Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slot Review 2022

It’s time to revisit an innocent childhood favourite in a more non-innocent and 18+ format as the popular Snakes and Ladders becomes a slot.

Will Snakes and Ladders Megadice have us climbing the ladders or will we spend most of our time sliding down the snakes? Let’s play on and find out!

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Base Game

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Theme

Snakes and Ladders wasn’t always known by this name, the board game itself originiated from India and was once named Moksha Patam. The board game was then bought to the UK in the 1890’s, under a brand new name Chutes and Ladders. Eventually the board game went on to get its thrid and final new name, which is known still to this day as Snakes and Ladders.

It’s quite obvious by the title as to what we are going to see in the theme in Snakes and Ladders Megadice. A ladder leans against each of the reel frames and a long green snake sits directly above the reels.The graphics in Snakes and Ladders Megadice can’t exactly be called modern. In fact, they’re quite the opposite with a rather pixelated background.

You may or may not notice this, but we certainly did. The Gorilla symbol is none other than the Gorilla from Reel Kingdom’s own logo, even down to the smallest detail of the Crown.

The music playing throughout actually reminds us of being on a tropical beach somewhere, its relaxing and fun but does it really go with the theme? Sound effects are the same kind we’ve heard in Big Bass Bonanza and many other Reel Kingdom slots, which always seem to work well with the theme.

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Betting and Symbols

Snakes and Ladders Megadice has a variety of betting options available for players to choose from. For those who prefer a lower stake, the minimum bet available is £/€0.10 per spin. For those who prefer a higher stake, the maximum bet available here is £/€50 per spin, with plenty of other options in between the two.

The highest paying regular symbol in Snakes and Ladders Megadice is the Gorilla, this is then followed by the Banana, Snake and Ladder symbols. Lower paying symbols are standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.

Wild Dice symbols substitute for all symbols except Scatters.

Game Provider Pragmatic Play
Maximum Bet 50
Maximum Win 5,300x
Paylines 10
Release Date 21/02/2022
RTP 96.68% - 95.55% - 94.57%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility high
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.1

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Base Game and Features

Snakes and Ladders Megadice is a 5 reel slot with 10 fixed paylines. In order to form a win you will need to connect 3 or more of the same symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

There is nothing more thrilling than knowing a slot has one or two juicy features up for grabs. Reel Kingdom has not only delivered one but we’ve got two exciting features to try out. More on these below.

Wild Dice Symbol

Not only are the Dice symbols Wild, they also deliver their own Multiplier values.

Dice symbols land with either 1, 2 or 3 Dots on them, this represents a Multiplier of 1x, 2x or 3x which applies to the total win for that spin.

Each dot on the Wild Dice is collected and applied to the snake above the reels, which is part of the Progressive Feature.

Progressive Feature

During the base game, each time a Wild Dice symbol appears, the amount of dots on the dice contributes towards the Progressive Feature. The dots will be collected and stored on the snakes tail. There are 11 individual notches on his tail to fill in total.

Once all 11 nothces are filled, the Bonus round is awarded. Depending on how many dots are awarded, there is a possibility of overfilling the snake. If you overfill the snake, you will be awarded between +2 and +5 additional rolls on the board.

The progress on the snake is saved per bet, so you can always come back to it at a later date and continue where you left off.

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Progressive Feature

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Free Spins

There are 2 ways to trigger the Snakes and Ladders Board Bonus round. This can be done by either filling all 11 notches on the snake’s tail or by landing 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols on any of the reels, awarding 12, 14 and 16 Free Rolls respectively. Please not, if you trigger the Bonus round by filling the snake, you will be awarded 12 Free Rolls, up to a maximum of 17 Free Rolls if you overfill the snake.

During the Bonus round, you will be presented with a board of 144 Squares, on a grid of 12×12.

You will automatically be represented by a Monkey head, which starts on Square 1. At the beginning of the Bonus round, random items are placed on different squares on the grid.

  • Money Award – Landing on the square with a Money symbol, awards a random value between 4x and 100x your current bet to your total win.
  • Multiplier – When landing on a square with a Multiplier symbol, your total win will be multiplied by the Multiplier value awarded.
  • Ladder – The ladder is a shortcut that allows you to travel from a lower square to a higher square up the grid. If your Monkey head lands at the bottom of a ladder, you will automatically climb to the top of the ladder and remain in that position.
  • Snake – The snake is a shortcut that leads you from a higher square to a lower square. If the Monkey head lands on the head of a snake, you will automatically be moved down the snake and onto the square where the snkes tail sits.
  • Banana – Landing the Monkey head on a Banana symbol, triggers a sequence where Money values are added to random square positions and all other banana symbols are removed.

In addition to this, any random square can be equipped with a hidden shortcut, also known as a Skyscraper. When the Monkey head lands on a square with a Skyscraper present, the shortcut will reveal itself and the monkey head will be moved to a random square higher on the grid.

The Bonus round will end when no more Free Rolls are left or if you have reached the 144th square on the grid.

The Bonus round has a minimum guaranteed win of 20x your current bet. Once all Free Rolls are complete and the current win amount is below 20x your current bet, the Monkey head will enter Rage Mode.

Once Rage Mode is active, the Monkey head will move from its current position to the end of the grid. When this happens, the Monkey head will pass all remaining positions and collect all of the Money and Multiplier values left on the grid, applying the total number of Multipliers to the final win amount. Whilst in Rage Mode, the Monkey head ignores all Ladders, Snakes, Bananas and Skyscrapers.

If you manage to reach the 144th square on the grid before your Free Rolls are out, you will have the opportunity to retrigger the Bonus round.

2 Dice will be presented, and if the result of the roll is 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 or 6-6, the Bonus round is automatically retriggered and the Monkey head will start again on square 1. The amount of Free Rolls awarded in the retrigger is the same amount as the intial trigger.

Considering the snake can be filled multiple times in the base game, multiple Bonus rounds can be awarded, forming a queue.

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Board Bonus Round

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Our Verdict

We’re not sure how seriously to take Snakes and Ladders Megadice, or if we’re even meant to take it seriously.

First of all we’ll say this – Snakes and Ladders Megadice can have mega potential with win capabilities of 5,300x, but for the most part it seems like just a bit of fun. I’m sure we all remember the soaring highest of climbing up the ladder in the original board games, and in equal measure we remember the crushing lows of descending down the snake too.

The same can really be said for Snakes and Ladders Megadice, except the highs and lows of either outcome are much more extreme, given how real money is involved.

In all honesty, we think if you give Snakes and Ladders Megadice a try you’ll quite like it, just don’t try and turn this particular version into a family pastime, 18+ only ladies and gents.

Overall, Snakes and Ladders Megadice has some retro, but great visuals which are fitting for such a classic game, and we think people will take to it quite well, but not quite well enough that it’ll become the next smash hit slot.