Katmandu X Slot Demo Preview

Katmandu X Slot Review 2024

Katmandu X from ELK Studios takes us on another journey to the Nepalese mountains where we’ll bear witness to the Temple of the Clouds and the last Golden Tree in existence.

Touching the golden tree is said to bring eternal luck, and with a trunk of gold and coins as leaves it certainly sounds like it’s one of a kind. Is Katmandu X an original ELK slot as original as the aforementioned mythical money tree? Not completely. Katmandu X follows in the footsteps of the post-apocalyptic and thought-provoking Propaganda, but surprisingly not Katmandu Gold.

Propaganda took us on a thrill ride in a slot where utopia was just beyond reach for those stuck in a dreary world of manipulation and tyranny, and if you really read between the lines as we do, then you’d have appreciated it for the impactful and creative piece of art that it was. Slots are often underappreciated as pieces of creative work, but perhaps Katmandu X is another from ELK to ignite within players the desire for something different, creative and rousing in its delivery.

Katmandu X looks to have that classic ELK Studios stamp of quality, but is it different enough from Propaganda to stand out?

Let’s check it out.

Katmandu X Base

Katmandu X Slot – The Base Game and Features

Katmandu X is a 6-reel, 6-row slot with dropping symbols and cluster wins. Forming a win requires at least 5 or more symbols to connect via horizontal and/or vertical lines.

When a win is formed, the winning symbols disappear, leaving a wild in their wake. Empty spaces left behind by winning symbols are replaced by new symbols via a cascade, which creates the possibility of further wins.

From visuals alone, you may not be able to make the connection between Katmandu X and its apparent sister slot, Propaganda, but a further look into its features makes the similarities clear. Katmandu X borrows many of its features from Propaganda, but there are unique features too.

Katmandu X has a multiplier feature. The total multiplier applies to all winning clusters, and each winning symbol and symbol removed by an exploding wild increases the total multiplier.

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 25,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 22/03/2023
RTP 95%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.20

Big Symbols

Big Symbols are a unique addition to Katmandu X. They exist as 1×1, 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 symbols, and each count as the number of symbols that would fit within them.

When Big Symbols are redopped they’ll crush 1×1 symbols on the way down, leaving room for more symbols to fall into play.

Katmandu X Wilds

The Wild Symbols in Katmandu X perform a critical role. If you’re familiar with Propaganda, then you’ll remember just how important these Wild Features are. These Wild features diversify the gameplay in a very effective way.

Here’s what they do.

Katmandu X Multiplier Feature

Wild Generation

Each winning cluster symbol generates a Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbol substitutes for any symbol except bonus, free drops and super bonus symbols.


Wild Split

Multiplier Wild Symbols that connect multiple winning clusters are split into the respective clusters.

Wild Merge

Multiple Wild Symbols in a Winning Cluster merge into a multiplier wild.

Exploding Wild

The Exploding Wild Symbol explodes symbols around it, generating a redrop.

Multiplier Wilds

Multiplier Wild symbols are applied to their winning clusters. Afterwards, the total multiplier applies.

Wild Strike

The Wild Strike feature randomly replaces symbols with Wild Symbols, exploding Wild Symbols or Multiplier symbols.

This proved to be one of Propaganda’s most effective features, and the same is true for Katmandu X. This feature has the potential to get started that momentum needed for potentially huge hits.

Katmandu x Wild Strike

Katmandu X Bonus Game

Katmandu X’s bonus game is triggered by 3 bonus symbols during the base game.

During the bonus round, the total multiplier is persistent between free drops. The Bonus Game can be upgraded to a Super Bonus with a Super Bonus symbol during free drops.

Katmandu X Free Spins

Katmandu X Super Bonus

1 Super Bonus symbol and 2 bonus symbols trigger the Super Bonus Game. The Super Bonus game guarantees a Super Wild Strike feature on every free drop.

The Super Wild Strike feature will randomly replace symbols with Multiplier or Exploding Wild Symbols.

Katmandu X – X-iter Feature

The X-iter Feature offers several different game modes to those within Bonus Buy jurisdiction.

  • Bonus Hunt – Each spin has more than double the chance of triggering the bonus game. Costs 2x the bet
  • Exploding Wild – A Symbol drop with a guaranteed exploding Wild symbol. Costs 10x the bet
  • Super Wild Strike – A Symbol drop with a guaranteed Super Wild Strike. Costs 25x the bet.
  • Bonus – Guarantees entry into the bonus. Costs 100x the bet
  • Super Bonus – Guarantees entry into the super bonus. Costs 500x the bet

The theoretical RTP for all X-iter game modes is 95%.

Katmandu X – Our Verdict

Katmandu X takes all of the best from Propaganda and adds a couple of extras for even more high-octane gameplay. If we were honest, we expected Katmandu X to be a follow-up to Katmandu Gold, but it wasn’t. We found ourselves surprisingly indifferent to the lack of similarities to the gold series, but perhaps that’s a testament to Propaganda.

It’s hard to feel miffed with how Katmandu X followed in the footsteps of Propaganda instead. Propaganda is a solid game with capable features, and to get a similar game is a pleasant surprise.

Katmandu X doesn’t deviate too far from the blueprints of Propaganda, but that’s not exactly a bad thing either. Big Symbols come in as a nice addition, but overall, they’re quite similar. The significant differences were actually found within the statistics, with Katmandu X showing its mettle with capabilities that far exceed Propagandas at 25,000x the bet.

The RTP is the same at 95%, which might sound disappointing to those that remember ELK’s older games with higher figures. These higher RTP’s are probably a thing of the past, but the games are much better, so it’s a sacrifice that we’re on board with.

Overall, Katmandu X won’t stand out as an innovative marvel if you compare it to Propaganda, but it’s quite exciting nonetheless.