From the success of Goonies, Blueprint bring us another strange movie licenced themed slot. This time it’s Sausage Party Slot. Done in very much a similar way to Goonies – this slot tries to introduce the fun of the film Sausage Party to life. The fun vibes are brought to life with exact cartoon characters as seen in the film with a whole set of features like Goonies.

Sausage Part Slot Theme

Blueprints strongest slots outside of the newer Megaways have been the themed slots starting with Ted, Top Cat, Goonies and now Sausage Party. The graphics and sounds are perfectly tied into the slot as if the people who made the movie also created the slot itself. A lot of people will compare this directly to Goonies and might call it a sequel as such. So, this looks a quality developed and spot on slot creation from the team at Blueprint.

Game Provider Blueprint Gaming
Maximum Bet 200
Maximum Win 50.000x
Paylines 20
Release Date 27/03/2020
RTP 95.95
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

Sausage Party slot bonus

Sausage Party Bonus Features

Starting with the random feature again works similar to Goonies, the sausage next to the spin button will run away during the spin. It runs back to either do nothing or the play button will turn into flames. If it’s a green it will do a normal feature and if it goes purple, then it’s similar to Goonies Red Key where you will pick a feature that is enhanced (around 100x payout). Once the flame lights the Immortal Feature will start giving three characters to choose from, one of them will be:

  • Skin on Wilds! – A potato appears and is skinned, each peel that comes off it my land on the reels to create a wild. This continues until the peeling has finished.
  • Mighty Douche Colossal Reels – A massive plunger thing (could be a toilet cleaner) moves to cover 3 reels where a colossal symbol is created 3×3.
  • Frank’s Hot Dog Wilds – Starting with the last reel a hot dog will move onto it if it jumps it will turn that reel wild and will then move to each reel until done.
  • Keen as F%$*IN’ Mustard – Mustard is squeezed onto the screen, each square covered in mustard will turn into the same symbol.
  • Baths Salts Bonus Boost – Reels expand so that the symbol above and below each reel can land the bonus symbol. If you land 3 or more the bonus will trigger.
  • Touching Tips! – A number of lips symbols is added to the reels. The spin is played out and each lips symbol will turn into the same symbol.

Bonus Features in the Main Game

In the main game, three or more Bonus symbols are needed to trigger the main bonus round – Wild in the Aisles. Here a random choice of 6 bonuses can be won, in this slot, you’re in the trolley with the sausages and veg and each bonus moves above you until one stops. The feature will be one of the following:

  • Sun Fresh – You can choose a packet of Sausages, if you’re not thrown into the bin, you’re awarded a win amount (dependant on your stake). You keep picking until your thrown in the bin where it will stop.
  • The NOT so Great Beyond – Random items are available to choose from; one you choose an item to eat you will be awarded an amount (depends on the stake) or it can double your total. If you get to collect the bonus is over, so you keep picking until that happens.
  • Getting’ Juiced Free Spins – You get 10 free spins on a different reel set. The wild symbol is changed so that any of the premium symbols that land with values are collected by the wild. Each time this is done the pot grows until the final spin where a massive symbol covers the first 4 reels. The 5th reel spins with the wild symbol or the Big Money bonus symbol; if the wild symbol lands then the total is won again if the Big Money bonus symbols land it takes you to the Even Greater Beyond bonus.
  • Bread Bashing Free Spins –
  • Bun in the Oven Free Spins –
  • The Even Greater Beyond –

Sausage Party Slot

What to Look For For the Big Win

This game is what I call a ‘fun’ slot it won’t give wins above 1000x but has frequent features and is generally what I class in the low to medium variance range. However, each of the features have their own potential within that range. All the random features have basic wins unless you get a full screen of wilds or it goes purple you won’t go much past 50x. Therefore, your hoping to land on Bath Salts so you can get to the main bonus, outside of that Frank’s Hot Dog Wilds have greatest potential as it gives wild reels but can also give stinkers.

In the main bonus, there is an obvious scale of potential between the lowest bonus and the highest. I will say that The NOT so Great Beyond has paid better overall than the feature above it. Getting’ Juiced Free Spins tend to be highly volatile considering it’s the middle of the pack and can pay huge or give you as low as 10x. The potential starts in the Bread Bashing Free Spins as the extra wild symbols, if they land enough, can give you a more solid 50x to 100x easily.

Bun in the Oven Free Spins has the most potential of the Free Spins but like the Getting’ Juiced Free Spins it can be very varied on its results. The final feature is the normal top end Big Money type of feature where you are likely to win 100x to 200x with the potential of going 1000x plus here.

Final Thoughts Around Sausage Party Slot

I will start off by saying I love these kinds of slots because I’m not a pure volatile player, as I enjoy the fun games as well as the potential games. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea as its not a volatile slot it’s a pure fun slot. Taking that out of the equation, everything is fairly good about this slot.

I really enjoyed Goonies and while I feel this comes close to it, I feel its less fresh than Goonies. I feel that this is just as easy to activate the random feature however the main bonus feels harder than Goonies but that could be just my bad luck. Basically, if you hated Goonies, you will hate this – if you loved Goonies then you will love this. Still not convinced? Check out our Slots Videos page for slots that might inspire you!