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Mega Masks

Under the theme of a dark South American Jungle comes a slot from Relax Gaming called Mega Masks. Aztec style Masks are the theme of this ancient temple with a five reel and five row slots. Two large hands hold the temple and can activate to change the reels in this spooky dark theme.

Theme of Slot

With the theme being dark and spooky, the graphics match this by creating a dark jungle background with a temple in the centre. The temple in held in two large hand which light up for one of the features. The graphics whilst being dark are spot on with not excessive sound but enough to add to the theme, this shows the improvements made in Relax Gaming design. The bonus symbols stick out well and the premium symbols add a good colour which makes it easy to see during spins.

Features of Slot

The most important part to start with is the Mega Bet feature. There are three options in the Mega Bet:

Not activated – the default setting when you play. This means nothing extra happens during the base spins and you won’t get a head start on the bonus feature.

Mega Level 1 – with increase the chance of a Mega Symbol feature and if free spins trigger five artefacts removing them from the start of 20. (20% increase of your bet to activate)

Mega Level 2 – a further increase of the chance of a Mega Symbol feature and if free spins trigger it will remove 9 artefacts of the starting 20. (50% increase of your bet to activate)

During the base game the fingers will light up, called the Mega Symbol feature, more fingers that light up the bigger the symbols it will create. This will then merge reels into larger reels to form a minimum of one Mega Symbol.

Three bonus symbols are on reels 1,3 and 5 – if all three land it will start the bonus round. As mentioned earlier this is affected by your Mega Bet level, but everyone will start with 10 free spins. Between each reel will be a pole with 5 artefacts on them and during the end of a spin some fireflies will launch, and they may or may not remove artefacts from each reel. If all 5 artefacts are removed (+2 spins are added) between the two reels then they will merge to make a new reel. This can happen until all 20 are disappeared and you have just one reel.

What to look for

The volatility on this slot is affected by the choice of Mega Bet, if you don’t activate it the volatility will increase but everything becomes a lot harder to hit. So, you can decide which way to play but I normally play on Mega Level 2 as I feel the bonuses tend to be better, but I obviously sacrifice volatility for this.

Everything is stacked in the bonus so removing artefacts quickly to get reels combined can decide how your bonus will go and pay. The game is overall fun and I found the bonuses are reasonable and there is some potential, but you decide how big the swings are with the Mega Bet.

Final Thoughts

This is a decent game which is a good play for a few bonuses but its all upto how you play this due to the Mega Bet. I enjoyed the mechanics of the bonus and found it very interesting which made this slot stand out against others. It has a simple design and yet the mechanics make it feel new and fresh, so I really liked this when the market is full of clones.