True Grit Redemption Slot Review 2021

True Grit Redemption wraps up the year for Nolimit City, a provider who has excelled and shocked everyone with their brilliant releases.

In True Grit Redemption we’ll bear witness to one girls harrowing journey, and it may well make for uncomfortable viewing for those that believe that everything has a happy ending. True Grit follows the journey of a girl looking for vengeance after losing her father, but what power does a girl have against a group of morally deficient outlaws and dirtbags?

At the helm of the gang is a rather nasty looking character who has a striking resembelance to William Poole, or ‘Bill the Butcher’ from Gangs of New York…and the ‘grit girl’ looks weirdly like Greta Thunberg. Resembelance to either could be coincidental, but the quest for vengeance certainly isn’t dissimilar to the Gangs of New York plot.

Features like ‘Torture Free Spins‘ and ‘Dead Spins‘ doesn’t bode well for grit girl, but as always we’ll put uneasiness aside to judge True Grit Redemption on what it can do.

True Grit Base

True Grit Redemption Theme

The theme for True Grit Redemption has even more telling signs of an unfortunate fate for Grit Girl through its visuals.

To the left of the reels you’ll see a sign that ominously reads ‘Point of No Return’ and to the right of the reels you’ll see the grit girl frozen and bound to the wheel of a wagon, and left alone to meet an untimely demise. The background does not inspire much hope for Grit Girl’s salvation either with forestry that seemingly spans for miles and miles.

It’s been a little while since Nolimit City touched on a genre of slot that they pull off so well. Wild West and Nolimit City are synonymous with each other in a way. Tombstone, Deadwood, El Paso Gunfight and their upcoming Tombstone RIP all adopt the popular style, but Nolimit City does it so well compared to other providers.

In a way our sense are a little bit dulled to Wild West slots considering how many there are, but when Nolimit City bring one to the market we’re always excited.

True Grit Redemption: Betting and Symbols

The betting options in True Grit Redemption are great, with low options of £/0.20 per spin and high options of £/€100 per spin.

There’s a lot of different selections in between the two, so there’s an ideal stake for everyone here.

In terms of symbols, the Grit Girl is the highest paying symbol in the game with a Base Payout of 25x for 3 symbols and 500x for 4 symbols regardless of her position on the reels. Following on from here is the William Poole lookalike and his team of good for nothing murderous outlaws.

Low paying symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 20,220x
Paylines 240+ Ways
Release Date 21/12/2021
RTP 96.11% - 94.04%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.2

True Grit Redemption: The Base Game and Features

It’s common knowledge that Nolimit City slots aren’t always easy to understand.

Almost all of them leave you confused initially, and it takes a little bit of time to fully appreciate the genius of Nolimit City. Let’s start off simple.

True Grit Redemption is played with a standard 240 ways to win by default. To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any smbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel. In this instalment, Nolimit Cit has taken a strange approach to the reel configuration, with a Top Reel, a Main Reel and a Bottom Reel which work differently.

True Grit Redemption Base Game

Top Reel

Atop the main reel is the Top Reel. This has three positions, and it only holds Character and Wild Symbols.

If the symbol in the top reel matches a symbol in the main reel below it on the same column, then both symbols will turn into Wilds.

This feature is sort of like the one seen in Evil Goblins xBomb whereby the goblin symbols will throw bombs and turn their character symbols into Wilds.

Main Reel

The Main reel is where all of the Regular Symbols, Wilds, Scatters and Grit Girl Symbols may land

All symbols in the main area can be affected by symbols in the top reel and the bottom reel. You’ll notice when you play that some of these positions are locked, and to open these, you’ll need Scatter symbols.

  • 1 Scatter – Opens 4 positions 
  • 2 Scatters – Opens up the next 3 Positions
  • 3 Scatters – Opens up the next 2 Positions
  • 4 Scatters – Oppens up the Final Position

Bottom Reel

At the bottom of the reels sits four locked positions, which holds both Character and Special Symbols. The right-most position of the bottom reel always holds a locked Sticky Wild with a Multiplier.

Special Symbols here are xNudge Wilds, Transform ’em, Reel Split Wild, xWays and Infectious xWays. The Sticky Wild will unlock during Dead Spins, and it increases by +1 for every cascade.

xNudge Wild

A fully stacked Wild which always nudges to be fully visible on the reels. Each Nudge increases the Multiplier by +1.

If the xNudge Wild Nudges over a Wild symbol then it will gain an extra +1 count to the total multiplier.

If the xNudge Wild does not participate in a win, then it folds back down before nudging up again for an increased Wild Multiplier on the following cascade.

xWays and Infectious xWays

xWays can appear anywhere except for the top reel, and Infectious xWays can only appear in the bottom reel positions.

xWays symbols will transform into normal paying symbols, revealing 2 to 3 symbols of the same type and increasing the win ways as a result.

