Find the Diamonds! Slot Review 2024

Strike it rich by collecting glorious Diamonds in iSoftBet’s latest ‘Mines’ game, Find the Diamonds!

iSoftBet’s Atec Gold Mines and Gold Digger Mines left many feeling a little hot-headed, but will Find the Diamonds! be a lot less explosive?

Find the Diamonds! is a simple Pick & Click game, where the aim is to uncover the Diamonds to increase the Win Multiplier, whilst dodging the pesky mines which end the round.

The more successful picks you make, the higher the Win Multiplier climbs, but Diamonds are harder to uncover and Mines are more likely to make an appearance.

Find the Diamonds! takes on a classic look whilst making the most of today’s modern gameplay, perfectly suited to modern players with a classic taste. Find the Diamonds! will either make or break you, but are you brave enough to take the risk?

Let’s play on and find out!

Find the Diamonds! Base Game

Find the Diamonds! Betting Options and Mines

Like iSoftBet’s previous ‘Mines’ titles, Find the Diamonds! is very different when compared to other slots. In fact, you wouldn’t necessarily class this game as a slot, strictly speaking.

When choosing a Bet to play on, Find the Diamonds! is pretty simple. On the left side of the screen sits a panel with Bet Selection and the Number of Mines you wish to have in play.

When choosing how many Mines you want to play with, your current bet does not fluctuate. Play Find the Diamonds! on a bet size as little as £/€1 per game or as high as £/€1,000 per game. The number of Mines you can play with starts at 1, up to a maximum of 15.

Find the Diamonds! Features

Find the Diamonds! is played out on a 5×5 grid, consisting of 25 Squares in total. Behind each square is either a Mine or Diamond symbol with a random Cash Prize attached to it.

Revealing a Diamond symbol will increase your current Prize Pot by the amount present on each Diamond, but uncovering a Mine symbol will end the current game round and you walk away empty-handed.

At any point during a game round, you will be able to walk away with your accumulated Prize Pot by clicking the Cash Out button on the left side panel. Please note, Find the Diamonds! does not have any kind of safety net, so if a Mine is revealed, you are out and your accumulated Prize Pot is lost.

Depending on how many Mines you opt for, the number of Picks awarded will change with it. The more Mines you choose, the less Picks you get, but the Max Win is a lot higher and vice versa.

Find the Diamonds! Maximum Win

Find the Diamonds! shows you the maximum possible win that you can reach with your current Bet/Mines set up.

If the maximum win is reached during a game round, you will be unable to pick anymore and forced to Cash Out. If you choose the max number of Mines and the max Bet of £/€1,000, you’re looking at an impressive maximum win payout of £/€200,000, but is it worth the risk? That’s for you to decide.

Find the Diamonds! Max Win Limit

Find the Diamonds!: Our Verdict

Find the Diamonds is iSoftBet’s latest entry into their ‘minesweeper’ series of games, but why choose it over Gold Digger Mines or Aztec Gold Mines?

The theme here is certainly more illustrious, there’s a certain exclusive feel to it, and its maximum win potential would suggest that it’s far superior to its predecessors.

However, the maximum win increase is simply based on a higher stake, so unless you’ve got a spare £/€1,000 per spin then it’s not too different from those before it.

We still think iSoftBet deserves a commendation for these sorts of games. They tried something different in a competitive market while many get through with games cultivated from the ideas of others. It may not be the most popular type of game, and it certainly isn’t a slot, but it can be quite exciting if you’ve got the minerals for it.