Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem Review 2024

Our favourite prospector, Gold Diggin’ Gus is back for more Gold-digging action in iSoftBet’s latest release, Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem!

When there’s Gold to be found, Gold Diggin’ Gus is never far behind. Rumour has it, a lost Mine has recently been found, and good ol’ Gus wants to be the first to take a look.

Gus has been looking for a faster way to expand his fortune, so he’s splashed out on a top-of-the-range Minecart, perfect for iSoftBet’s first-ever ‘Crash’ style game, where the aim is to collect as many nuggets as you can, building up the increasing win Multiplier, and cashing out before it all comes crashing down.

Paying tribute to one of iSoftBet’s most popular series, Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem is a thrilling and action-packed game, where you get to be in control of the Volatility of each round by selecting your own bet level and choosing when to cash out.

The longer you hold out, the bigger the reward…but you never know when the Mine will come crashing down, causing Gus to lose control and all the nuggets he’s collected along the way, leaving you empty-handed.

Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem brings together both the much-loved character and theme from the Gold Digger series, whilst offering a whole new gaming experience that is perfectly suited to a mix of players.

Gus's Gold - Minecart Mayhem Base Game

Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem: How to Play

Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem is a ‘Crash’ game that consists of a Multiplier that climbs as Gus travels on his Minecart.

To start, players must choose their bet level between £.€1 and £.€300 using the Bet selection toggle to the bottom left of the screen. Once you’re happy with your choice of bet, set Gus off on his course by pressing the yellow Play Button situated opposite the Bet selector.


The Multiplier in between the Bet selector and Play button begins at 1.00x and increases up to a random, premeditated value, until the Minecart crashes.

The aim of the game is to make a Cash Out before the Minecart crashes in order to win your bet multiplied by the current Multiplier. As Gus makes his way deep into the Mine, the current Total Win will be displayed in the Cash Out Button.

As mentioned before, the Multiplier will begin at 1.00x and can reach up to 2,500x during any one round. During this time, the Multiplier will slowly increase in speed the deeper Gus goes into the Mine.

Cash Out

You can choose when to Cash Out by simply pressing the Cash Out Button which will award the current Win Amount. The longer you wait to cash out, the greater the win…but you need to cash out before a crash occurs otherwise you walk away empty-handed.

If a Crash occurs before you cash out, the round will end and you will be returned to begin a new game round if you so choose. Please note, that the Minecart can crash at any given time, including at 1.00x.

Round History

At the bottom of the screen, a Round History list will be present, showing the latest results for each game round when a Crash occurred. 

Gus's Gold Minecart Mayhem Gameplay

Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem – Our Verdict

iSoftBet is joining Pragmatic Play and Spribe, among others, by delivering their very own ‘Crash’ game featuring one of their most popular characters from the Gold Digging series.

It wasn’t too long ago that iSoftBet opened our eyes to a new type of game known as ‘Mines’. Gold Digger Mines and Atec Gold Mines sent us on a trip down memory lane by delivering similar gameplay to a golden-oldie computer game called Minesweeper.

The crash genre is very niche, and it certainly doesn’t appeal to all. The entire genre is a concoction of soaring highs and crushing lows with emotions of anticipation, anger, and excitement all in one.

To even play them you need to have nerves of steel, but to get too greedy can be your downfall. It was exciting to see good old Gus once more, but if you’re looking for a Gold Digger follow-up then we’re afraid that the character is all it has in common with previous games.

Overall, Gus’s Gold: Minecraft Mayhem is another crack by iSoftBet to deliver something different, similar to their ‘Mines’ titles, and you can’t blame them for daring to be a little different. It won’t be for everyone, but it certainly is good fun.