up for the latest in the latest from the brilliant Nolimit City

Rock Bottom Slot Base

Rock Bottom Slot – The Base Game and Features

Rock Bottom is a 5 reel slot with up to 576 Win ways.

Forming a win requires at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

The lowest bet in Rock Bottom is £/€0.20 per spin (£/€0.30 xBet), and the highest bet is £/€100 Per Spin (£/€150 with xBet) 


At the cost of an extra 50%, the player is guaranteed a Scatter symbol on the second reel.

This doesn’t affect the payout value for symbols, but it enhances your chance at getting the bonus.


The xSplit symbol can only land on reels 2-4.

xSplit splits itself and the character symbols on the same row in the middle reels, and the adjacent positions to the row on reel 1 and 5.

The xSplit symbol splits itself into 2 Wild Symbols, and it may split character symbols up to 3 times.

xSplit has historically affected all symbols in most cases, but in Rock Bottom it doesn’t affect Scatter Symbols or low paying symbols.

Rock Bottom Free Spins

Scatter Symbols may land on any reel in Rock Bottom, and landing at least 3 of them actives the bonus modes.

3 or 4 Scatters activates 5 Free Spins of Headshrinker Spins, and Landing 5 Scatters Activates 5 Spins of “Insanity Spins”. +1 Spin is awarded for every nudge of the Scatters to reach the bottom row, and the Scatter symbol is also Wild.

Rock Bottom Slot Free Spins

Headshrinker Spins

Headshrinker Spins start on stage 1, but it may progress to Stage 5.

For each stage, the character symbol connected to the stage will expand to become 4 symbols high, covering the entire reel. Character symbols connected to stages which have not yet been reached will increase its symbol win multiplier by one for each of its landing symbol on the reels. The Symbol multiplier will be applied to its winning combinations

Extra spins are possible in Headshrinker spins by landing Scatter Symbols. Each Scatter awards +1 Spins, and collecting 5 will progress to the next level, which awards +2 Spins.

Rock Bottom Headshrinker Spins Scatters

Insanity Spins

Insanity Spins stage on stage 1, and it too may progress to Stage 5.

For each stage the character symbol connected to the stage will become an expanding Wild that covers the reel. Character symbols connected to stages which have not yet been reached will increase its symbol win multiplier by one for each of its landing symbol on the reels.

Symbol multiplier will be applied to its winning combinations, if a character symbol forms a win with other symbols that turned into an expanded wild then multipliers of both symbols will be added together and applied to the win.

Rock Bottom Insanity Spins Scatters

Rock Bottom – Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK may use a Bonus Buy option in Rock Bottom Slot.

The prices of this ranges from 75x-500x the Base Bet.

xCap: Downfall

The xCap Feature is Nolimit City’s brand new mechanic.

If your win total exceeds 1,969x, then you will trigger the xCap Feature.

The player is given a choice to ‘reveal their downfall’. The pick reveals a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x & 10x. The multiplier is then applied to the 1,969x win.

  • 2x – 3,938x 
  • 3x – 5,907x
  • 5x – 13,783x
  • 10x – 19,690x 

This is sort of similar in a way to the xBizarre feature seen recently in Serial. This puts the choice in the players hand, and it’s not a gamble feature so you don’t risk any winnings in this feature.

xCAP Downfall feature

5 Stages of Grief

The maximum win in Rock Bottom is 19,690x.

When the win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and you’ll trigger Nolimit City’s max win screen, 5 Stages of Grief.

Rock Bottom Slot 5 Stages of Grief

Rock Bottom Slot – Our Verdict

Rock Bottom from Nolimit City manages to display the same level of ‘edge’ if you will that others from Nolimit City does.  We can’t help but feel like there’s a Joker inspiration here mixed with some sort of gritty underworld eccentric characters, all of whom are rather amusing by the way.

It’s another thought-provoking game from the provider that does well to bring to light various different issues. In this particular psychological showcase we’re gazing upon the stages of grief in classic, unconventional Nolimit City style. It’s not quite as controversial as others in the catalogue, but not everything needs to break records.

While we’re on the subject of breaking records we’re sad, to say that we don’t think Rock Bottom is one of Nolimit City’s best. They probably know this themselves, but if you’re looking for the best of the best from the popular provider then you might be better off with others like Tombstone RIP,

We live the new xCap feature. It’s similar to the xBizzare in the way that it serves to multiply your win, and win required to get there doesn’t seem so out of reach. The games appeal isn’t quite as imposing as others, but it can no doubt perform, and it will. Nolimit City games always hits that ceiling for lucky players, and we’ll no doubt be hearing about a fair few max wins within days of its release.

Overall, Rock Bottom might not be quite as grandiose as other slots, but it’s certainly not Rock Bottom for Nolimit City by any stretch of the imagination.