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Gluttony Slot Review 2024

Gluttony from Nolimit City takes us on a debaucherous, disgusting adventure where table manners are non-existent. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, but that doesn’t bother the man ravaging this restaurant! Starters, mains and dessert are compulsory, and you better believe he’s doubling up, tripling up and quadrupling up that order.

If a 10% tip was compulsory then the waiter would be leaving work a rich man, though we’re not sure the customer will be alive to pay it by the end of his feast.

Saddle up for a greasy and calorific experience in this Gluttony slot review!

Gluttony Slot Base

Gluttony Slot – The Base Game and Features

Gluttony is a slot with 5 reels and 5 rows and 3125 ways to win by default. Winning combinations are destroyed and the remaining symbols tumble, allowing new symbols to fall into place.

Whenever the symbols visually upgrades, it multiplies its value by two permanently until a new round.


The newest of Nolimit City’s coveted ‘x’ features is the xZone mechanic.

The xZone mechanic applies a +1 multiplier value on every regular paying symbol and wild symbol adjacent to it vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The feature is triggered by the XZ-Sauce. Multiple XZ-Sauce symbols can land on the same row but not the same reel.

During FEDCON1, XZ-Sauce can only land on the inner reels, applying +1 multiplier for all connected paying symbols.

Wild Pot Feature

Wild Pot can land only during Order Up!, Double Up!, Quadruple Up! and FEDCON 1, on reels 2-5.

Wild Pot Symbols act like Wild Symbols.

If the Wild Pot contributes to a win, it will try to collect any nearby Food symbols, horizontally & vertically, increasing its multiplier for each by:

  • Low paying symbol = +1 per winning symbol
  • Medium paying symbol = +2 per winning symbol
  • Wild = +2 per winning symbol

If the Wild Pot manages to collect, the Wild Pot will become sticky with an increased multiplier for one more hit, otherwise, it gets removed.

After collecting, the Wild Pot stays there with its size as a special Wild for the next avalanche.

During FEDCON 1, the Wild Pot can only land on the inner reels and will now collect all the food symbols on its connected outer reel, preventing these symbols to be contributed to the Fat Bastard’s progression.


There are 2 types of Scatter symbols, the Silver Bell Scatter and Golden Bell Scatter.

Silver Bell Scatter symbols can only land on reels 2-4

Golden Bell Scatter symbols can only land on reel 3, with no more than 1 per spin.

Free spins can be activated by combinations of Silver and Golden Bell Scatter symbols:

  • 3 Silver Scatters = 8 Free Spins of Order Up!
  • 1 Golden and 2 Silver Scatters = 10 spins of Double Up! and an x2 multiplier
  • 2 Golden and 1 Silver Bell Scatter = 12 spins of “Quadruple Up!” and an x4 multiplier
  • 3 Golden Bell Scatters = Will award +6 spins and enter FEDCON 1

Every Golden Bell adds +2 free spins and increases the current multiplier by x2.

During FEDCON 1, Golden Bell can only land on the outer reels which permanently multiplies all the outer reel values by two.

Golden Bell Free Spins

Landing 1 Golden Bell activates Golden Bell Spins which awards 2 respins and an x2 multiplier. If another Golden Bell lands then +2 respins are awarded and the multiplier goes to x4.

3 Golden Bells won in succession will trigger FEDCON 1.

The multiplier will reset after every new bet.

Order Up!

Each time a Golden Bell lands, the “Order Up!” feature will improve and grant an additional two spins, as well as double the current multiplier. If a Golden Bell lands while the multiplier is already at x4, the “Order Up!” feature will be upgraded to FEDCON 1 and provide six additional spins.

Free Spins cannot be re-triggered.

Gluttony Slot Free Spins


Gluttony features something that Nolimit City calls ‘Crosslink Wins’ later on in the game during FEDCON 1 as an alternative to traditional pay ways. With the Crosslink Wins system, the payout value is equivalent to the length of the amount of symbols won from each side individually, starting from 1. Only the highest win per Crosslink Win is paid.

Landing 3 Golden Bell Scatters awards +6 spins.

Every win goes from Fat Bastard as it is the starting point for any win.

For every new level reached, +2 free spins are awarded, +1 multiplier on Fat Bastard and triggers a respin.

In order to upgrade to upper levels the player needs to collect the following number of winning Symbols:

  • Level 2 = 20
  • Level 3 = 30
  • Level 4 = 40
  • Level 5 = 50

The following winning symbols with their weight will add to the progression bar:

  • Low paying symbol = +1 per winning symbol
  • Medium paying symbols = +2 per winning symbol
  • Wild = +2 per winning symbol

Glottony Slot FEDCON bonus

Heart Attack

As suspected, it ends in tragedy for our main character, Fat Bastard.

The maximum payout of Gluttony is 32,000x the bet, and when it’s reached he’ll keel over and die, but you’ll be quite happy, no doubt.

Gluttony Slot – Bonus Buy

Here are the bonus buy options for Gluttony:

  • 8 Order UP! Free Spins – 100x the bet with 96.08% RTP
  • 14 FEDCON 1 Spins – 1000x the bet with 96.09% RTP
  • Lucky Draw – 300x the bet with 96.11% RTP
    • 40% Order UP!
    • 30% Double UP
    • 20% Quadruple Up
    • 10% FEDCON 1

Gluttony Slot – Our Verdict

Gluttony is as humorous as you’d expect from Nolimit City, and slightly disgusting if we’re honest. It’s unsettling to see Fat Bastard scoff down copious amounts of food, though it may make you hungry if you’ve got a soft spot for fast food.

Gluttony is a classic Nolimit City slot in every aspect. It’s slightly shocking, it’s unapologetic, funny and capable. We’ve come to expect a level of ‘edge’ from Nolimit City, and while nothing here is quite as shocking as some of their other titles, it still subtly pokes the bear that is the industry expectation of modesty.

Nolimit City believes that because gambling is for adults then adult themes should be allowed, though many casinos tend to disagree. Gluttony and its grim humour tactfully pushes the boundaries even through the brazen naming of their disgustingly obese character, and we love it.

But gameplay is what matters to most, and how does Gluttony hold up? The new xZone mechanic and the top level FEDCON1 bonus round that goes with it is the main event here, and it’s classic Nolimit City innovation. Watching in awe as the game doubled, tripled and quadrupled up for bigger wins made for quite a sight, though it can be a lot to comprehend if you’re used to more conventional slots.

Unlike their latest release Whacked!, Gluttony does feel a bit bonus buy tailored. Players in the UK get the crumbs from the table while those within bonus buy territory get to feast, but that’s not Nolimit City’s fault, and to their credit they have made the rest of the game quite appealing too.

Statistically, Gluttony looks as appealing as any meal with 32,000x as a maximum win. We suspect you’d need such a win to pay for a food bill like this one.

Overall, Gluttony might seem unsavoury, but it’s got all of the makings of a Nolimit City classic plus some extras to look forward to.