Infectious 5 xWays Slot Overview

Things are about to get Infectious in Nolimit City’s brand new slot, so put on the biohazard suit and Lock N’ Load for another crazy adventure with Infectious 5 xWays!

Introducing Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery and Toxicity, a band of superhumans turned villainous! Mind Flayer certainly does not sound like a gentle soul, and Misery doesn’t exactly sound like the life and soul of a party. Who are these villains and what will these Infectious 5 bring to yet another anticipated No Limit Release?

In Infectious 5 xWays Slot, Nolimit City have decided to focus specifically on their Infectious xWays mechanic seen previously only in East Coast vs West Coast.

The Infectious xWays mechanic was as cruel as it was amazing. This feature could give you all or it could give you nothing, and this kind of volatility and the potential it has is what made East Coast Vs West Coast so popular. East Coast Spins for life. Every time.

It’s great to see that Nolimit City are bringing back the feature in their newest game. Let’s explore what Infectious 5 xWays has to offer.

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Theme

The design for Infectious 5 xWays is superb as per the normal standard that we’ve come to expect from a Nolimit City slot.

The grimy theme that they’ve gone for more than conveys the Infectious and hazardous setting that they’ve tried to portray here.

Perhaps the most striking of all of it is the characters implemented as high paying symbols in the slot.

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” is the famous slogan used by Nolimit City in Infecious 5 xWays, and it certainly seems as if the Infectious 5 have lived long enough to descend into villainy.

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Betting and Symbols

Nolimit City always cater to the masses with the betting options that they implement into their games. Infectious 5 xWays looks to be no different, with a low option of £/€0.20 per spin and a high option of £/€100 per spin.

With plenty of different increments in between the two, there’s something for everyone in Infectious 5 xWays.

The paying symbols are comprised of Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery and Toxicity, and the low paying symbols are A, K, Q, J & 10.

Wild symbols and of course, the xWays symbol also exist within the game. Let’s look at how these pivotal symbols feature within the game.

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 50
Maximum Win 55,555x
Paylines 1024 - 110 592 win ways
Release Date 01/06/2021
RTP 96.02%
Mechanics Infectious xWays
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Infectious 5 xWays: The Base Game and Features

Infectious 5 xWays is a 5 reel Slot with an initial 1024 ways to win.

In order to connect a win, you’ll need 3 matching symbols to connect from left to right starting from the left most reel.

Thanks to the features within the game, Infectious 5 xWays can actually hit up to 110,592 Ways to win with rows of 4 symbols that can expand up to 8 high.

This is made possible by the xWays feature.

Infectious 5 xWays Gameplay


the xWays symbol will transform into any symbol except for the Wild or Scatter.

When it reveals its symbol, it will reveal 2 or 3 symbols of the same kind and expand reel height, and therefore the ways to win.

Infectious xWays

The Infectious xWays feature is triggered when a Wild and an xWays symbol land on the reels together.

The revealed xWays symbol will then infect any symbols that match the revealed symbol.

This will be very familiar to those who played East Coast vs West Coast Slot. Unfortunately this can have a tendency to miss completely if the revealed symbol does not exist on a reel where it’s needed.

Infectious Spins

Free Spins in Infectious 5 xWays will trigger when you land 3 or 4 bonus symbols.

You actually have a choice of two different features here. Both of these vary in volatility, with a lower volatility option and an extreme option.

Infectious Spins: Toxic Hazard

This is the lower volatility option for those looking for more consistent pay outs.

In this mode 1-5 Random Wilds are placed on the middle reels for every spin, which means that you need only an xWays symbol to land to trigger the Infectious xWays mechanic.

This option seems like a solid choice, and the Wilds in the middle reels means that there’s a good chance of actually hitting consistently.

9 or 10 Spins are awarded in this mode.

Infectious Spins: Lock n’ Load

Lock n’ Load is the more volatile option for those looking to go big or go home!

In this mode, all wilds lock in place for the remainder of the feature, awarding +1 spin in the process.

Wilds may be awarded an x2 or x3 Multiplier, and landing an xWays Symbol will guarantee Infectious xWays just as it does in Toxic Hazard.

The multipliers in this are certainly a tempting option. There will most definitely be a moment of contemplation before you choose which one you want.

7 or 8 Spins are awarded in this mode.

Infectious Spins: Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode acts as the Super Bonus in Infectious 5 xWays. To trigger this, you’ll need 5 Scatters to land in the Base Game.

This may also by triggered by collecting a total of 5 Bonus Symbols in the other Infectious Spins.

In this mode, all 5 character symbols will turn into one Golden Infectious 5 Symbol.

Any Infectious xWays in this mode will reveal only the Golden Infectious 5 Symbols, meaning that you need not worry about uncovering a low paying symbol instead.

10 or 12 Spins are awarded in this mode.

Infectious 5 xWays: Bonus Buy

It wouldn’t quite be a Nolimit City instalment without a Bonus Buy option would it?

Sadly, only those outside of the UK may take advantage of this, but those who can will be interested to know that the cost of this will range from 75x – 555x depending on the option chosen.

The RTP will vary if the Bonus is bought.

  • 3 Infectious Spins Buy – 96.12%
  • 4 Infectious Spins Buy – 96.33%
  • Mayhem Mode Buy – 96.81%

Where to Play Infectious 5 xWays Slot?

Nolimit City games can be found far and wide in your favourite Online Casinos

You’ll find Nolimit City Games at Casinos like:

Infectious 5 xWays is out now, so you’ll undoubtedly find it at some of your favourite Nolimit City Casinos!

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Review: Our Verdict

Since East Coast vs West Coast, fans were waiting for another instalment that showcased the Infectious xWays mechanic in all its glory, and Infectious 5 xWays graciously obliges to the wants of the fans.

It does feel a bit like Nolimit City games are geared more towards the bonus buy market, so sometimes UK players can feel a little bit left out, and the prospect of a 5 Scatter Bonus may well be experienced only through a video on the web.

That being said, Infectious 5 xWays can perform brilliantly even for those who can’t/won’t opt for the buy feature with the possibility of triggering Infectious xWays within the Base Game and both of the options available in Free Spins. Both of the bonus options available seem like solid choices, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see how both perform.

Looking to the all-important statistics, things look good yet again. The RTP for Infectious 5 xWays is 96.02%, and the maximum win is a formidable 55,555x. The hit frequency for Infectious 5 xWays is 31.34%, and the frequency in which you might expect to see a Free Spins round is 1 in 220 Spins.

One thing that stands out about Nolimit City instalments is how truthful they’ve all been with their possible max win values. A lot of other providers state the max win, but in truth nobody ever has, and maybe never will reach it.

We’ve already seen maximum wins for games like San Quinten, East Coast vs West Coast and even the newly released Bushido Ways.

How long until somebody hits the dream on Infectious 5 xWays we wonder?

Overall, Infectious 5 xWays looks like another solid game from the renowned developer, and we can’t wait to see it in action when it releases on 01.06.2021