Road Rage Slot Demo Preview

Road Rage Slot Review 2024

Road Rage from Nolimit City is here and they’re f*%ked off with all of the incompetent drivers on the road, but then again, who isn’t?

We’ve all been in a situation where the expletives, profanities and hand gestures fly at morons who dare to use their phone while driving, hog your lane or cut you off, yet admittedly sometimes even the most minor thing is enough to send you into a frenzy of rage.

Driving brings out the worst in all of us. Even seemingly mild-mannered people transform into something else as soon as that seatbelt hits that buckle and the wheels start moving.

In Road Rage, we’re not expecting to see any competency in terms of driving skills, but we’re fully expecting the competency that we adore from Nolimit City when it comes to making slots.

Recent releases like The Rave, Folsom Prison and Karen Maneater displayed more of the same greatness that won them Provider of the Year in 2021, and we’re hoping that Road Rage brings us that touch of Nolimit City distinction that we’ve been craving.

Without further ado, let’s put ourselves in the driver’s seat for a Road Rage Slot Review, and in the mindset of those just bursting at the seams with rage at the ineptitude of others.

Road Rage Slot Base

Road Rage Slot – The Base Game and Features

Road Rage Slot is a 5 reel slot with 5 reels and between 99 – 259 connected win ways.

Road Rage is playable from £/€0.20 per spin – £/€100 per spin, and this time around there’s no bet booster seen in recent titles to guarantee a Scatter Symbol on the reels.

That’s not all that’s missing though, it seems that Road Rage is the first slot for a long time to NOT feature any of Nolimit City’s ‘X’ mechanics.

That’s right, no xWays, xBomb, xSplit, xNudge or xBet here, but how will it bode for Road Rage? These features are what have made Nolimit City titles so infamously brilliant in the past.

Worry not though, because Road Rage is still packed full of Features, Bonuses, Super Bonuses and Bonus Buys.

To form a win, you’ll need 3 or more symbols to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, and symbols need to be touching each other either diagonally, or horizontally.

Symbol payouts on their own are nothing to write home about, but as ever, Nolimit City has a few enhancements ready and waiting to exponentially up the potential.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 36,000x
Paylines Up to 259 Connected Ways
Release Date 16/08/2022
RTP 96.03%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Road Rage Wild Cars

All Cars and Wilds will have a different feature, depending on the colour of the Car

  • Yellow Car/Engine Breakdown – Increases all other symbol sizes by 1 on the same reel
  • Red Car/Drive By – Drives from right to left to increase the symbol multiplier by +1 for all the symbols it drives over. It also leaves a Wild where it starts and stops.
  • Green Car/Drive By – Drives from left to right to increase the symbol multiplier by +1 for all the symbols it drives over. It also leaves a Wild where it starts and stops.

Colliding Cars trigger when the Red and Green Wild Cars travel towards each other in the same row and there are an odd number of symbols between them

When they collide, the multipliers on the respective cars are added and the resulting multiplier is displayed on the Colliding Wild. The Colliding Wild remains sticky if the Red or Green Car is sticky during a bonus round.

Road Rage Wild Cars

Road Rage Free Spins

Road Rage has ample excitement through its many bonus modes and the features within them.

The first noteworthy Free Spins only feature is the Mystery Symbol Feature.

Mystery Symbol

The Mystery Symbol may only land in a bonus mode, and only one may land on each reel.

This feature reveals colour of either green, red or yellow. Revealing a colour that matches any Wild Car increases that Wild Car’s multiplier. If the mystery symbol reveals colour of a Wild Car that is not present, then +1 Free Spin is awarded instead.

If the revealed Mystery Colour matches the Sticky Wild Car Colour, then the multiplier is increased by +1

Rage Buff

Before each of the bonus modes begins, the Rage Buff will activate to determine additional spins, and multipliers to be applied to Wild Cars

The Wild Cars will land on the last reel and move horizontally through the reels, taking the effect of the road sign symbols it passes.