Infectious xWays reveals only 2 symbols, but when activated it will affect all other symbols of the same type within the main reel.

Reel Split

The Reel Split Symbol is represented by the person getting scalped (ouch).

Reel Split doubles all symbols above it on the main reel, and each reel may split 2 times maximum. The Reel Split symbol does not split the Grit Girl Symbol, but it will double its payout multiplier.

Transform ‘Em

Transform ’em symbols may only appear in the bottom reel positions.

This transforms all of the same symbols (except for those on the top reel) into another symbol. This could turn all character symbols into the same character symbol, or all low paying symbols into the same low paying symbol.

Grit Girl

The Grit Girl symbol can land only on positions 1-4 on the main reel area.

As mention previously, Grit Girl is not bound by the same pay way rules as other symbols, and she’ll pay as soon as at least 3 of her exist on the reel.

  • 3 Grit Girl Symbols – x25 
  • 4 Grit Girl Symbols – x500

Wins on the Grit Girl symbol is multiplied by the multiplier on the Sticy Wild in the bottom reel regardless of whether it is locked or not.

True Grit Redemption Grit Girl Payout

True Grit Redemption: Free Spins

In Classic Nolimit City Style, you can expect more than one type of Free Spins in True Grit Redemption.

The first of these is Torture Spins, and the better, or ‘super bonus’, is Dead Spins.

Torture Spins

Landing 3 Scatter Symbols will trigger 8+ Torture Spins. More Spins are awarded when Scatter symbols are affected by any Reel Split Symbols, with +1 spin awarded for every Scatter that is split.

In Torture Spins, the game area is increased because positions that were locked in the Base Game are now in play for the entirety of the feature, but the Sticky Wild Multiplier is still locked (but it still counts for Grit Girl wins).

Landing a fourth Scatter Symbol will upgrade the bonus round to Dead Spins, which gives +2 spins and +1 on top of that if the s ymbol is split.

Grit Girl Torture Spins

Dead Spins

If you land 4 Scatters in the Base Game, then you’ll instantly be awarded 10+ Dead Spins.

Once again, if symbols split then you’ll be awarded +1 spin per split.

In Dead Spins, the active game area is increased once more with all previously locked positions now in play. The difference here is that the Sticky Wild with a Multiplier is also unlocked for the duration of the feature, which brings exponential potential when compared to torture spins.

Grit Girl Dead Spins

True Grit Redemption: Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK may make use of a Bonus Buy option to jump straight into the action.

  • Torture Spins – 69x 
  • Dead Spins – 669x 
  • Lucky Draw – 189x 

Lucky Draw gives you an 80% chance of landing Tortue Spins and a 20% chance of getting Dead Spins.

The RTP will vary depending on which option you choose too.

  • Torture Spins – 96.56% RTP 
  • Dead Spins – 96.91% RTP
  • Lucky Draw – 96.81% RTP

The standard RTP for the game is 96.11% RTP

Grit Girl Bonus Buy Image

No More Grit To Be Found

If you’re extremely lucky, then you’ll become a part of an exclusive group who has the pleasure of witnessing Nolimit City’s maximum win screen.

In True Grit Redemption, you’ll see this screen and learn of the fate of the Grit Girl if you hit the maximum win of 20,220x your bet.

True Grit Redemption: Our Verdict

True Grit Redemption is an amalgamation of many great Nolimit City Features, with xNudge, xWays and Infectious xWays, and as expected, it’s brilliant.

It first has to be said that True Grit Redemption is another mind-boggling game from Nolimit City. It seems that they’ve forgotten how to make a ‘regular’ slot, which is fine by us considering how entertaining this incomprehensible slots can be.

True Grit Redemption may well adopt many of the features seen within other slots, but it’s certainly a game in it’s own right as it’s pulled off in a way that we’ve never seen before. If you think about it, it’s rather phenomenal how features that have been around since tombstone still fit in well today.

There’s new stuff here too of course, the Grit Girl feature and its ability to pay out independent of position really adds another element to this slot, and the Transform ‘Em feature and Top, Main and Bottom Reel set up really makes True Grit Redemption feel like a brand new concept.

In terms of potential, True Grit Redemption isn’t quite as potent as other Nolimit City titles with 20,220x capabilities, but that’s still formidable. We’re pretty certain it will happen too. Other slot providers state maximum wins but they never come to fruition, but this is never true of Nolimit City slots lately.

Overall, True Grit Redemption may not give you the heart-warming hero story of a girl who got the vengeance that she was looking for, but it wraps up 2021 very nicely for Nolimit City who has absolutely smashed it this year.