The available road signs are as follows

  • Stop Sign – Stops the car movement. Can only land during a Rage Buff Respin
  • Turn Signs – makes the car turn left, right or make a U-Turn. Once the car reaches the U-turn, Rage Buff respin will be activated. The reel that triggers the respin will stick and hold the car in that position,
  • Free Spin Sign – Awards +1 Free Spin
  • Car Sign – Increments the Sticky Multiplier by +1
  • Speed Bump Sign – Increments the Drive-by multiplier by 1
  • Dice Sign – Reveals Freespin, Car or Speedbump sign with 2x multiplier.

Road Rage Slot Rage Buff

Morning Rush Free Spins

To trigger the Morning Rush Free Spins with 3 rows, you’ll need 3 Scatter Symbols in the Base Game.

One of the Wild Cars will be selected and will act as a sticky Wild on their stop position during the bonus mode.

This can be upgraded to the better H1ighway Jam or City Mayh3m Free spins by landing 1 or 2 more scatters respectively. The new and improved bonus modes will commence when the Morning Rush Free Spins are exhausted, and Rage Buff is triggered again with 2 or 3 Wild Cars.

H1ighway Jam Free Spins

4 Scatters trigger H1ghway Jam Free Spins with 4 Rows.

in this mode, two wild cars are selected to act as sticky Wilds at their stop position.

Landing a single scatter upgrades H1ighway Jam to City Mayh3m, and once again, the improved bonus mode starts once the Free Spins from the current bonus is exhausted.

Rage Buff is then triggered with 3 Wild Cars.

City Mayh3m Free Spins

City Mayh3m is the top bonus round in Road Rage Slot.

5 Scatters are needed to trigger it with 5 Rows. In this mode, all three Wild Cars will act as a Sticky Wild in their stop position during the Bonus Mode.

Road Rage City Mayh3m

Road Rage Slot Bonus Buy

If you’re within a Bonus Buy jurisdiction, then you’ll be able to buy your way into the excitement in Road Rage.

  • 66x your bet – 6 Morning Rush Free Spins
  • 270x your bet – 8 H1ighway Jam Free Spins
  • 666x your bet – 10 City Mayh3m Spins
  • 334x your bet – Lucky Draw
    • 33% Chance to trigger Morning Rush
    • 33% Chance to trigger H1ghway Jam
    • 33% Chance to trigger City Mayh3m

The RTP values for each bonus mode are as follows

  • Morning Rush – 96.14%
  • H1way Jam – 96.05%
  • City Mayh3m – 96.26%
  • Lucky Draw – 96.11%

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider screen is a screen reserved for the lucky few. To see it, you’ll need to hit the maximum win cap of Road Rage, which is 36,000x. Ironically enough, this is exactly the kind of win that you’ll need to pay a Congestion Zone charge in London.

Ghost Rider

Road Rage Slot – Our Verdict

Road Rage Slot is definitely a Nolimit City title, but perhaps less so than other recent games.

Having tested the game quite thoroughly, we’re in no doubt about Road Rage’s capabilities, but it feels a little odd to be playing a slot absent of some of Nolimit City’s patented ‘X’ features.

For a long time, every single game has featured one of them in one way or another, yet Road Rage goes in a different direction with features unique only to Road Rage.

As ever, the features are as mind-boggling as they are entertaining to watch, yet we find ourselves feeling somewhat conflicted about what this could mean for future Nolimit City slots. Does the absence of such features in this title mark a turning point for Nolimit City games? or is Road Rage just an exception?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, as they say, but Nolimit City are never the ones to bask in the comfort zone, and they’re always trying to shake things up.

If we’re honest, our worries about the absence of features are alleviated by our trust in Nolimit City’s capabilities. Even if they were to leave other features in the past, we’re sure they’d find a way to make their games equally as compelling, and Road Rage sure is compelling in our eyes.

It’s not our favourite yet, but it certainly has all of the right stuff for those looking for something fun, wacky and rewarding. It’s relatable too if you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a car…

in terms of potential, Road Rage maxes out at 36,000x. If you’re a Nolimit City aficionado then you’ll recognise this as lower than a lot of their other slots, but still higher than some, and high enough to get you excited about each and every bonus round.

Overall, Road Rage is certainly an odd one from Nolimit City, but not necessarily in a bad way. It strays from the conventional expectation of a set selection of features but it packs a punch.